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Trip Start Jul 24, 2012
Trip End Aug 19, 2012

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Nile River Explorers

Flag of Uganda  , Easter Region,
Thursday, August 2, 2012

(Andrew) We woke up excited today as it was the day we were going White Water rafting. Well I say we, I mean I, Erica was terrified but had agreed to sign up on the basis she owes me for the skydive in Abel Tasman. The bus arrived and a lovely man picked us up from the campsite and we jumped into an opensided truck to take us into town.

We had a quick breako of Coffee and 'Rolex' at the rafting place, a rather odd name however it is basically an omelette rolled up in a chapatti and absolutely delicious. We backed that up with a bit of fruit. Before we knew it we were off in another open sided truck with a trailor loaded up with inflatable rafts. After about 40 minutes we finally arrived at the side of the River Nile a long way away from our last trip to the Nile some four months ago in Egypt.

After a quick introduction Erica had started to pale down to bright white. She was terrified. We broke up into two groups I went to the ‘extreme’ boat and Erica the 'Girly boat'. We actually had too many people in the extreme queue so feeling like I had deserted Erica I volunteered to drop out and be the honourary girl of the girly group. Perhaps they also needed a bit of extra weight. We went through about 4 grade 5 rapids and five grade 4’s. Erica’s terror increased with some of the names of the falls such as "the bad place" and the “dead Dutchman” wonder why they called those that. One of the rapids is a grade 8 and is almost guaranteed to kill you, we opted to miss that one out.

The day was great, some of the highglights were Renee and I trying to squeeze into the smallest compartment of the boat right up at the front were I struggled to obey the “get down” command. Our guide actually managed to flip the boat unintentionally for the first time in Uganda after a “get down” we got a “Get up and paddle command” which mid rapid only a few of us did, this led to us flipping in a bad spot and I didn’t just get sucked under but dragged downstream for ages and ages, people couldn’t believe how far I had gone when the safety boat caught up with me, rumour was I was made out of cork.

The safety boat was screaming something in the distance which it turned out was ‘rocks’ so I nearly ended up with a few breaks. I shouldn’t joke, Prescilla did actually break her toes from the extreme boat and has ended up on crutches as well as losing her dreadlocks due to the amount of water in hair supposed to be kept dry. Anyway by the time I finally got pulled out I was physically exhausted and so worried about Erica, thankfully she kept hold of the boat so managed the whole incident very well. It is good fun being at the front of the raft leading the paddling the walls of water which your face hit are just incredible and it is really quite scary as you hit them.

On the first couple my girly scream was one of the other sources of amusement for the women. By the time we got to the last Erica was on the point of chickening out to the safety boat but she held her nerve and stood up to the plate. The final ‘fall’ we had clear instructions that we would flip and we are not to try and hold onto the boat due to the power of the rapid. In truth it didn’t feel anywhere near as bad as my previous experience and within seconds I found that Erica was ok so I soon got a grip of her.

Rafting over we retired for a bit of a buffet lunch and beers before an hour and a half drive back through torrential rain and thunderstorms with a leaky roof. By the time we got back at sevenish we were absolutely knackered however the Brits had started to climb the medals tables meaning the Aussies started to take the mick a bit less. When we got back to camp we found my washing still over the hedges but soaking wet through again. This is now three days of almost all my clothes being wet.

The video was played in the bar at 9ish which was very entertatining and some of the pictures should be attached to this blog in the next few days. The bar went on again until about 1am with a thumping baseline and so Much noise from some absolute bell’s from England kept me awake until gone two. They had been on the sunset cruise which is now called the ‘booze cruise’ it is unlimited booze for two hours. They were so drunk they had jumped off the boat and were left just in their underpants in the bar. They threw up all over the place, inside their tents, around my clothes in the bushes. I was getting rather angry however cheer was brought to my face when in the distance I heard chants of Ariel, Ariel, Ariel in the bar, I could only imagine what the team had put Arial up to this time.

At least our group are a lot more mature and we wont go to that level of excess in a two hour sunset cruise. Hmmm?

Erica edit;  I have to say that I started the day and spent most of it absolutely terrified. I'm not the greatest in water so the idea of White Water Rafting Grade 5 rapids as my first introduction to rafting was a little daunting to say the least. Still I was adamant that I was staying in and the 'Girly boat' as Andrew calls it wasn't girly at all and we did exactly the same rapids as the 'extreme' boat. It was a fantastic experience though and as we came to the last rapid, already having been tipped from the boat once - my sense of dread rose as Brian our guide said that the wall of water was much higher and the force that you would be hit by would be immense.

Add to this the fact that seconds after the first wave there was another one on you so you had to breathe just at the right moment so you actually had enough breath and I was really scared. Given the option of jumping off on to the safety boat I figured that I was here once and that I almost certainly wouldn't be rafting again so decided to go for it. I actually made it too!

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