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Thursday, October 23, 2008


No no...the title isn't about me. I've been watching with growing interest several developments in the USA. Most of these could be humanized as some guy with a smart-a$$ grin on his face waving merrily as you float down $h!t-creek without a paddle saying "Good-bye and F*** You!"

Now I am a libertarian. I believe that you should be able to do what you want, AS LONG AS YOU AREN'T HURTING ANYONE ELSE!! On social issues, I believe your choices should be exactly that, your choices. The government shouldn't worry about if John wants to spend his life with his buddy Joe, or if Jane is having to make the hard decision between abortion, adoption, or keeping a child, or if someone likes to enjoy a toke and a beer with his buddies. None of these hurt the people around them. The problem is that people are getting away scot-free for large nationwide crimes when they should be tarred, feathered, then shot to try to deter anyone else from doing it.

The bailout bills that were recently enacted will only serve to worsen the US economy in the long run. The politicians will overlook the most egregious offenses by corporations in hopes that the problem will just go away. These problems must be looked head on and fixed, no matter the pain that it may cause some people. The longer that it is overlooked, the worse the final solution will hurt. The politicians are running fast and loose with a lot of money without knowing what they are really doing. And it is going to cost everyone who is alive today(except anyone who is fairly close to dying) and everyone who is yet to be born for the next 30 years, a lot of money. Every time we spend $100 Billion, technically, your taxes should be increased by $667 dollars (assuming 150 million taxpayers, not citizens, taxpayers). We, as American taxpayers have lent out almost $1 Trillion for all these bailouts, meaning that each one of us taxpayers should have to pay $6670 on top of what we were already going to pay come April. We won't though. The generation currently in charge will not raise taxes, even though it is this generation that has had the greatest economic "party" of the last 200 years. I think taxes should go up to pay off our national debt and balance the budget within 10 years. Only when the American taxpayer has to feel what it really costs to run the country as it has been run lately will they stand up for true change. But the politicians and media will not advertise the true costs of these decisions. The politicians will try their best to stay in office, no matter what the true consequences of their decisions may be. They know that they can't make the tough decisions that might be painful in the beginning but beneficial in the long run because they would be voted out of office. So they wave merrily until they're done with the political life and can say "Good-bye and F--- You!"

And the American public not only allows this but embraces it. We as a people have figured out that we CAN vote ourselves bread and circuses(from the ancient Roman poem Satire X which says, "Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man,
the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time
handed out military command, high civil office, legions - everything, now
restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things:
bread and circuses", written shortly before the fall of Rome),
at least until we die and basically tell our children, "Good-bye and you're F---ed!" The entitlement that has proliferated has the American voting public dangerously defiant of the fiscal responsibilities that come with the social programs we have enacted. Simply, the people who pay the taxes, aren't paying enough to support those who are receiving the taxes, be it the deserving needy, bureaucrats, soldiers, defense companies, Medicare, Social Security, etc. Everyone knows that the only true way to get out of debt is to "Spend less, or earn more". Both of those are painful though. So instead of focusing on the true problems in our society, we focus on what movie star is kissing who and who's going to win the World Series and we vote to decrease taxes and enact more social programs.

Then there's the financial companies and their CEO's who are still walking away with fat executive compensation benefits and throwing parties for themselves, even as the taxpayers have had to foot the bill to bail them out of stupid decisions. Take AIG as an example. Yes the bailout for AIG was for the financial insurance arm of the company, and the party was for the AIG American General subsidiary of AIG. But if your corporate subsidiaries are rolling in enough dough to have a $400,000+ party for executives, then I don't think the US taxpayers should have to contribute to your company. You should be getting that money from your other, better managed and run companies. So you can imagine the execs who will be kicked out as a result of the government taking over their jobs...they're walking away with sacks of cash saying "Good-bye and F--- You!"

Another point, we can't have a society and country that is fueled by...nothing. The biggest contributor to US economic growth in the last half of the century has been the financial industry, which as we have now seen, contributes NOTHING!!! All the "money that was lost" over the past few weeks never existed. You heard me...that money was never actually there. It was a number in the computer, whether yours or a banks. If that money actually was there, then EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE US SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THEIR MONEY OUT WITHOUT BRINGING DOWN THE SYSTEM! But you can't. Because nowadays, all of the "money" is actually just an electron that you HOPE someone else will be willing to accept. The problem of today is that people are starting to realize that someone might not accept their electron as as being worth what they thought(using an electron as the metaphor for a stock). If that happens more than once, we're in big trouble because all of a sudden, the people of the US will realize that what makes up their wealth, even their cash, is only worth what the next person is willing to give you for it. When we were forced to come off the gold standard in 1933 and then the words "Will pay bearer on demand" were removed from currency in 1963, the dollar became intrinsically worthless. Technically, the only thing a dollar bill is good for is to pay back debt to the US Treasury, and for fire-starter. There is nothing that says a merchant has to take a dollar for you to pay him for goods. The dollar went from being worth it's price in gold, to being a debt instrument. We've seen how well debt instruments not tied to anything of known value have worked for the financial industry. Once again, those who enacted this, made their money and walked away saying "Good-bye and F--- You!"

I'm not gonna try to tie this all together with a good closing paragraph. I've rambled enough. I just think it's time for us to hold accountable EVERYONE who is responsible for the mess we're in. That includes all of us. Then we need to figure out the best way to get out of this mess, even if it hurts for a few years. In a truly capitalist society, we'd let those who made the biggest mistakes fail, corporations, individuals, homeowners, anyone. This would reward those who made good decisions and weed out and eliminate those who didn't.

This rant was brought about by an article I read here. It basically has the letter that a hedge fund manager (who bet against the subprime and derivatives market starting 2 years ago) wrote to his clients as he closed out the fund. He talks about how this entire mess came about due to stupid and/or greedy people "getting their's" and then getting out. We can't allow these types of decisions that were made by the jackasses and groups who are supposed to defend the law and protect the people without punishing them. This entire mess came about because someone figured out that they could get into trouble with no culpability for their actions.
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