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Trip Start Dec 21, 2007
Trip End Jan 04, 2008

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Flag of United States  , Nevada
Monday, January 7, 2008

We were on our way to Vegas and almost 45 miles away from it we saw few hotels that looked like Vegas hotels and had a small casino. But that was just the trailer before we reached Las Vegas. As we were nearing Las Vegas we saw lot of traffic and that's why we took an exit before Luxor hotel where we had a booking so we stopped at Mandalay bay hotel and there we took some time to find the parking. After a while we found a valet parking after that we got the excess for the car and took few clothes out and went to the restrooms of Mandalay to dress up. After a while we all dressed up and went towards Luxor where john was waiting for us. We took the internal way to reach Luxor. As soon as we reached there we met john had a chat how his flight was and how is the crowd on the strip. He was really excited seeing us and the answer that came out was "crazy man" he meant the crowd. Then we headed internally towards Excalibur which was also connected with Luxor. The crowd inside was so good that we didn't felt like going outside. Geet and Diptesh were amazed to see the crowd especially the girls, best girls that we saw on the whole trip. After a while at around 11:35pm we went to the restaurants to eat some food. We had different food like Wendy's and subway. We realized that we were really short of time because the clock was approaching 12am new year. We rushed a bit and were straight way out on the streets by hotel New York New York concerts was going on by the hotel and the public was on the street and everyone was enjoying on the streets and dancing all around. As soon as then we reached near twelve people started counting the time. Las 30 seconds of the year 2007 appeared on the screen and we all started counting it. Not only that as soon as the New Year began all the hotels around started fire crackers which lasted for around 30 minutes. After looking at the fire works in the sky we headed further on the street, we saw a club on the way which was open and the girls were dancing in that club which we were able to see from the streets. We spend some time over there and that we turned around to the casino of MGM grand. As soon as we entered the MGM grand we were lucky to see the bar tender girls dancing on the tables which were our first actual girl dancing that we saw in Las Vegas. We saw the caves for the MGM lions and set by the chairs near there. After a while Kunal felt like gambling and there for around 1:30 am in morning he started gambling. John helped him out on how to play black jack and roulette which turned out to be fun later. We all joined them and supported them in playing. As Kunal started winning Sidharth his cousin also joined Kunal in gambling. They gambled till 3:45 in morning and then we all sat back on the couches and had a drink and chat of what to do next. Diptesh, Gunjeet (Audis cousin), Audi, john and Karan decided to go to car and they left MGM around 4:30am. Kunal, Geet and Siddhartha stayed at the hotel and were deciding on staying to some hotel for few hours. They had fun chatting about there life and how o spend money after getting a job and how to enjoy life. Kunal's theory was little bit weird about money he was like if we spend more we will have to earn more so spend more enjoy and save less which motivates us to earn more and take risks in life. After having a little chat and debate about that topic we called up Karan about the further plans and then Karan and all picked us up by MGM grand and we sat in the car. We still cannot believe it how we adjusted our self in one car 8 people in one mini van. We went to Wild Wild West to ask about the room vacancy there was no vacancy anywhere on the street and there were few more hours to go to Luxor for checking. We decided to sleep in the car we parked at a parking lot and tried sleeping in the car. All of us were sleeping on each other and god knows how those few hours passed. At around 11am we me john and Sidharth went to the hotel registration in Luxor and from there we got the keys around 11:35am and then we went upstairs to our room while Diptesh, Karan and other guys gave the car to the valet and the luggage was also taken care off. We went to the hotel room. And lay down on the bed for a while after few minutes Geet, Diptesh and Karan got ready Audi also accompanied them and they all went to the food court in Excalibur. Geet, Diptesh and Karan had pizza hut to eat while Audi had quzinos sub to eat. Audi also got a sub for his cousin and was going to take that with him to the room. After a while Audi got so hungry that he also ate Gunjeet's sub about 18inches of sub. We all went back to the room and took sub and pizza for Gunjeet and Kunal. After reaching to the room we went to sleep for about 3 to 4 hours and then we woke up at around 6pm and got ready. After all of us got ready we started moving around to different casinos, casino hopping. Mean while Karan and Geet also got the information about the good shows going on in Vegas and told Audi and others about it. We all decided to go the show called zumanity which was related to the sex theme. We went to New York hotel to buy tickets. We gambled at the hotel and as we had a pass of coyote ugly we went to the bar and saw hot chicks dancing on the bar table we spent some time in the bar and were planning to go to pure a club in Venetian hotel. We turned out that idea and stayed in the bar till late. Mean while john met a girl at the bar and stayed with her for the rest of the night while we went to different hotels to see the man made beauty. We went to Bellagio, Cesar's palace, Venetian and many other casinos. We took lot of pictures around and then went to Denys after wards to eat food. After some food we went to Venetian and from there we went back to Luxor at around 5 am in the morning of the 2nd Jan. we all went to sleep at around 6am in and Diptesh was the first one to wake up. He woke me up and was planning to go to few more casinos. Karan also got ready while Audi also came to our room. We didn't know at that time that it was going to be a great day for us. Geet, Karan and Diptesh told Audi that they are going to see the free shows on the street. So they will not wait for him and other people as time didn't permit. John, Geet, Diptesh and Karan went to Excalibur food court john had pizza to eat and us three took off for the shows. We walked fast and reached to Bellagio for the fountain show. The show started at 4:30pm it was really great to watch the fountain dancing on the music. It was a great show to watch one of the best on the street. After a while we went to Cesar's palace mall which was really great to watch as all the brands in there were expensive as hell. We went to chipotle at around 5pm and the Treasure Island show was going to start at 5:30pm we called Audi and john if they want to accompany us for TI. John was on his way to chipotle to accompany us while Audi and others took the bus towards TI. We ate in rush and john met us outside Chipotle we reached TI on time and enjoyed the show at TI. The show was really good and the effects were also great. Audi and others didn't make to the show because of the traffic and they came to TI after the show. We met at TI and decided to walk towards the New York hotel to watch the show zumanity. Kunal and Gunjeet forgot there tickets at the room they took the bus back to the hotel to get the tickets while others started walking towards New York hotel. We walked for a while again reached Bellagio and saw the show. After that we got tired and took the bus towards New York hotel. Gunjeet and Kunal came to the zumanity show after they got their tickets from Luxor while we went to gamble more at the black jack tables. After gambling for around 15 minutes we went to the show and were there by 7:10pm, as Audi and Karan saw Diptesh eating ice-cream even they developed a desire for it. Karan and Audi got themselves milkshakes and Geet and John got water for themselves. After that we entered the theater and saw some of the performers of the show. We sat by our seats and were ready to enjoy the show, the show started with few adult jokes and contents and as it proceeded we saw more and more adult content in it but even due to such adult content it looked more thematic and expressing than vulgar. It was the best show with lot of expressions and adult jokes put to gather in a thematic way. It was really entertaining and worth spending money on it. The show lasted for around one and half hour which ended at a very high, dramatic and funny note. We took off after a while and went back to gambling again. We had a beer and then back to gambling after a while we decided to go to the club. We had the pass for the club LAX but those were more like regular pass which makes you wait in line for a while. As we took off from the hotel new York we went to the food court again and ate Mc Donald's and quzinos while Audis cousin Gunjeet went to the restaurant company in Luxor which was next to the club LAX. We ate at the food court and proceeded towards the club, Geet and Diptesh went to their room to change and dress up in the formals. While Kunal, Karan, Audi and John went to the club and after a while Kunal comes up to the room and asks Geet weather anyone has an extra pair of formal shoes. On further asking Kunal, Geet came to know that we are going to get a VIP entry to the club for free and we are going to be escorted o the club which doesn't require us to stand in line. John also came up to change his t shirt and Karan and Audi also came up after a while as they were underdressed. Geet, kunal, john and Diptesh rushed to the club. As soon as they went to the club they saw lil. John walking in front of them. We followed him to the club the bouncers thought that we were with little john and let us in till the last stage of entry. After 12 30 the entry was closed and we were the last people to enter the club at 12:28 am. It was an amazing feeling that we all got when we passed through 200 people all dressed up waiting in line. We entered the club and it was the best club that we have ever seen in our life. We waited in a corner for a while all excited and calling our cousins and friends and telling them what were enjoying at that time. We went to the dance floor after a while and saw lil. John passing by us we took out our camera and took some movies, but he biggest surprise appeared when t Hilton sisters entered the bar. The club name TAO new life as soon as the Hilton sisters entered the club. We got more excited and felt like the dream come true, party like a rock star baby wohoo. Larry Johnson KC running back, west side boys and T-Pain also joined the party after a while. We were still unable to believe what we were experiencing and that so for free and with all the VIP treatment. As soon as we entered the club Paris Holton also joined us for dancing and had really fun we were on the dance floor after we talked to all of our friends and we grinding the chicks all the that came to us and were in our way. We took lot of movies in the club and just went crazy with all our friends. After a while we went upstairs to have some drinks and buzz and after staying there for a while we again went back on the floor to dance more and more. After a while Karan and Geet left the party to gamble more at Excalibur. They went outside while the others were still partying and having fun. They went to the casino won at first they split the money and then Geet lost 60 dollars in gambling but no worried they were all from the profit. They went back to the party as soon as they reentered taking over started playing we danced for a while again, while Kunal and Diptesh were really waiting to shake hands with Hilton sisters. Geet and Karan got tired at the nearing ending party and they left 15 min early at around 3:45 am and went back to the room. While Geet, Karan and Kunal were going back Kunal and Karan changed their minds and went back to the party while Geet took the tired Audi upstairs who was sitting by the elevators and after going upstairs Geet started SMS to all his friends about the party. Audi went to sleep and after a while Geet also tried to sleep. But at around 5am in the morning Geet heard Kunal and Karan chatting and laughing aloud. He and other people in the room woke up and started asking them what happened, they started laughing again and told us that they met some hookers by star bucks. They explained us the situation Karan told us that as he and Kunal were sitting by the star bucks 2 girls were giving them line. They went to there tables approached them asking them how they are doing. Both the girls told they are doing great, Karan was on different table and Kunal was on different table. And further Karan will explain you in details what happened and will continue this interesting story between him and the girls as well as the remaining time in Vegas.

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