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Trip Start Jun 30, 2004
Trip End Feb 14, 2005

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Monday, August 9, 2004

So what a 'mare weekend. Its pretty crazy, so bare with me.

I decided to try my mask and snorkel in the sea the day before the lesson (Friday), just to try it out. Wasn't having much luck, came to the surface to clear water or whatever, put mask on top of head, and then a big wave takes it right off my bonce. I haven't even been scuba diving yet, and I already have lost my mask and snorkel. I couldn't believe it. Soooo peeved off. If anyone reading this is from OB, I want it back dammit.

Turned up to the Scuba center on Sat. Spent the morning with the class learning and reading, talking about scuba etc etc. Its was pretty cool.
I spoke the instructor Nick about that I didn't have any gear, barring what I had paid for and he was like 'get it at lunch' Sweet!!!(i had completely forgot, thinking we would get fitted on Sat)
Lunch time:
Get to the booth to get fitted. The man there was like "dude, you've had all week to get fitted and you decide to get it done on a Saturday afternoon, I'm not gonna do it". Are you fucking serious? What happened to customer service? What a knob!!! Anyway, after persuading some girl to serve me, she said I could not have the gear because I had no photo id. Cue the benny hill music...
Rang up my taxi driver bud Mike to grab me quick time to get from the center, so I could go all the way back to OB just to pick up my passport and then back again in an hour lunch break. He was talking about the things you want the most are always the hardest things to get, like woman and scuba diving lessons. Your damn straight (wow, I'm American). Get back and get all the gear in the nick of time and go change to get fitted. The instructor is like "dude, you have your suit on backwards". It took me 30 mins to get on, to get off, and then put back on the right way. I was fucked at the end of it. Seriously. Saying that, the first day of scuba diving went well. It is totally awesome. Just starting off with basics.

That night, back at Ellis's, I realised I had lost my credit card. I rang up the shop, and they couldn't find it. They rang up the Franco, Fernando and Michele (who are in the class, gave me a lift home and are all Mexican). They didn't have it!!! Arghhhhh.
Paul's ex girlfriend Julie is there. She is stunning, very pretty. She's down for the weekend. They split up 'cause shes off to a place called Eureka in Humbolt County to go to college to do some fineart/art history stuff. He's happy to see her and wants to get back together. She very funny too and gets the English humour which means I don't have to explain my jokes. Sweet! So anyway, I had to ring up and cancel the card. Whilst in the process of doing this, Paul walks in. He's found some cider from a local shop. Cheering for joy, I hung up on the guy that was on the other end of the phone by accident. Shit!!!! Ring them back, and cancel the card. Ellis is like "fuck it, lets go to Mission Beach for the night and de-stress". Once we get there, we realise that I can't get in anywhere, as I have no id. Damn, this country is a pain in the ass. I'm 27!!!! Go back to the place to pick up my passport and inside it I find... credit card.

(que silent anger building up inside of me, head going red, veins showing, a pot of water bubbling on a stove etc etc).

We just stayed in after that.

The next day scuba diving was more exhausting. Started off by having to take an exam on all of the stuff we had learnt from the text books which I had been reading religiously ALL week. I just passed the exam....JUST!!! I've always been shit at written exams, I don't know why. I read the book from top to bottom. I reckon if I had to take a test on horror films, I would probably fail that, and I'm a geek/dork/nerd when it comes to them. Shit I don't know. I hate exams. Nuff said!!!
Anyway, in the pool, we had to swim 14 lengths. That was knackering. I think I got away with 10 or 11, but my technique needs to be improved apparently. 14 lengths..... I was dead. THEN..... I had to tread water for 10 mins directly after swimming the length of the world. This was a lot easier. But by then, both my arms and legs had gone to jelly. And this was directly after lunch, so I didn't have the most stable of stomachs. The rest of the day, was spent learning techniques and skills of free diving (that rocks soooooo much) and scuba diving (taking off gear underwater, breathing from other peoples tanks, clearing your mask etc etc) . For the most part of everything, I did ok, though, I needed a few more weights to stop me floating, but apart from that it was cool. I did win the 'who can hold the breath the longest underwater in a relaxed state'. Ha ha awesome. Its cool though. Everyone has been yacking to me about being from England and telling me their 'I went here, I went there' stories. A few jokes have been made at that expense, but as a whole, its all good. I've been hanging out with Franco, his brother Fernando and his girlfriend Michelle. They are all cool. Living in Old Town, but are from Tijuiana. They drive, so it saves taxi fare to La Jolla (pronounced la hoyah) and Point loma which is where I will be scuba diving this Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Apart from that, I've been hanging it at Pauls, drawing, writing songs, watching films etc etc. We went out the other night and met these few girls from Ireland (hmmmmmmmmm) down The Stick, went back to theirs and didn't get to bed till 5. Yeah, it took me THAT long to find out the one I like had a boyfriend. Taxi!!! It was good chatting to them though. One of the girls had been hit by a car 3 days after getting here and has been on crutches and in a leg brace since. Ouch!! 1 broken leg please, hold the salad! A few other people I have chatted to are on their travels. There was a girl the other night who had just come back from Thailand, but had also gone to Laos, Vietnam and South Korea. She had a great time. I can't wait to go!! There also seems to be a lot of people from other parts of the States visiting San Diego as well. I can't really imagine travelling England. Although, I guess we all do, but don't realise it.
Also went and say the Karl Marx Band? Isn't he famous? I thin he is? I recognise the name. He was playing gig in a local hall. They had a few bands on. It was all very laid back and chilled. Last night I went to Pacific Beach (the touristy part of San D) It was like going out in Fleet or Camberley for the night. Loads of guys in matching shirts and trousers being 'unique' and woman make-up'd to the eyeballs. Apparently, this is where it all happens. I wasn't impressed. If this is what I was after, I would have stayed in England. Anyway, I kinda like OB. Its a lot like Farnborough, in that I already know loads of people here and just walking around the streets, people are like "oi Tel, cut your hair" No-one wants me to leave either, which is kinda cool. Someone said that its really easy to get stuck here. On another day, I probably could.

Thats pretty much it. This week, I'm gonna chill out. This weekend is going to knacker me, so I'm gonna sit on the back burner re: drinking and going out.

Adios people. I hope all is cool wherever you are.


p.s. Is anyone reading this?
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