Camping it up with a quad on Easter Island

Trip Start Feb 26, 2010
Trip End Feb 26, 2011

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

We woke up at about 9am we must have had well over 12 hours sleep and the world felt like a much better place, the sights and sounds of the ocean and the waves crashing against the rocks was a lovely way to rise. We had decided that today was the day to attack the all round the island drive picking up the rest of the historical sights we had missed. By 09:30 we were back on the quad (what a great method of transportation and Mum had asked that I dont drive a motorbike anymore after our crash in Bali).

We started off by chasing the tour groups from site to site, we were stalking some very very posh English people hoping they would have an English speaking guide but didnt seem to find the guide anywhere. There were lots of jokes from Americans and the English "Oh I thought that was our replacement vehicle oink oink", with no guide they were useless to us so we soon zoomed in front of them. The early sights were pretty good but started to become sameish very quickly.

We did have a major downpour of rain though which was a right pain in the crack, I perhaps stupidly, decided to speed up through the rain to get through it but it made it harder and harder and in the end we were completely soaked and screaming with pain as the rain hit us at maybe 50mph. Oh well it isnt luxury transport but its good craic, gets us from A to B and gets us into situations where we follow dirt tracks and end up getting shouted at for tresspassing.

When we arrived at the quarry where the Moai were produced Rano Raraku, we were really blown away just on the approach, using our over priced tickets from yesterday we got entry and again were a very dirty colour, plus I used the same yellow t-shirt from yesterday to prevent getting another dirty. There were loads of statues here with different facial features, different forms and some that hadn't been completed but were still in the rock face. Absolutely awesome and apparantly this is the centre of spiritual culture for the whole of Polynesia.

The next stop was just as awesome Ahu Tongariki is the largest collection of Moai in one display, there are 15 of them lined up, its difficult to get them all in one picture so you can imagine the awesome sight. They had been toppled twice, once in a gesture of deffiance during the war and once by a Tsunami after an earthquake. Anyway they are incredible and we didn't want to get back on the bike and leave, I think we may nip back before we leave for a final look.

After stopping at the other sites, caves, paintings and the largest Moai we came across Anakena Beach which was abcolutely stunning, not at all what you expect on a volcanic island where almost 100% of the coast is dark volcanic rock. It had pure white sand and turqoise waters. It was really hot so when I enquired if Erica was coming swimming she just muttered a 'nonsense no swimming costumes either of us... blah blah blah" before she had finished I was naked but for a pair of thunderpants and running into the sea much to the amusement of the other beach goers, Daniel Craig eat your heart out.

Erica on the other hand, being Erica, decided she would move all my clothes closer to the water for no particular reason, and Erica being Erica then accidentally managed to throw the money belt into the sea with all our money and cash cards soaking wet. I still have no idea what she was trying to do but this could have ended the entire trip as there would be no way of getting another cashcard though to us at this late stage.  Erica edit:  Bit of an exaggeration Andrew it graved the water, and I scooped it up quickly with the aid of my speed of light reflexes.  No harm to any cash or cards.

Oh yes also forgot to mention to keep the day slightly insane we both agreed to sing "wild horses" at the top of our lungs everytime we saw wild horses, whilst on the road speeding along there was only us that could here but we certainly got some funny looks when they were near the archilogical sights, there are loads of horses here and sometimes they create road blocks by standing in the road and refusing to move.

After removing the undercrackers at the edge of the beach just to get some nudity going on we had certainly made our impression on the beach. It was then time to split back to camp where we ended up having the same chorizo and red wine pasta as last night, we also drank a mammoth amount of red wine, Easter Island has a reputation for being scandalously expensive, at 2 for a litre and a half of red wine (that is a real brick) it is cheaper than bottled water, so why in the hell would we drink bottled water. Erica wrote the blog for our day in Lima which in Erica style took over 6 hours, yes that is six hours for about one thousand words. My blogs may be rubbish and littered with spelling mistakes but they are done and dusted in 20 minutes.  there was also an amazing sunset tonight - and I mean amazing, we sat on the edge of the rocks outside our camp site and watched a huge ball of gold disappear over the horizon - magic!

I woke up to find Erica shouting my name around the campsite as she didnt know which tent we were in, we have only been here 2 days now. It has however been another great day on Easter Island, the people are so friendly and nice it just feels great to be here. All the history is done now though so we just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the next couple of days.
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