Beaches & Bitches.....Tenderze it...

Trip Start Dec 28, 2009
Trip End Jan 04, 2010

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Flag of United States  , Florida
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everyone was experiencing the warm weather of Miami and saw the downtown Miami from Highway. While we were 30 mins away Karan was contacted by 3 girls( Bhavishya, Atima and Chini/Madhvi Friends of Audi and now ours) and they picked him up from airport.  Karan went to the hotel and after about 10 mins we ended up reaching the hotel.  Karan told us its an amazing hotel and has a great swimming pool.  All of us got excited and exchanged hug with Karan and went to the front desk.  Diptesh and Karan went to park the car while Geet, Mrugesh, and Audi went up stairs.

After parking the car KARAN and DIPTESH went to see the hotel pool, on the way to the pool DIPTESH was introduced to ATIMA talking on the phone.  After few minutes both KARAN and DIPTESH went upstairs, DIPTESH had an urgent meeting with CAPTAIN RAYKER(shit) which could not be missed.  KARAN, MRUGESH, GEET and AUDI were laughing hysterically at something outside. All others were talking about  karans trip from Thomas to Miami and how did he survived at the airport.  Karan also mentioned that he was lucky meet her old friend on airport.  After Karan described his trip Geet happens to take our Yagermyster.  Karan takes our JD and Vodka.  Geet asked everyone to have shots of Yagermyster and start the trip Hangover(movie) style.  Once DIPTESH got out of the bathroom, all five had shots of yagermister (and it started just like the hangover style).   KARAN had brought lots of loot with him from Saint Thomas (samosas, kabab, gray goose and JD whiskey).  Audi and Geet mean while took few pics with the Alcohol bottles.  Audi was very hyper by that time and he ended up taking more enthuastic with the bottle.  After the shot of yager all five went down to swim in the swimming pool, once at the pool we all had more shots of yager and samosas. Geet was introduced to Atima and Chini.  Geet was also hyper and was pouring the shots to everyone.  Samosas were just amazing we all had samosas and had few chats with each other. Mean while AUDI  said Bhaaji bas mein to aab pool mein jump laga raha hun and he jumped in the cold pool water first than KARAN followed him and MRUGESH, DIPTESH and GEET, than after few minutes the three ladies showed up at the pool, BHAVISHYA was the only one who jumped into the pool, ATIMA and MADHAVI did not want to swim so they just soaked there feet in the water.  The pool water was extremely cold.  Geet in order to warm up his body was told by karan to swim a little.  All the guys ended up going to the deep end of the pool.  Karan not being sure of the jumping board which were more like the stone monuments wanted to jump from there.  He asked Audi and Geet to join him to jump from top.  Both Audi and Geet not in mood asked Karan to jump alone.  Karan ended up going a little up on the wall and he jumped from there, The next thing we know is he ended up having a bruise on his leg. Than Audi asked karan weather he can make a length.  Karan was sure about it and he ended up swimming on the other end of the pool.  Mean while on Geet surprise he sees Bhavishya swimming from one side to another not only once but twice.  In Geets mind he felt that this swimming pool is not for him but for few champs who likes to take part in Olympics.  Bhavishya was at her full flow and all Geet and Audi could do is look at her.  After looking at her Audi asked Geet to accompany him in swimming at the other end of the pool.  Geet got ready and started swimming with Audi to the other end.  To Geet surprise he wasn't able to go to the other side of the pool.  His heart rate went up like crazy and he was feeling even colder. Taking the right decision Geet got out of the pool.  Mean while Audi and other guys were having fun at the other end of the pool.  Karan went out of the pool and started having a liitle fun with the girls.  He went behind Atima and Chini and pretended as if he was going to push them in the pool.  Bhavishya being there said to Karan iss kam mein tera saath nahin doongi.  Karan leaving them alone again jumped in the pool.  After a while Geet started resting on the pool chairs. Everyone joined him and had few more shots of yagermyster.  Mrugesh was lying next to Bhavishya and on the other side of Mrugesh was Geet and followed by the rest.  Bhavishya and Mrugesh were talking a little about their life and Geet being a smart ass was listening to important points that should be taken from the conversations so he can pull their legs later in the trip.  On the other end all others were talking about the next day and then Atima asked Audi what time everyone is planning to wake up.  Geet said abhi vacation par aye hai iss mein bhi jaldi utth na hoga.  We all had little talks that night and after everyone was tired we went upstairs to our room to sleep.  All of us changed and decided who is going to sleep where.  After everything was decided Audi and Karan went to sleep on one bed while Mrugesh and Geet on other. Diptesh decided to sleep on floor mattress.  I am sure after that night Karan will reconsider sleeping on bed with Audi (Beatings will continue until the last penny is received) right karan. 

Next morning everyone wakes up it was the last day of year 2009.  All guys wakes up and started getting dressed,  one by one everyone is ready to rock and go to Miami beach,  Mean while when the guys are getting ready Audi happens to show karan his cleavage Tshirt.  Karan looking at the Tshirt decides to wear his cleavage Tshirt as well.  Both Audi and Karan gets dressed up in their unique Tshirts.  Karan also calls his brother up to make sure about the food place.  His brother recommended a good place on Lincoln Road in southbeach  Miami area.  Mean while Geet and Karan remembers that there are 3 other girls that are also accompanying them.  Both of them asked Audi to call the girls and make sure what they are up to.  Mean while Karan and Geet heads to the car to adjust the seats.  While going back to the car Geet and Karans happens to go around the hotel and take lot of pictures,  Both of the were impressed by the hotel and loved the views,  After a while Audi comes down and meets them.  All of them goes towards the golf course.  They take few pics and the heads towards the car,  Mean while Diptesh was getting ready the only person left upstairs gives a call to Audi about the status to leave,  Audi asks Diptesh to come on the front side of the hotel and Karan pulls up the car in front of the hotel,  All of the guys takes the pic in front of the hotel and also on the car,  when asked about the girls to Audi, he said that they are coming down in 10 miins,  Audi, Geet and Mrugesh decides to drive around and see beautiful houses till the girls comes downstairs.  Karan being the driver, Drives us around Coral Gables and the next thing that we saw is just unexplainable. The houses around the hotel were absolutely amazing.  Even the smaller houses were beautiful and had a great land scape.  After a small drive we returned to hotel to pick the girls up.  They weren’t ready by that time either so Audi asks the girls to come directly to South Beach Lincoln St.  The girls agreed to it and the guys started their drive to South Beach Miami.  While we were driving to the area, we stopped by at a gas station as Audi needed to pick something up to eat as he was really hungry.  He pics up pound cake and Karan picks up Gatorade from the gas station.  We all shared both the items and while chit chatting we during the drive and enjoying the scenic beauty we were near south beach in no time.  While we were on the bridge and deciding which way to go Audi point out another way to go to South Beach which was much faster.  Karan ends up taking the exit and drives a little further.  While driving we saw a cop driving right next to us.  Geet mentioning that Mama sath mein hai…Audi said aree kya kar lega mama.  Mean while we found a meter parking.  While looking at the meter we were in search of the quarters that were required to run the meter.  Karan ends up going to some deli store and talks to a girl and asks her for change.  She being nice and Karan having some sort of Charisma around women gets the change and comes out.  We put the coins and we thought we were still short of money.  So this time Diptesh goes to get change.  He goes to first store UPS the guy says no.  Second store which was a laundry service that says no and finally in the third store he gets the change and comes back.  Finally all the coins were put in the meter and we start walking towards the Lincoln street (Which according to me is the best street near South Beach FL.  While walking towards the street…we all end up seeing wired stuff.  A young girl seating behind a fully clothed guy in her bikini.  All we saw was her ass.  As her panties went insider her but crack or she was wearing a thong in either case there was cloth in her but crack.  So while enjoying the scenic beauty we kept on walking further and we encounter a nice small house.  Upon seeing that house Audi said kitni acchi tarah se sajaya hai ghar ko.  As there were two chairs and a table and a cycle parked next to it.  It was  small but good.  We walked further a block and we reached Lincoln Steet.  It was an absolute beauty.  The street was only for pedestrian and there were really good shops and restaurants located on that street.  While we were walking Geet and Audi wanted to have the Sun Glasses so they kept on looking around for it.  While looking at the shops we ended up reaching to the restaurant called Pizza Rustica..We booked our table and went to Sketchers as Audi also wanted to look at shoes so we went inside and started browsing the store. We also took few pics by the fountain located outside the sketchers store.  Diptesh gave us the call and asks us to come back to the restaurant as our table was ready.  We went immediately to the table took our seats and started looking at the menu.  While browsing the menu we also ended up browsing the girls that were going around or table.  Mean while the girls (Bhavishya, Atima. Minu and Aunty) comes to the table.  We ended up telling the girls what we were planning to order.  Bhavishya being a vegetarian asked us is there anything that’s being ordred for vegetarians on table.  Geet tells her that there are few things like spinach and blue cheese and Margarita Pizza that are being ordered.  She was all happy but sad at the same time.  She was happy because there is vegetarian food was also ordered and she was sad because she was having pizza since last few days.  After few conversations of Bhavishya and Geet,  Karan comes in and apologizes to Bhavishya just to have little fun with her and says one more day of pizza we wont have that from tomorrow for sure.  Everyone smiles and Geet and Audi end up ordering 4play pizza.  Well it is actual name of Pizza and nothing else.  Atima also orders paninni and drinks for the table.  Everyone is talking about the beach and the cold water.  Bhavishya being the great swimmer says oohhh man we cant go in the water today..Atima being to funny one what difference does it make to u bhavishya ur not going to be more naked on the beach that what you are right now…listening to this talk all the girls and Geet starts laughing at the comment.  While everyone was talking we got the pizza.  It was a nice huge pizza Rectangle in shape and it smelled really nice.  Everyone grabbed a slice with hand,  Geet being the odd ball grabs the Fork and Knife and starts eating pizza.  After having a slice Audi said Geet what a style man let me try eating in the same way.  He also grabs Fork and Knife and eats in the stylish way.  Geet asks Audi to eat the pizza directly from the Pizza board as it was more fun to do so.. Pretty much everyone follows Geets way of eating Pizza.  After Paying the bill everyone gets ready to roam around and we all head up to the Beach.  While going further we were continuously looking for Sun Glasses.  We ended up going to Guess,  saw Oakley but didn’t went inside and Finally we found the glasses at a local store.  Geet and Audi picks up the Glasses and goes outside and starts posing for picture.  While walking Audi asked all of us to take a Scooter and Geet asked everyone to walk as it was more fun.  So Audi goes back to the scooter store but there were none available so he comes back and we started walking towards the beach again.  We finally reached the beach and started walking towards water. It was truly amazing white soft sand and nice blue water.  We went little inside the water and took few pics.  Audi and aunty were seating on the chair and chatting.  After a while Audi and Karan went back to the scooter store to grab a scooter and all others started walking toward the first street where the Beach actually starts.  We chit chatted a lot while walking and took lot of pics.  Bhavishya was totally in to it she took lot of pics of nature and they turned out to be really good.  We finally reached 5th street and Audi gave us a call and they were on their way to pick us up.  They picked us up and then we wanted to go to Ocean Drive but it was closed.  So we turned back and went to the car parking where the girls have parked their cars.  The Funny part of the drive to the parking lot was the way we all were seating in the car.  I saw few people looking at us and laughing at it.  Geet was having fun with the whole situations and he waved couple other girls after seating in the car.  After droping the girls at the parking lot we started our journey back to hotel.  The girls followed us and we were on our way to the hotel.  Audi talked to us that everytime Bhavishya usko follow karti hai koi ghumau firau rasta hi le leta hun mein.  She has a bad experience with the drive when ever she followed Audi.  And this time again we ended up taking a unique road.  The drive was awesome as we were able to spot all the million dollar homes on the coast line.  After paying the toll we took some pics on the bridge and then went ahead with the drive.  We roamed around a lot and took wrong ways while going back.  It seemed like it was once again a bad experience for Bhavishya.  We finally reach the hotel and went to the rooms.  And now we were planning to get ready for the New Years Eve party.   

AUDI, MRUGESH, KARAN, GEET and DIPTESH got their clothes from the van, DIPTESH had brought two suits with him.  So now AUDI, KARAN and MRUGESH were getting ready and DIPTESH was deciding which ensemble to put on.  Meanwhile MRUGESH was ironing his shirt, GEET and AUDI  had just taken shower and they were singing Dus bahanay karaky lay gaye dil with their shirts off (can be seen in the facebook video).  DIPTESH was still deciding what to wear, so he started to ask MRUGESH and GEET, now GEET was trying to decide what to wear, so he tried on DIPTESH's suit, which brought out the hero in MR. Palkhiwala.  Now GEET was wearing a coat, KARAN was wearing a coat, MRUGESH was wearing a coat, DIPTESH was also wearing a coat but still could not decide which shirt to ware and all were trying to convince AUDI to wear a coat as well..  However AUDI had his mind set on wearing a sweater, which he ultimately wore.  Now all five faced a great dilemma, in which the booze was there but no soda was available, so at last movement KARAN and DIPTESH decided to go hunting for some coke/pepsi.  KARAN was wearing a sleev less t-shirt and jense, DIPTESH was wearing a polo and short; they both left there room and entered the elevator to go downstairs so they can get some soda either from a vending machine or the bar located by the pool. The elevator door opened KARAN and DIPTESH step in to go downstairs, on the way down the elevator stopped at 7th floor and extremely well dressed people steeped in to the elevator (OMG the ladies were off the hook).  

People were dressed in suits and dresses all around as KARAN and DIPTESH approached the hotel bar.
KARAN:"Bhaji, lagata hai ye hah pay party chal rahi hay"
DIPTESH: "Yeah seems like it’s a new year’s party"
KARAN: "Probably in the hotel ballroom over there", as they both the hotel bar.

As both DIPTESH and KARAN approached the bar the HOASTESS, hello gentlemen’s how can I help you.  
DIPTESH asked: "Do you guys have a soda machine in the hotel"
HOASTESS said: I am sorry but we do not.
DIPTESH: "what about buying some from the bar?"

The hostess said you can at the bar but they are 4 dollars per can.  SO KARAN and DIPTESH decided to go to find a gas station to buy some pepesi from.  They got into the car, KARAN started to drive outside of the suburban area where the hotel was located.  They located at 7/11 located about 10 minutes from  the hotel, they got 12 pack of Coke and few plastic cups from the store.  "Bhaji lets go from the other side I feel little under dressed waking through the 2nd entrance because of all the well dressed people."

After reaching the room, KARAN prepared packs of JD and coke to drink.  GEET was deciding if he wanted to wear AUDIS cote or DIPTESH's coat or go without a coat, kARAN has his stuff picked out so he started to get ready, MRUGESH was almost all ready, AUDI was getting ready, but DIPTESH was not he was confused which shirt to ware.  After little amount of time, AUDI made his mind that he wanted to wear the aqua blue pagadhi and the matching sweeter, so now geet was going to was going to wear AUDI's coat, so MRUGESH said I will be little different and stick with my Quadra coat and finally DIPTESH decided what to were and put that on, as KARAN went downstairs to get the ATIMA and BHAVISHA. While the ladies were coming up Geet asked Karan if the girls were going to drink tell them to bring the glasses.  Atima and Bhavishya felt bad as Geet refered them as Ladkiyon ko and not with their names.  Both ladies came up and DIPTESH took a picture or two of both butifully dressed ladies, because somebody had to sit on the royal thrown in bathroom at the very last moment.  The lovely ladies and the Sexy boys were not ready the momentous 2010 new year’s eve.

ALL seven got ready more individual pictures were taken (for facebook profile), and DIPTESH wore GEET's tie (a gift to GEET from HEEMA) and all headed downstairs to the parking lot to go for Club OPIUM.  KARAN mentioned that according to his classmate we are running very late, and everyone knew that but it couldn’t be helped that day.

DIPTESH was driving the minivan, KARAN was sitting next to him, ATIMA was sitting behind DIPTESH, BHAVISHA was sitting behind KARAN and MRUGESH, AUDI and GEET were at the end.  When minivan got on to the main road KARAN had the smart idea to play melody type anthakshari, but the some people in the car wanted to just listen to music, so that what we did as we drove.  After about 25 minutes of driving, DIPTESH ended up taking a wrong road so that wasted about 5 minutes, on top of that DIPTESH ended up going through a toll (sunpass without paying) because he saw the booth and assumed that it is cash lane (due to intense Miami traffic and paying attention left/right and in the back DIPTESH did not see the sunpass only warning written in huge letters on top of the tool booth).  It was about 10:20 when they were 2 mile from their destination and the traffic just came to a dead stop.  

Diptesh thought of a maneuver, instead of taking a right (onto rout 7) make a left (on route 7) go straight and make a u turn(on route 7), but that was a bad idea because the traffic bad even after making a u turn.  So now to avoid that traffic DIPTESH made another left turn from rout 7 onto griffin road thinking that he can cut across the traffic from the 7/11 parking lot (but upon entering the left only lane he saw that there was no way to enter the parking lot).  The traffic was so bad that people were trying to cut each other off and the intersection was grid locked, (as DIPTESH let a lady cut in front of him someone in the back of the car said do not let anybody cut in front of you).  

Then DIPTESH took a left turn and GEET and AUDI looked in the i-phone and realized that they can take a back street (43rd street) to avoid almost all of the traffic.  So according to AUDI's instruction DIPTESH took the back street all the way to the main street, but then all realized that one cannot make a left turn in that direction (Club Opium was on the left side).  So the minivan turned around and we parked at the parking lot for the apartments located in the back street.  Every one ecstatic and ready to have some fun at the dance club Opium, so everyone got out of the car and started to walk toward the club.  After walking about half a block, DIPTESH felt little unease to leave the car where it was, so he told GEET that I will park the car someplace else.  So DIPTESH went back to check on the car and out of curiosity he looked at the jeep parked next to their rented minivan, he noticed that there was a small sticker place on the bottom right hand
side of the windshield, unable to see under the cover of darkness DIPTESH decided to take the cautious road and move the car into a proper parking lot, because he did want to come back and have his car be towed.  By this time ATIMA, AUDI, BHAVISHYA, GEET, KARAN and MRUGESH had crossed the main road and they were on the side of the road which had all the clubs Hard rock/Opium/etc.  

So DIPTESH drove the minivan to main road (griffin road), he knew that there in no way to take a left turn, so he took a right turn and then few desi dudes allowed him to make a u turn in middle of the street (this is what we call good karma, if you let some else cut you than someone else will let you 
cut).  After turn around, and about quarter block from the club, DIPTESH saw the sign "Hard rock cafe parking lot is full, take next signal to park".  SO he did exactly that, now the traffic had gotten even worse, because all three lane merged into one left only since everyone was trying to park in that  parking lot.  DIPTESH tried to cut into the left only but no one would allow him and by now the time was 11:35 P.M "DIPTESH was pissed off".  So instead of trying to get into left only he went all the way to signal light and turned on his left turn indicator ( cops were regulating the traffic flow to get into the parking lot) as soon the signal turned yellow, DIPTESH took  the left turn and got into the parking lot.  After parking the car DIPTESH knew he only had 15 minutes to get to Opium and he still was not sure exactly which building it is located in, so he was power walking to get there on time.  As soon as DIPTESH approached the entrance of parking
lot a mini bus driver said you want a ride to the other side, assuming that the bus is about to depart DIPTESH asked him "Do you know where Opium is", drive said "not sure exactly where but I will drop you off by the entrance".  SO DIPTESH got on the bus and sat down, hoping that the bus would depart soon, it was now 11:52 when the bus departed.  DIPTESH thought of asking the two girls behind him as to where exactly is Opium located, but intimidated by their scandalous physique and ensemble, he thought "why bother I should be able to figure it out".  The bus crossed the parking lot and the signal light, it stopped by the first stop sign in the Hard Rock Café compound and several people including DIPTESH and the two other girls behind him got off.

DIPTESH observed the map and started power walking toward the club, as soon as he made a right turn DIPTESH found himself in the quad area where a band was ushering the new year with a dense crowed.  12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR, couples started kissing and hugging, there was no way go through the crowed, so Diptesh waited a minute or two, once a pathway cleared DIPTESH started to walk toward the club again.  However DIPTESH soon realized that he was not going in the right direction, so he came to a stop and looked around for few seconds.  DIPTESH noticed a two girls and a guy asking someone that do you know where CLUB OPIUM is located, so DIPTESH pulled one of the girls aside and reconfirmed if they were headed to OPIUM.  So DIPTESH followed pretty lady dressed in the smallest white mini skirt all the way to the club.  Once at the club the bouncer pointed DIPTESH to the line he had to stand in to confirm that can enter the club, it was now
12:07 A.M. and the line was all the way from counter to the end of the door (this just completely and totally pissed DIPTESH off).  The first person DIPTESH called was KARAN, but it went to voicemail, then he call GEET which also went to voicemail, then he called BHAVISHA which also went to voicemail and finally AUDI which also went to voicemail; the one mistake that DIPTESH made was that he did not leave any of them a voicemail, instead DIPTESH kept hanging up.  He called each of them repeatedly, each approximately 4-7 times, finally when he called KARAN and it went to voicemail DIPTESH was stupefied and started to think what to do next and while thinking he forgot to hang up so when KARAN finally got a signal he noticed a missed call from DIPTESH.  Next DIPTESH thought this is it I am calling GEET and leaving a message and then that's it, so he did leave GEET a voicemail. After standing in line for 20 minutes DIPTESH was almost at the counter, and he noticed that KARAN was walking toward him. 

Mean while when Diptesh was trying to figure everything, all others were by the club and trying to figure out their ways around to get in quickly.  Geet and Karan went to the bouncer and had a talked, next thing that happened was they all were in by the counter and getting their wrist bands on.  Bhavishyas name was no where to be found on the book or computer.  Bhavishya being the smart girl and following the instruction from her mom did printed out the receipt and brought that with her.  Confusion was solved and we were all in.  Geet, Karan, Audi and Mrugesh were by their table and it was 3 mins to new years.  They stood there and introduced themselves with all others around them.  When the count down began Bhavishya and Atima just came in the club.  Geet popped open the champagne bottle and poured it in everyone’s glasses.   Everyone started having fun and started dancing.  Everyone went to the other side of the club to meet Karans friend from dental school.  After meeting him we went to the corner and saw there was another Indian group.  Geet started dancing there and made few friends for the night.  After a while Geet and Karan went back to their table.  Mean while Geet and Karan were wondering where is Diptesh, why isn’t he calling.  Karan went out to find him mean while Geet gets a missed call from Diptesh, so he also goes out to find Diptesh.  As Geet was going out Karan spots Geet and stops him.  Geet looks at Karan and asks where is Diptesh not realizing that Diptesh was standing next to Karan ( this is called the heights of getting smashed in 30 mins)

Now it was about 12:27 AM, as soon as KARAN approached DIPTESH and he got into a very ugly argument, heated words were exchanged for few minutes, but then they hugged and said sorry to each other.  KARAN there is another entrance may be they have the list there let’s see if we can enter through that side, but not luck so they both had to go back to initial line wait 5 more minutes and just as the lady was checking ID GEET came from upstairs saying "Dude I just got saw your missed call".  He greets Diptesh happy new years turns back to go inside the club.

DIPTESH was finally in the club and headed toward there table.
Then were more than what he had expected, three different music rooms and multiple bars.  People dancing everywhere, when he approached there tons of booze was waiting for him.  After few moments DIPTESH decided to stroll the place and noticed few interesting things.  GEET had made a friend at the club he said that he is planning to be a neuron sergeant.  Geet brought him to the table but his group didn’t agreed to come with him as there were girls and they were trying to be protective( Looks like they though Geet is going to steal them from others).  This friend of GEET comes with him had few shots and asks Geet if he can drop him off back.  Geet being a gentlemen even when drunk goes with him to drop him off to the dance floor next door where his group was.  The next thing Geet knows about that guy was his group was no where to be found and Geet is walking towards his table.  Geet talks to another person there and stars dancing with his girl friend.  To avoid this that guy offers Geet a smoke.  After taking the cigarette Geet asks that guy to light it up.  After lighting up the cigarette Geet walks two steps further and throws the Freshly lit up cigarette in the garbage can.  Geet goes back to his table and starts taking random pics with the ppl around him.  The next thing Geet saw was Karan trying to get hooked up with Shivani and all others saw was Geet trying to get hooked up to a OLDER women. DIPTESH also noticed that in a corner a girl was squatting and trying to give the guy in front of her a BLOW JOB, one of the two girls who was sitting in the bus behind DIPTESH was pissed drunk in 1 hour and she was giving a lap dance to guy few table over (DIPTESH thought dam I should have spoken to that AISAN chick, stupid me).  Than DIPTESH busted a move on the dance floor, after a while he met another  group of Indian from Cherarlott, of them he only remember ANIL and SHIVANNI :).  This are only thing I would like to say, there were other thing which I (DIPTESH) saw and thought about (calling a friend to say HAPPY NEW YEAR at DORY) but I am sure KARAN or GEET or AUDI or BHAVISHYA or ATIMA or MRUGESH can fill you in. (Karan, Bhavishya, Atima and Audi There is lot of stuff that happened that night but it has blanked out from my mind so please add it especially that bar tender part tht u guys liked)

Next day we woke up and Geet was still smashed from last night.  Finally with few efforts he woke up and started talking about what happened at night.  He decides to take a quick shower and get to car and clean it.  Karan also takes a shower and both Geet and Karan decides to go to car and clean it.  Mean while Audi and Mrugesh stays back and gets ready.  While going to the car Geet and Karan stops by at the fountain outside the hotel takes few pics and then proceeds to the parking lot.  Geet and Karan cleans up the car and adjusts the seats.  After they were done cleaning they went around the hotel and took few pics by golf course and swimming pool.  They meet Audi and Mrugesh and they began taking few pics together, after taking few pics with all of them proceeded towards the car.  After taking the car at front of the hotel everyone put their luggage in the car.  Diptesh being the last person came and adjusted the luggage in the car.  Mean while Geet helped the girls out to put their luggage in the car.  After putting the luggage Geet and Diptesh kept looking for Karan and Audi…after not finding them Geet asks Bhavishya to call them…after a call Geet and Diptesh finds out they were by the golf course.  Geet and Diptesh takes few pics inside the hotel and then walks to the golf course.  Everyone went to the drivers range to hit few shots.  Karan and Audi were competing who hits the farthest.  Mean while Geet, Mrugesh and Diptesh hits few shots and gets in to the groove.  Girls showed some interest in hitting the shots so Geet starts teaching Atima and Bhavishya  how to take a swing.  Atima started hitting the golf balls and it looked like she was in the mood of playing miniature golf while Bhavishya was trying to connect and hit the gold ball hard.  After taking few shots the guys goes in to competition of hitting the gold balls in the lake.  With competition on Geet tries to to hit the balls in the lake but he ends up hitting the ball straight instead.  During the hitting section Bhavishya, Minu and Atima takes few pics and then we all went back to the reception to return the clubs.  After returning the clubs we all took few pics in a group and head back to the car.  We left from the hotel to go to eat lunch at Qdoba and chitchatted a little.  Mean while something got in to Geet and he was amazed that he was going to turn 24 in 2010. Then Geet asks Audi how does he feel as he is 24 ... on that Audi replies "How do I feel ... I feel UNDEFEATED!" After eating everyone walks to starbucks to get coffee.  After chatting there, we all went to the car to leave for Keywest FL.
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