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Trip Start May 31, 2005
Trip End Dec 25, 2005

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Flag of Slovakia  ,
Friday, August 5, 2005

This entry is just a bunch of things that I keep forgetting to write.

One thing that I've found that I love over here is chocolate chip yogurt! it's amazing - like ice cream but theoretically better for you.

My flip flops (http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?storeId=8000&catalogId=40000008000&productId=47864966&parent_category_rn=40003533&vcat=REI_SEARCH) are causing tons of stares, everywhere i go. They were brand new when i got them from REI and I guess no one has seen them over here. I have to admit i thought they were strange but ive counted at least 5 times I would have stubbed my toe if i wasn't wearing them - especially on those boats with the lips on the doorways.

I figure out a lot of things by watching people. For instance i prefer water without gas. In budapest i couldnt for the life of me figure out the labels (usually its easy to find the non gas one) so i just stood there until an old lady came to by water, and chose the other bottle. It worked!

If a cashier asks you something, just shake your head no - 99% of the time they are asking if you have change or a smaller bill. Sometimes ( i started noticing this in sicily but it just happend to me here in slovakia) if you dont have the change they will just forget about it. either they don't care, will somehow make up the difference later, or are too lazy to count out all those small coins.

There is english music everywhere. Last night, on my radio in my hotel room, i went through all the stations and almost every other one was playing an english song. Ive heard people say that's how they know english. I also heard some funny english songs sung in what i assume was slovak - it was hilarious.

Two nights ago i went to a cafe style place where you go up and order from a line - i knew what i wanted but nothing was in english and i didn't even know what it looked like (sheep cheese pierogi - traditional dish) and the lady didn't speak any english. Finally she went 'ah ha' put something on my plate and well i ate it. I think it was sheep cheest, which it turns out i'm not too found of.
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bonnie_jean on

so do a lot of people knit sweaters there? remember mom's polish sweater we called 'the sheep' :0) i've never heard anyone call seltzer water gas water before...people in america are stingy about their change, you get looks if you take from the 'take a penny' cup! We almost had news to tell you about getting a couch, but it was too big for your scrawny brother to carry or something...

jlmg on

entertainment value
i am trying to decide which one of my children writes the most entertaining comments. ALL of you keep on writing please! thank you.

jlmg on

Re: entertainment value
P.S. The sheep has expired.

rstautbe on

Sin gas
I don't like water with gas either... When I was in Italy, we quickly learned to order 'agua sin gas' or 'senza gas'. When I was in London a couple years later, I ordered water and they asked me something that I couldn't understand, so I just responded 'no gas' and they understood. I did accidentally get carbonated water one time from a vending machine, so I decided to shake it as much as I could to see if I could make it tast normal. So I shook it the entire train ride from Florence to Assisi, and by the end, it almost tasted normal again!

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