Chapter Seven: Fuji San and Hammamatsu

Trip Start Mar 11, 2006
Trip End Feb 09, 2007

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Righto, and here we are again. Ive had some people email me out of the loop because they just joined the mass following of those cool people who read my blog. If you have just joined us, basically the deal is that I am here in Japan, from New Zealand, on a university exchange, so hopefully I can learn Japanese. Ask me in a year.(Whoa what pressure..)
Anyways. In the last blog I had arrived at Yukikos house. Yukiko and her friend Fumi came to stay with me in NZ and now they are returning the favour (mahaha I told them Id take them up on it....) Anyway they live out in the inaka of Japan, but its not as hillbillyish as Hirosaki where I will live out the remainder of my adventure packed, fantastic exciting wonderful brilliant massively entertaining year. Ok I dont know about that but I might get to do something fun anyway.
On Wednesday Fumi came and picked me up in the am quite early and we went out to see some Temples. We all knew Fumi was going to take me to shrines and temples because apparently that is what Fumi does. Now I have to tell you about Fumi. She is quite possibly the cutest person ever to exist on the planet. She is so small, like a hobbit except her feet are small and not hairy. She may not appreciate this description of her when I read it to her later... but she is way cute and hilarious, we spent what seems like the whole day in hysterical laughter. everyone loves fumi. They say she is a little crazy but Im not exactly normal myself as most of you know. Thats probably why we are friends. We watched a movie and went to the circle K, which I took a picture of. You know I had to, Bill and Ted demand it. SOMETHING STRANGE IS AFOOT AT THE CIRCLE K.....
So anyway we bought a few things that I needed and took photos of crazy poses at shrines...oh plus we ate this mega delicious mochi and anko,(not to be confused with unko, which means poop, yes Ive already fallen into that trap a few times...) which is like a sweet bean paste on a rice ball. This was my favorite food in Japan up until today when I ate yakisoba, which is fried noodles. No okay now I just have two favourites. Anywhere the place we ate it is famous for it, but I had one at a gas station today and it was just as good...
The following day I went to work with Yukiko and went into Hamamatsu city and did some shopping. Its not that exciting but I remember I do have a few things to say about it. First of all right after I said goodbye to Yukiko and crossed the street, I sat on a bus stop bench to think about what I was going to do in Hamamatsu. I knew there was a temple and I planned on seeing it and as I was mulling over the probable events of the day this old man sauntered past, staring at me. This in itself is not an uncommon occurance and I was not at all fazed by it and pretended not to notice. It was when he came back and sat down beside me, babbling in Japanese that I started to think something was amiss.
After about four minutes of nodding, babbling and revealing a set of teeth that any dentist would gasp at in horror, it became obvious to him that I did not in fact, know what he was saying. Obviously he thought that if he slowed down I might be able to catch something, and he was on the money. He asked me how old I was, if I had a boyfriend (geez buddy you dont waste time do ya) and telling me I was beautiful. And not once did he stop bowing. I not-so-cleverly looked at my wrist (which had nothing on it) and said it was time for me to leave. He walked away bowing and reiterating his opinions about how I look. Hey you know, each to their own, mate. I headed into mister donut.
Throughout the day I also noticed something. People were unashamedly staring at me. This one guy wouldnt stop, even when I smiled and waved, so I got out of there pretty quick. Actually when I went to buy shoes, (which is a story in itself) the one lady stood in the centre of the room and rotated, watching me. I think she could tell my feet were far too big to fit in any of her shoes. Anyway, during the ensuing conversation, it was ascertained that yes, my feet were indeed to big for any of the shoes in the shop. She was plainly distressed at the size of my pink elephant sporting vans, clearly she had never seen a girl with feet the size of mine. We went through the usual rigamarole of yes,gaijins feet are too big, and yes, Japanese peoples feet are small....really I didnt want to partake in such a conversation (I had just been through it at teh shop next door) but I guessed Japanese practice was worth it. After much bowing, nodding and sincerest apologies, I took my big feet around the mall. There I discovered that I had embarked apon not only a shopping experience but also a challenge. Can I find something that fits me?? As I was pondering this enigma, I saw brightly in the distance at the other dside of teh shop, a sign. Perhaps this was divine intervention. personal revelation. There, at the other side of the shop, was a jacket, possibly made for hobbits, with the words imprinted on it: GAINS WORLD: OURMOVEMENTS START FOR SPACE. In some crazy way, this sentence made perfect sense to me. (Possibly the first time it had every done so for anyone...) It was then I was hit with a thought, nay, a realization: It is my quest to bring to the people the randomest words I can. Words and sentences which have no meaning at all, which are so random that they are in fact: AWESOME. Here are a few of the winners I jotted down whilst sauntering through the aisles of HONEY with a notebook and a pen.

1. Secretly Random Leader
2. Monsters: Child of the mischievious age.
3. I scored last night
4. Realise the sky is clear and high ceiing.
5. Ich ben ein Berliner (This one I nearly bought for my sister)
6. Feminine Sweat

Also on the list of signs is:
1. Fittin Groom
2. Me and my frinds, we go to play now!

There will be more, oh yes there will. But as time is short, I will continue.
The next day I went with one of Yukikos friends, Hatsumi, and Yoshiko, who is quite tall. These girls were hilarious because they spent the first two hours putting on makeup, which I watched in amazement whilst my butt lost all feeling. Oh yeah by the way, in Japanese houses, you dont just pull up a chair, no, you sit on the floor on a flat cushion. This has done nothing for my posture. Anyway we went with some of their oyaji friends to have a picnic on some mountain where there were tons of Sakura trees. We went to the supermarket and they just bought all this different food that I had not tried and then we just tried everything. They were so nice. They spoke no english though so I really had to make an effort and I am pretty sure I sounded like a bumbling fool for most of the day. I was complimented on my shopstick using ability, I have to say I am something of a pro now, the other day I used a fork and found it much too heavy.....haha I sound pompous.
That night we went out to dinner in Hamamatsu with some of Yukikos friends from work, who were really nice. They could speak English as well which was great. Now we are up to Friday night and I will blog again soon.
Night, Becky
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nzaussie on

haha becky made spelling mistakes....
yeah - well since you were so hyper about me making them on the first blog (sure due to tiredness) i figured it was only fair i get to say it back.... bahahaha... its a sad world i live in...
love the magnum shot and the oh so cliche peace photo with yukiko... cute... and looking through the other photos on the other pages... my biggest WHAT THE has to be from the sandwich... please don't tell me you consumed that.... soooo rank....
man reading this and seeing the pictures makes me wanna come over REAL BAD...
i was totally picturing you and the old man hitting on you.. and even i got creeped out... methinks you should avoid being too friendly to the men folk before you end up with a husband by mistake.... especially one that smells and rubs your arm, pats your head and smells your hair.... ew ew ew .... not that i know anyone like that......

ok well im going to write you a secret squirrel email now...

~ T

becky_boo on

Re: haha becky made spelling mistakes....
Tara you crack me up. Every time I read something youve written I totally lose it. I love you!!!

nzaussie on

its all part of the service...
as long as i crack you up - then im happy.... but omgosh - dude some of the photos you have taken of food... make me reconsider leaving the land of fish and chips.... hahaha and that toilet... woah.. im with katie... overkill on the pink and fluffy variety...

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