I shit you not another sea snake

Trip Start Feb 26, 2010
Trip End Feb 26, 2011

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Flag of Philippines  , Visayas,
Friday, May 21, 2010

I woke after sunrise today so that was positive, the cocks were relatively quiet this morning. Crammed in next to the window and without a watch I had no idea of the time but assumed it was about 08:30 so I woke Erica. She was in a little bit of a bad mood as she had been up late writing the days blog and playing computer games on the new laptop. She finally passed me the laptop to find out what time it was. After loading up I found out it was 06:30. The family in our new guest house BB's had already been up for about 35 minutes. I let Erica know the bad news and she was furious, we eventually got her out of bed when the room had got unbearably hot this was about 08:30 am. We walked into the main town on the island found the place where ferries leave from the local church, which bizarrely had a basketball court in it. Well in Europe to quote the Streets the two biggest narcotics in European society are Christianity and Alcohol, in the Philippines its Catholisism and basketball.

Lots of houses that could barely fit 3 or four people blasting the tunes from large speakers. We got chased by all the local children and were greeted by many of the friendly locals. Above the sound of the speakers though the cockerals started so many of them tied by one leg to front gates, stands, pegs in the ground etc. We bought some suncream from a very overpriced shop (no Filipino's presumably want factor 35 so I can imagine this product line is always an overpriced winner).

We then wandered down to the beach before the afternoon heat came. We were approched by the girls we were in the sea with on the first day who wandered over to try and sell Erica some shells. They had a real hard hitting story about one of their Dad’s on the first day who was basically on his death bed and she was selling shells to try and go to college. When they approached they shouted "Erica, Erica". They kept glancing at me until one of them said “Is that Andrew?” you had to then see the look of shock on six girls faces who just hadn’t recognised me at all it was a classic picture, quickly followed by “Wow Andrew you are so handsome why didn’t you look like that before”. Essentially lets face facts Jan was right the beard had to go, oh yes and I’ve still got it..... (Well for a fat 32 year old if you're about 12 anyway).

After a few hours playing in the sea and reading whilst looking around paradise we were approached by Felix the local boat hack. We had positioned ourselves right on his patch as we had met him on the first day and thought he may do a cut price snorkeling tour for us. We had a bit of a haggling match and brought him down from 1200 Piso to 800 and decided to go for it. It was essentially a 3 hour trip around the island taking in four of the best snorkeling stops.

Without a watch we agreed a time, played in the sea a bit more, then decided to go for lunch and pick up the camera. We ordered lunch I had Chicken adobo again and E a pancake. I nipped back picked up the stuff glanced at the watch and realised we had about five minutes until the boat trip (although my watch is still wrong and even more buttons have fallen off now rendering the watch pretty much useless).  We wolfed down lunch then ran to meet Felix. The boat was waiting for us and off we went.  As you would expect the views of paradise were amazing and the colour of the sea simply stunning.  Our first snorkle stop was a coral area famous for blue coral and lots of great tropical fish. The second stop was an area where we could find both soft and hard coral and I found something that I though was a piece of live coral however it was a huge shoal of tiny fish bundled so tightly you couldn’t actually see a single fish. Anyway three local girls jumped off the rocks and came to swim with us.  We then climbed back on board then went to a shipwreck of a Japanese world war ship. It was amazing to think of the history and how boats could be sunk in about 3 metres of water, very impressive. We then headed for our final destination a couple of rocks quite far out at sea. We swam around the rocks looking at fantastic angel fish and amazing coloured nemo’s etc. We then headed over to a cave, which dismayed Erica so much she had to turn back at the last minute.  As she did I saw Ericas worst fear, a bloody sea snake. Not huge but about the length of your arm, before she could see it I scooped her up and whisked her away and we were both swimming like mad for the boat. The two guys on board looked scared to death as we both flew through the water with Erica screaming "What was it?  What?".  It took us back to the happy day in Thailand on a previous trip where Erica saw a seasnake after being told “dont worry about Sharks, worry about sea snakes they are everywhere and can be deadly if they bite. They are also very aggressive”. She simply grabbed me and pushed me straight into the snake screaming through her snorkle. Upon arriving back to the beach she ran over to James with the unforgetable opening line “James, I shit you not I have just seen a seasnake”. Anyway a beautiful way to spend the afternoon, however its time to publish again so we cant tell you about the bottle of Rhum we are having tonight.

We think we may be leaving Malapascau tomorrow which for me at least will be soul destroying, this is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, but unless you are a diver (which we are not due to the people on the next table at dinner when we were about to splash out and book confirming they had seen so many sharks and sea snakes and some had been very aggressive) there isn’t a great deal to see or do other than sunbathe, swim, read, eat and drink.

Anyway I’m going to have to do the 15 minute walk to the Irish bar to publish this section as we don’t know when we will next have t’internet.
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M&D on

looks fab and love the shaved look

lalita and peter on

well your looking very well erica cant quite get used to andrew(grizzly adams)
If thats his new hair cut then its adams without the grizzly,much better. anyway happy birthday erica enjoy it where ever you arexxx

Moomin and Meine Vater on

Looks like Andrew is traveling light (around the head area). Missing you both, love Mum and Dad.

Gregg and Graeme on

Where is Andrew and what have you done with him?!?!?!? More like 20 years younger!!!! Bet your head feels a stone lighter Mr S!!!

Gregg and Graeme on

Happy Birthday Badu!!!
Hope you are sunning yourself on the beach for your birthday.
Love G & G

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