Ce qui est chiant, c'est toi.

Trip Start May 17, 2010
Trip End Jul 17, 2010

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Flag of France  , Pays de la Loire,
Monday, July 12, 2010

Pardon my French, literally.

For the Francophones reading this, you'll understand what I mean. For my fellow English speakers, the title is probably best translated into: "You're the annoying one", more or less. Here's an Angela definition of the word "chiant".

chiant (she - aunt) adj : a semi-vulgar exaggerated form of the word annoying. derived from the verb chier (but I definitely won't go into that!)

So as you know, I went to Nantes yesterday to go see my dear friend Emilie. I stayed with her family back in 2005 when I first went to France and she invited me to visit her while I was in town. I took a train from Quimper to Redon, and Redon to Nantes where I arrived around 12:15 in the afternoon for a day full of nostalgia and reunion.


I got off the train and stepped out onto the platform where Emilie had told me she'd be waiting. I waited until the platform was empty, but I saw no one. I walked around the station looking all over for the Emilie I remembered from years ago, but I had no luck. Certain that she would have her phone, I dialed her number twice only to receive her voicemail. I left a voicemail and a text and continued to search. Maybe 10 minutes later, I found her. We greeted each other happily and she apologized for being late... and that she had brought her boyfriend.

My heart sank as I realized that this was not going to be the Angela-Emilie day that I had imagined.

I smiled anyway and we set off to meet with him.

Enter Tanguy. There's a French movie called Tanguy in which the titular character is a lazy, do-nothing mama's boy that cannot fend for himself. Think of the movie Failure to Launch. Consequently, when the French want to denote such a character, they use the term "tanguy". Well, Emilie's boyfriend definitely lived up to that stereotype, but I'll go into that a little later.

Emilie and I babbled on about our lives while Tanguy drove use to their apartment. Once inside, my heart sank further. The apartment was a mess and everything, I mean EVERYTHING  was covered in a dense layer of dog hair. I tried to sit on the edge of the couch to avoid it, but I ended up being coated in it as well. Still smiling and trying to make the best of the situation, I asked Emilie about her recent life as she set about making a salade niçoise. She asked Tanguy if he could help cut the tomatoes for the salad (I'd offered but she refused) and he replied that he would... he just had to look at something online. 

Strike 1

He sat in the corner at the computer desk and watched videos on YouTube, played Farmville, and downloaded music while Emilie continued to make lunch alone. After that, he rolled up a cigarette (number 1 out of 12) and stood by the window... while all of the smoke drifted back into the apartment. After lunch, I explained to Emilie that I wanted to see Leila, a mutual friend of ours who got married and had a baby since I'd seen her last. After calling Leila, we arranged it so that I would be back at the apartment by 8pm so Leila could stop by and say hello. With that, we (Emilie, Tanguy, unfortunately, and I) set off for Emilie's parents house so that I could see them again. They live just outside of Nantes so it was a slight drive, but when we got to the house, I welled up with excitement. Nothing had changed! The interior of the house was exactly how I remembered it being 5 years ago. Her parents greeted me with enthusiam and we launched into a nostalgic conversation. They told me that I had changed, that I had gotten taller and much more extroverted. I agreed and explained that at 15 years of age I wasn't as secure with my French so I didn't talk as much... plus I was shy in general but they seemed to have already understood that. We talked for maybe 10 minutes or so before Tanguy announced we were leaving... with Emilie's brother in tow. Emilie's parents bid us all goodbye and wished me a safe trip back to the States while also explaining that I was more than welcome to visit them anytime. In good spirits, I thanked them over and over, and we were off to the beach.

Or so I thought, anyway. Nope. Tanguy drive another 15 minutes out of the way to pick up a friend of his. Not only did we drive out of the way, we went inside to wait for his friend who was not ready. While waiting, Tanguy and Emilie's brother went outside to smoke while Emilie and I waited inside twirling our thumbs. After a good 10 minute wait, we FINALLY left for the beach.

Yes, for real this time. Tanguy drove another 20 or 30 minutes or so and we reached the beach. The beach was in Pornichet, not Nantes so it was a little out of the way, but worth it. Pornichet's beach was PACKED with so many people that I could have sworn I was on Miami beach. We found a spot and settled in before taking a dip in the chilly ocean. It was still cold, but not nearly as cold as the beach in Combrit. Too cold to enjoy, we all headed back to our towels where the boys smoked their cigarettes before running off to kick around a soccer ball. Emilie and I chatted a bit until we were dry, then decided to go play volleyball with the guys and some random beach guys. Emilie and I walked up to the court where she asked Tanguy if we could play. He ignored her completely the first time and then the second time she persisted, it he responded rudely with a "no", that they already had enough people.

Strike 2

The boys were playing three on three so there was no reason that they couldn't add another teammate. Emilie then asked the opposite team instead where they replied "sure!" I chose THAT team, anxious to get away from Tanguy and his loser friends. I'm not sure why I stopped playing volleyball. I HAD THE BEST TIME! My boys offered me the ball and I started off with a "granny" serve to warm up. We tried for a volley, but Tanguy's team was terrible and could barely return the ball over the next. I however, proved my worth by awesome backrow saves and passes to my fellow teammates, and my ever-strong over the head serve. My guys praised my skills and I returned the sentiment; they were great players. Ok, I'll stop bragging now. We basically played around for 45 minutes or so until my team decided we were tired of whooping Tanguy's. We all exchanged "bien joué" and parted ways. Covered in sand from the game, we took another dip into the ocean to "wash" off. Tanguy and co. decided to have another smoke before deciding it was time to leave. On the way back, I began to notice how long it had taken to drive out to the beach with all of the side trips and wondered if we would have enough time to see Leila. I tried not to worry and talked to Emilie. Still wet from the beach, the open windows in the car were giving us both chills and goosebumps so Emilie asked Tanguy and his friend to roll up the windows a bit. They both purposely ignored her and continued the conversation. A minute later, she asked them again a little louder when Tanguy replied:

"Emile t'es chiante, toi! Arrêt un peu!" = "Ugh Emilie you're f'ing annoying, stop it!"*


I boiled over in anger. Tanguy rolled up the window maybe half an inch and continued his incessant blathering. I was utterly APPALLED that he had the nerve to speak to her that way. He, this fat, lazy, undeserving jerk had been treating Emilie like crap all day and she didn't even bother to stand up for herself. She looked at me and just lamented that "boys are mean". I nodded my head to agree but in reality, I would NEVER let my boyfriend treat me that way. Steeping in silent anger, we dropped Tanguy's friend off at his house... or I should say we STOPPED at his house so that Tanguy could talk and smoke and take an aperitif for 20 minutes or so. I looked at the time. It was 7:30pm and we still had to take Emilie's brother back to her parent's house. I pulled her over and expressed my concern that we would not have enough time to see Leila. She then told Tanguy, who then waved her off and continued to smoke. It was only after he finished his cigarette that we left the house. On the road I resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be able to see Leila because it was already 7:45pm and we hadn't even dropped off her brother. Emilie, aware of this as well but unwilling to say anything to Tanguy apologized over and over when she noticed my disappointment. I wouldn't be able to see Leila during my only stay in Nantes... because of her inconsiderate jerk of a boyfriend. For her sake, I plastered on a fake smile and acted like nothing was wrong. When we reached her parents house, it was already 8pm. Tanguy got out of the car to go watch the World Cup with Emilie's brother, neither of which bothered to wish me goodbye without being prompted. Whatever.

Back in the car, I was quieter than usual. Emilie picked up on my mood and kept apologizing. It was in no way her fault and I could tell she felt extremely guilty and terrible, so I feigned happiness as best as I could for her sake. In reality, I was sad. Not only because I wouldn't be able to see Leila (or eat dinner for that matter), but moreso for Emilie. I was so troubled that such a sweet person such as she could have settled for as big of a jerk as Tanguy. There are many other mean jerk-like things he did/said that I haven't even mentioned. Anyway, we made it to the station with only 7 minutes to spare and sadly parted ways once again.

The train ride back was long. My train was delayed and my stomach grumbled. The station's restaurants were all closed because it was so late so I had a bag of chips and two Kinder bars for dinner. I finally got back to Quimper well after midnight and drove home where I crashed. Disappointed and starving. 

That was my trip to Nantes. It was great seeing Emilie and her parents, but the trip ended on a sour note. I'm trying not to dwell too much on the fact that I won't see Leila for another 3 years possibly, but like I said, I'm much more concerned for Emilie.

My concert is Thursday and I'll be home Saturday so until the next entry, I miss you all and I cannot wait to see everyone!


* = denotes a realistic modern English translation
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Wow!! What a**holes. Sorry about that Angie.

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