Happy Birthday Erica

Trip Start Feb 26, 2010
Trip End Feb 26, 2011

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Flag of Philippines  , Visayas,
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I woke up at 10am in a bamboo hut in the middle of the jungle in the Philippines on my 31st birthday, I would guess my most surreal birthday ever. I know I woke up last year in a tent on a beach in the Inner Hebrides next to a dog but I think that this beats it.  Amazingly despite the amount of beer we had drank yesterday I appeared to be hangoverless which was a great start (there must be something in that Na beer).  I figured the best way to start the day would be receive Andrews present... 'The Gift of Music' so we grabbed the I-Pod and the headphones and put on Jason Mraz (the man is a legend of gargantuan proportion) and busted some retro dance moves whilst lying in bed.  It was time for the birthday breakfast.

Sarah and Chris were already up so we joined them and tucked in to a breakfast of banana fritters with honey, surprisingly Andrew had the Hot and Sour soup. They also serve tea here so my life is complete.  After breakfast we all decided that the birthday outing would be to the 'Chocolate Hills' Bohol's most famous tourist 'attraction'.  These hills are said to resemble chocolate drops, especially in May/June when the green scrub has died back making them brown.  There are said to be 1268 of these 40 metre mounds and geologists have still to prove how they have come to be and so local legend still remains that they are the tears of a giant brought on by the death of his mortal lover.

We took the bus from the end of the track and spent 30 minutes admiring the beautiful scenery enroute to the hills, the bus was packed so Chris and Andrew were sat further down the bus, Chris being chatted up by a local lady who seemed fascinated by his homeland.  Eventually we arrived at the hills and were dropped off at the bottom of a fairly steep road up to the best vantage point.  A man tried to sign us up for a tour for 1500 Piso taking us to some other P.O.I's too on the pretence that it looked like torrential rain was due, we politely declined and started up the road.

Half way up we came to a couple of little watering holes so decided to go in and get a soft drink to cool off a bit as it had also started to spit rain.  Towards the back of the room (the whole place was little larger than a shed) there was a huge retro cabinet with a t.v in it (turned off).  We ordered a litre bottle of coke to share and took a closer look at the t.v to only realise that it was a karaoke machine!  We quickly asked for the song books and started to choose songs.  I sang Carly Simon's 'You're so vain' to kick things off, Andrew sang Elvis's 'The wonder of you', Sarah gave me 'The Gift of Chris De Burgh' singing 'Lady in Red' and Chris sang a song about the rain which escapes me but was apt.  We had drawn quite a crowd towards the end as people on the road all came to see where all the horrendous din was coming from. In particular the fact the hut was wobbling under Andrews weight jumping up and down to Carly Simon probably did little to keep our profile low. Nothing like a good sober karaoke to kick off the day.

We carried on up the road and eventually came to the top and yet another set of steep stairs (is someone really taking the p**s up there) up to the viewing platform.  At the top you could see for miles and the hills just looked like 'Tellytubby Land' to me especially the ones that were still green.  The bus back to the hostel was again packed so we were all sat apart where we could squeeze ourselves on to a seat.  I ended up next to a man with a chicken in a bag, alive and no doubt on its way to certain death.  I know FirstBus allow guide dogs on board but I guess they would draw the line at poultry.

It was getting dark when we got back to the hostel so we had a few beers to celebrate and had dinner looking out over the jungle. Over the course of the evening we discussed in detail if the Filippino 'woman' who was ‘escorting’ one of the male guests ( he was maybe 55 years old with studs all down the side of his skin tight jeans) was indeed a She or a ‘HeShe’. In the end Andrew and Sarah had agreed she was a he (no Adams apple but some significant size shoulders, (Andrew Edit – Lats), and extra large hands were the primary evidence).  

Andrew had bought me 'The Gift of Liquor' (Tanduay Rhum) at one of the shack stalls at the top of the road for about 40p but we were too knackered to drink it.  Plus Chris and Sarah told us that they started to have heart palpatations after a bottle so with Andrew's blood pressure we thought better of it (Andrew edit – We often see the shacks with funnels transferring the Rhum from bottle to bottle but I got a bottle with a sealed cap so no meths or petrol in it)..  I'd promised to ring my mum and dad so they could wish me happy birthday so with the absence of internet to Skype from Sarah and Chris kindly gave me my final gift of the day 'The Gift of Home' and lent me their mobile so I could make the call.  All dad wanted to know was if we were in Manila and he quickly went off to consult his atlas when I told him we were in Bohol.  It was lovely to hear Mums voice for all of a few seconds.  We went to bed and watched another episode of Entourage.  It had been an amazing, crazy and random couple of days but that’s just how I like it.
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nice.. i am planning to travel bohol this wekend:) thanks for the info..

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