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Trip Start Dec 28, 2006
Trip End Jun 08, 2007

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Flag of United States  , Texas
Saturday, December 23, 2006

Finally, after a great deal of preparation, departure day (December 28th)  is almost here!  In short I'll be hitting a bit of Africa, then India and lots of Asia over the course of 6 months or so.

It's been pretty hectic trying to get both my professional and personal life in order prior to leaving.  Fortunately a lot of pieces have fallen into place within the last two months....my employer granted me a Leave of Absence (unpaid of course), the project I was working on wrapped up just in the nick of time, I found a somewhat reasonably priced one-way flight to Africa, and I've found good homes for both my belongings and my car. 
Recently many people have asked me the same questions about the trip....

Why do a 6 month trip now?
I'm still in my 20s (barely), unmarried, and have no kids!  I figure if I don't take this trip now, I'll have to wait until I retire.  The idea of trekking to Everest Base Camp or enjoying the Shanghai nightlife just doesn't seem like it will be quite the same experience as a senior citizen! 

Whaddya mean you're not going to Europe?!? 
Something Different
Dont' get me wrong, I think Europe is a fantastic destination, and over the years I've spent over 6 months wandering around the Continent.  But for this trip I want a completely different and alien experience.   In my opinion Europe is quite similar to the US in many aspects.  The lifestyle, standard of living, and cultural mores of Europe are in the big picture a lot like the US.
The dollar goes a lot further in India and Asia...which will mean a nicer and longer trip.  For the price of a hostel in Western Europe (and I've frequented many of them), you  can get a nice hotel room on the beach in Thailand or Vietnam.

Why the heck do you want to go to Africa/India/Asia?
I haven't been to that part of the world (except for Thailand and Cambodia) and I've always wanted to climb Kili, go on a photo safari, walk the Great Wall, visit the Taj Mahal, and hundred other things I hope to experience.
That's all I have for now...from what I hear Internet availability in Africa is pretty spotty, so you might not hear out of me too often until I reach India in late January.   Have a great New Year and stay in touch!
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ayak on

good for you!!!!
hey there,

I think it's great you are finally going on such a long trip.
I know you will have the best of time.
I Hope you have the best of times and keep in touch...


djn12313 on

Best of Luck
It's likely the remainder of the crew will be (cough) too lazy to post a comment, but you know we're all wishing you the best and living vicariously through you.

You know, if I could, I would kick myself in the ass for not doing the same kind of trip when I was 27 or so. Take good notes because who knows, maybe DeAnna will give me a 3 month hall pass one day whilst I'm still young.

B-ball won't be the same without you man. Safe travels.


p.s. Take a rock hammer and discretely chip off a few pieces of the wall for me. Then I'll have Berlin and the Great Wall.

jamezyjamez on

well, i'm officially jealous now. not sure how you are going to survive without regular status meetings and your business casual attire.

have a great time. we'll miss you at hoops (except for having to defend you) and soccer (where our team speed will now be in negative numbers).

drop me a note if you need anything while you're out and about - i can ship beer, provide SPG points, etc.

via con dios, bro...


santosha07 on

I am so happy for you! I went to CareNow today and got all of my shots for India, so thank you for the info. I am wishing you a Happy and Healthy trip of your life!
*Also, in response to Dirk's comment, I keep telling him to take trips, but he doesn't believe I want him to.

gbodle on

To go where no consultant has gone before...
God's speed and remember the unique pic from each locale. Hasta!

aaronterry on

Have fun!
Summer of '07, yeah, I'm not so sure I'm buying that. I'm thinking we'll be lucky to see you back by Summer of '08. Have fun, that's the best idea ever! Keep us updated with pictures!

brj8826 on

Needless to say I'm jealous. I've added this site to my daily links. I sure hope those immunizations work.

brj8826 on

What a jip!
A week without a single update. I'm using your trip as my vacation this year. So much for that pricey laptop you bought.

balaze on

out of africa
i'm still forgetting half the time that you aren't going to pop up on sametime anymore. hurry up and post so we can all get the scoop!

birdwatcher on

King of the mountain
You've conquered the mount!! How does the world look from the top? Take an extra breath---not much air there. Can't believe you could get a phone signal at the top of Kilimanjaro, albeit short. Don't forget a postcard. 381.

roger2 on

Keep us updated
Hey bud, waiting for some updates. Those of us who are 'coach potatoes' need some substance each day to keep us going. So let's see some pictures.

charamelia on

I know you have better things to do than sit on your laptop all day, but come on, don't leave us hanging! Hope you find some faster Internet hook-ups soon so we can see photographic evidence of your latest climb!!

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