Feeling shitty in Mexico City

Trip Start Feb 26, 2010
Trip End Feb 26, 2011

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Flag of Mexico  , Central Mexico and Gulf Coast,
Thursday, February 24, 2011

We woke up feeling ill, Erica still more so than me but I┤m on my way to full air con sickness. We went to find the free coffee bar at 6am even though we only needed to leave at 8am. We paid our bill and surprise, surprise there were problems, they claimed that our room rate was impossibly low, yes it was 75% off (i.e. 25% of the original price) according to hotels.com but those you sometimes take with a pinch of salt, none the less it delayed us and the guy just couldnt work it out, in the end they didnt even charge us for the room as we had already paid for it directly in the deposit (yes it was that low). Well it had been 4 of our most expensive days of the trip still but we had certainly enjoyed it and savoured it as much as we could, except for the contracting of the bubonic plague and tipping culture in such exclusive places.

We jumped a collectivo to the airport and got on our Aeromexico flight to Mexico City. This for us really does represent the end of the trip as our round the world ticket finishes with a flight to London then the shuttle back up to Manchester. Oh well we still have a night in Mexico City, which will probably involve looking for a worm that lives in the bottom of tequila bottles, I┤m sure if we drink enough bottles we will find one.  We spent the flight listening to travel podcasts on the ipod (the only piece of electronic equipment that we have that is still working correctly) and arrived in Mexico City the largest city in the Americas at about noon.  As instructed by our hostel we ordered a taxi from the taxi stand in the airport and aswe had already been warned about the rip off scam we were ready for him when he tried to charge us double fare - the hostel had kindly told us that we should pay 127 Peso and no more - when we told the guy that thats what the price should be he quickly rectified it and gave us the ticket which we then paid.  Arsehole. (Andrew Edit - why do hotels never tell you these things but hostels always do?)

Our first impressions of Mexico City is that the place is a vast metropolis, obviously being the third largest metropolis in the world after Tokyo and Soeul (source wikipedia) it always was going to be and we got a taste of the scale of things as we descended on the plane.  We even got an aerial view of the surrounding volcanoes (whos peaks rose above the cloud line) and Torre Mayor, the second tallest building in Latin America. Wow.  We got to the hostel in about half an hour and left our bags in the last room of the trip which isnt our own .- it was an odd feeling I can tell you.  The room was lovely and we even had a balcony looking out on to the street below.  We are just off  the Plaza de la Constitucion (Zˇcalo), the main central square which is home to the Spanish-era Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace so we are really centrally located.  Not too much walking then.

We decided to head over to the Museum of Anthropology as it is apparently one of the best in the world.  Andrew was feeling a bit museumed out but I reminded him that it was nearly the end and we will definitely be wishing we were anywhere but home in next to no time so lets make the most of the time we have left - he tried to argue that this could also be accomplished in a bar but I put my foot down - after Cuba we are without doubt drying out.  So we got the tube which is where I started to become very conscious that everyone was staring at us and it was really uncomfortable.  Andrew decided it was what we were wearing or rather I was wearing as I hadnt got changed from coming from Cancun this morning but it was so hot I just hadnt thought as I looked around everybody was wearing jeans (I had shorts on) and I suppose we did stand out even more than a couple of gringos usually would, I decided that as soon as we were back near the hostel the jeans would go back on and stay on. (Andrew Edit - the low cut top and clevage was perhaps the reason for the whistles, blown kisses and "hey sexy lady") unfortunately despite only wearing a G string I got no such attention, oh well nothing ever changes).

Anyway the museum was amazing and really comprehensive.  We had really come to see the many artifacts that had been taken from Chitchen Itza and we werent disappointed with room after room of artifacts from all over Mexico.  We spent about and hour and a half looking around before hunger got the better of us and we got back on the metro towards the hostel.  As we climbed the steps emerging from the tube there was a riot of activity in the square and all the streets had been closedoff and there was a massive amount of military presence marching around.  There was also a band playing in the middle of the square and quite a crowd gathered around.  I got back in to my jeans and we found a cheap restaurant around the corner where Andrew for some reason ordered a beer with salt and lemon (not tequila no, beer) it was a bit odd as the rim of the glass was dipped in the salt but he managed to get it down anyway (Andrew Edit - As usual I like o research Alcaholic Drinks, Dangers and Annoyances then Food in that order - the drink is called a Michelada and is famous, so I thought I would give it a try, however it wasnt my bag at all, back to the drawing board).  I had tacos which were great and Andrew had an extremely spicy chicken and beef thing with what has become his favorite accompaniment - refried beans and lots of chili┤s.  I think they are worse for causing wind than normal beans.

With no tequila bars in sight, our last bought of altitude sickness (something we were not expecting but with I guess about 2 weeks at sea level we have an excuse) and no energy to go out and find them we headed back to the hostel where I realised that there had been, to coin a phrase from Will, "a little confusion".  I realised (now choose to believe me if you like but this was an honest mistake) that instead of giving Andrew his malaria tablet and his blood pressure tablet I had mistakenly been giving him a diacalm one instead (they had fallen out of the foil in the bottom of the bag and looked the same I only realised when I noticed that a few of the Diacalm were missing) - he couldnt remember having a poo since Cuba 5 days ago and couldnt understand it as he had been eating jalapenos and habaneros like they were going out of fashion.  No wonder he had been complaining of being bloated and bunged up to the neck, the guy was carrying around a whole buffet inside him.  I nearly wet myself laughing it was hilarious.  I think we went to bed at about 8pm, very lame for the second to last night of the trip but we were both feeling shite for one reason or another (I couldnt help but feel guilty for Andrews predicament) we also wanted to do a free walking tour with the hostel tomorrow which called for a relatively early start so we hit the hay.  I was awake and wandering the hostel at midnight unable to sleep and feeling crap - the memories of sleepless nights in Shanghai came flooding back.  (Andrew Edit - I have been complaining for days about not having been able to plop, it must have been mybe 6 days since I last poo┤d now that for me is extremely rare, the cuisine made it even more unusual with lots of fibre from refried beans and some meals have been so spicy I should have been on the loo 3 times a day we have been mistified. Initially I was furious however after 2 minutes I couldnt help but join Lady E rolling around the floor at the hillarity of that for a prank, my blood pressure is probably just about to explode after drinking salty bear and eating so many chilis but I didn┤t even notice. It also gives me a hell of a lot of leeway for prankpulling when I get home, I have been feeling so bunged up it was untrue, I think I have been fed a daily dose for at least 5 days just unbelievable and it is a stunt Grandma Blacksheep would have been thrilled with. Well Done Erica I salute you).

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