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Trip Start Sep 01, 2010
Trip End Dec 01, 2010

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Flag of Indonesia  , Bali,
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Less than 10 days left in Bali! We are starting to get really excited about Australia! I can't wait to eat yellow cheese and spicy mustard! (I almost ordered some random dinner that sounded awful just because it said it came with dijon!)
Top 10 list time? here goes:
Top 10 best and worst: (but not in order cause that may stress me out)

1) Lemon Juice (think fresh frozen lemonade)
2) Motorbikes pulling up to you while moving to ask where you are going so they can give you their card and tell you about all their family/friend business in whatever town you answer.
3) 1 hour balinese massage- $5
4) Dogs wandering free, just doing their thing, scratchin' fleas on the beach...chewing whatever they want...
5) Surfing!!
6) Outdoor showers in the jungle with gekos
7) Locals that know more American surf slang than I do, but as for the words to their favorite songs to sing? not so much...
8) The strong belief in Karma
9) Mangos straight off the tree! peel and eat whole (Brendan, just think, a few months ago i couln't figure out how to properly cut a mango and now I'm cleaning them up with my bare hands!)
10) The two most common responses when we say we're from California, "HOTEL CALIFORNIA!" (they seriously love that song...we've been serenaded many times.) and "OBAMA!"

1) large piles of trash everywhere
2) cock fights
3) Hawkers (how many times can I refuse to buy a crossbow?)
4) Rooster alarm clocks
5) Squat toilets
6) The cold drinks are just not quite cold enough to beat the heat :(
7) Being sticky for 6 weeks...still not quite used to it
8) Stick shift cars that can't run AC and climb a hill at the same time
9) bad moods...they come and go
10) missing my friends and family and my job (you may not believe me, but it's really hard not to work for 6 weeks! I seriously miss my job) and Charlie...oh charlie...

So, my last update: It said location Nusa Lembangon but i didn't make it past Lombok, so, I am going to pick up with Nusa, even though it now says Ubud, and hopefully i'll get that far. So Nusa Lemangon can be reached from a port town called Sanur, and we left this little place at 8:00am. Our ticket was $4 on the public boat which was so loaded down, i was shocked we made it there. Its only about an hour away, and we pulled in between Playgrounds and Lacerations, two pretty nice looking surf spots. We allowed one of the many eager brothers of a homestay to show us his families place, and for $15ish we got a really nice room with a really really good breakfast. It was about 11 when we got settled and we got to have our second breakfast of the morning for free! Sooooo good. We shared a banana and honey pancake, fruit plate, toast and scrambled eggs and tea with the BEST sugar, salt and pepper on the side to use as desired. I ate it all! you could almost just eat the salt and pepper straight they we so good. (brought some home...) We decided to go check out the mangroves, and hopped on a motorbike to explore. We were ushered into a boat for $5 by a local that didnt speak much english and he took us out around the groves for 40 min. It was a very placid experience...I can't say i was bored...but i had to remind myself this was a time for serene reflection a couple times. Then we finally entertained ourselves by messing with camera settings again. I'll spare you the 500 mangrove pictures. We stopped in a warung after  that for a beverage and some light shopping, where we talked with a really nice local kid for a while. a fisherman, who had some pretty cool stories about that life. my favorite is that he gets mad at the dolphins sometimes cause they bite open his nets and eat the tuna while he's fishing! We continued our loop of the island and crossed a Craaaazy bridge to the nest island. We saw other motobike crossing this thing, so we went for it and seriously every now and then there would just be a few boards missing! it was so sketchy, but apparently they only repair the holes when they get too wide for a bike tire to cruise over.
We checked the surf spot on this island (i forget the name and ryan isn't here with his solid memory) and it wasnt too impressive so we headed back and continued the loop. By this time it was somehow getting late...or maybe we were just hungy, but we decided to save the other features for the next day. We went to early dinner at scooby doos where we watched a drunk french woman argue about not getting all her drinks happy hour price, and the waiter annouced to the restaurant that I was a very hungry lady because i order an appetizer and desert. (this shortly after a 20 year old local kid at desert point told me i looked like I was having a very small baby and guessed that I was 30. Wow...thanks. As Ryan pointed out at least he said it was a very small baby) I think we hit the hay around 9:30 that night cause as often happens in Bali there is really nothing to do after the sun goes down. (the upside is I discovered I really like 6:30am and I never thought I say that!)

The next day we got another killer breakfast and Ryan hit the waves. a spot called Shipwreak directly out from our place about a 15 minute paddle to the edge of the reef. This spot was firing also and he was stoked to get it so good. Weirdest thing ever, the waves were flat. literally not a ripple and the tide rose one foot and the waves started breaking a few feet overhead...Then when the tide turned again later it went completely flat. we cant figure out how a one-two foot change in tide can make that HUGE a difference. but we've seen so many crazy fast changes in these reef breaks were starting to think anything is possible. (if anyone out there can enlgithen me...)
    I was craving some sunbathing time as I was losing my glow from my week indoors, so we went to Dream Beach whichw as exactly that. A cove with a really pretty and tropical resort with a pool, and no one on the sand, just a really pretty setting. We spent an hour or two there and i finally took my first swim since I burned my leg! YES! I was stoked! It was really funny, by this time more people had come down so i had an audiance as I jumped into the surf, laid on my back to float and got completly washed up and beached on the sand in the least graceful way. haha! it was pretty funny to me...maybe no one saw.
    Then we went to thins spot called Devil's tear and oh man i wish i could upload video! its a tear shaped cliff cove (no beach) inlet maybe? Anyway maybe we jsut hit it on the perfect conditions but as the waves surged into this cove there was a little cave where you hear this Whomp as the water slammed into it trapping air, and then a huge Whooosh! as a mist 15 high would spray out over the water. a bit hard to explain but really breathtaking. I caught one shot of the beginning of the spray, so just triple that and add some soothing sound effects and you'll get the idea. I also spotted a sea creature guess would be seal.
    Next stop, underground house! this place was gnarly. This priest heard a story about two brothers who lost and gambling and couldn't pay so they built a cave to live in and then God told him to build a cave house in a dream so he spent 17 year chisling with a hammer untill he created the creepiest house ever! I think is was 500 sq meters the guide said...half the time you had to duck but there were all the necesarry rooms and air hole and a well 25m deep! (Sorry, I forgot about conversions...just think field) It was huge and strange. I loved it.
    Then I got a massage for $10...really not as good as my $5 massages, but lesson learned and got to be thankful even for a sub-par massage. (Susannah you really are the best ever if youre reading this.) Then a super supper at a thai food restaurant where I wished i ordered what Ryan ordered which seems to happen a lot! WE felt we saw all the best of Nusa, so left the next morning almost missing our boat as we hiked almost a mile with our packs on in the sand....brutal. We sat atop the boat and it was a beautiful trip back.
    Then the beast thing happened! we rented a car! in sanur we found a car for 11 days $100 and we can drop it off at the airport. There was a ceremony durning this week where everyone takes anything witha  motor to be blessed so it doesn't break or hurt someone. Our lady that rented us that car was so sweet and when i was checking it over I asked "So, what happens if something breaks or the car wont run or a tire pops?" and she smiled as if i was a silly girl. "No Break! Ceremony " as she motioned to the many palm leaf decortaions on the car. "Duh!" I said...may have been lost in translation...then, "no seriously"  "Just call, we have mechanic," says she. LOVE IT!  its stick shift and kinda crappy so to eliminate stress for both of us Ryan is the official driver. poor guy. but it allows us a really awesome freedom to get lost, stop for snakcs any time, take random detours, and look at 5 rooms before we decide (ryan loves this part) there were no waves for a couple days so we headed up to Ubud (only after hitting up the only dunkin donuts in bali mind you) which is the Arts center of Bali. Wasnt sure if i was going to feel it was too touristy or not, and for as much of a tourist mecca as it is i really liked it. Ryan not so much. It had begun to rain off and on for the last few days and we got down poured on in Ubud. I think it started to grow on him a bit, but it not really his cup of tea. Plus there was a monster hill up to our place that almost got the best of him and a local guy had to come put bricks under our tires so we could get up, and I think it wasn't till ryan conquered that guy a few times that he started to see the positives about Ubud. seriously our car is super hard to drive. We ate at the most pristine garden restaurant under a raised pagoda on pillows with rain everywhere, and in between rain bird singing, and frogs...we were the only people there most of the time and i never would have guessed it was so bustling just down the path. Food was amazing and after we went for a Storm beer at another bar close by where the staff was super friendly. Then another early night for another eventful day tomorrow. We went to the Art museum and saw some amazing works mostly from 1930's to present when westerners bagan visiting Bali. a Dutch Painter supported and encouraged the art scene here and influenced the artists in Bali to work hard at their painting. It was cool to read all the plaques because they tell all the stories of Hindu mythology, or other balinese legend and I learned a lot abou the culture through checking this place out. Again, no one there when the town was full of tourists! Then we went to the market and shopped! Very fun to bargain in bali, but I must not have had my bargaining shoes on cause I only got semi-low prices. (still cheap, but could've done better) It was so hot in there and it is soooo much work to haggle. you ahve to usually start a bidding war and talk with a few people in order to buy one item...but, it was mainly a trip to scope out stuff for when we come back. I am not really a shopper, but oh man...this place is soooo great. They have amazing traditional masks, kites, puppets, wood carving, tapestry and fabric, cool gifts, tons of handmade soap and insense, toooooons of silver jewelry for so cheap. clothes, paintings, I mean its endless. I could spend hours there if i was properly eqiupped with water and small bills. Woops! it's getting dark and I'm supposed to meet Ryan after his surf at Uluwatu, plus I don't wanna loose you're interest "gentle reader" (-Thoreau. I love being called that when Im reading) Still to come cremation ceremony, best dinner, fun surf session, etc. Much love!!

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Chelle on

So cool Bear...your descriptions are awesome! Feeling the pain of your burn...what are you putting on it??? Ouchie :-( Keep up all the posts...I show Brendan all your far he likes the monkeys the best...I miss you and love you! xoxoxoxoxo

Brooke on

Love it! I can't believe you only have 10 more days. I hope you are taking pictures of the! I would like to see what the food looks like:) Surprised? Also, I haven't measured Abby yet but I will do it today I promise.

hris on

Great blog! That photo with the usc bag is a total winner. Two free
airline tickets here you come!.

Chris on

Berit, A suggestion........ Next blog, mention in the first paragragh how
much you enjoy the comments and feedback at the end of the blog.
I will bet that most of your readers are unaware of the comment
section, because it is below the photos. Dad loved his comments the kept him motavated to continue blogging.

beritjansen on

I have been using Iodine, and this amazing stuff known to us only as chinese medicine. its a miracle healer that surfers use to keep infection out of reef cuts. and this is gross but everyone here recommends Bio Placenton (you can guess whats in that) which works wonders...and good old neosporin...Quite the process. All healed up now! So glad Brendan likes the monkeys. They were actually a lot scarier than they look and word on the street is- rabies...(found this out after they crawled all over me of course)

beritjansen on

hey! i've def taken pictures of some food! i put a couple up, but we'll have a private viewing when i get home. (its really not as impressive as i was hoping) also, in Ubud, tomorrow is the shopping day! (its usually about 3pm there when we wake up here) so if you could text me before 3 that would be great, or if you havnt recieved my messages, text the info to dad and ask him to send it to me. he has my indo number. love you!!

beritjansen on

thats so true! I was kinda bummed more people didn't comment, but maybe some people dont know about that section...Yeah, really the best part of blogging is hearing from people. I've been getting a lot of emails though from people saying they like reading and it shows me how many people are reading it, so if that many are looking, i guess i better keep going! Hopefully in AUS the internet will be faster and it wont take soooooo long!

Catherine on

Please say you are in Australia now and missed the quake and tsunami!!!

sharron wilcox on

Hi Berit, Wow! Are you coming to the reunion? If so bring these amazing
pictures if you can! Luv, aunt Shary

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