The Stevo shopping experience

Trip Start Feb 26, 2010
Trip End Feb 26, 2011

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Where I stayed
Palolem Guest House

Flag of India  , Goa,
Friday, April 9, 2010

We woke to another scorching morning in the heat wave. The news said Delhi had got to 110 degrees Farenheit yesterday but I'm sure it doesn't feel that warm because the pollution stops the sun from reaching you, down here just seems so much hotter. (Apparently we had to come here during an especially hot 'heat wave'.  We had a bit of breakfast then retired to the luxury of our guest house to hide from the sun, sleep and watch some junk on the Indian movie channel, Blonde Ambition and a remake of Cinderella with a modern twist. Erica loved every minute (anyone who knows the kind of films I like can make their own decision if I enjoyed it). Erica Edit :  Take that as a yes then.   Anyway something we havent done for months.

We then headed down to the beach for the afternoon sun. We again jaunted into an Internet Cafe to try and get a train to Kochi and again failed instead being told to come the next day at 9am to get on an even more expensive quota. It looks like our 3 / 4 day trip on the rice barge in Kerela is starting to look doubtful which is even more annoying as it is our birthday presents from my Mum and Dad.  Erica obviously raised the option of stealing photo's from someone elses website, turning the blog into a big lie to cover the fact she wants to spend the whole lot on an excessive Kingfisher and honey brandy bashing session and stay in Goa. If only the world knew how her evil mind works!!!  Erica Edit:  All learned from you Stevo.

I also decided to get my washing done today so ended up with no towel, no t-shirt and only a pair of shorts ripped all up the crotch. So it was time to do some shopping. Erica stood again in amazement at my shopping tactics. So far she has bought a pair of leather shoes and a pair of flip flops (second hand) and we have dedicated hours of time to shopping. I walked into the first clothes shop and said, "Do you have a t-shirt to fit a man of my fine size". "Yes sir I have many" said the response. "How much is the cheapest and can I see it?", "250 Rupees sir", I'll give you 100 thats my final offer", "230", shove 140 in his hand and say "done". All done in less than 30 seconds. Oh but I did stand on his wife who was asleep on the floor. I thought her sari was a pile of material. I now have stood on a 3 legged dog and an old women in only a few days. Anyway I've got a blue t-shirt (there is no chance I'm wearing red any more) which say drunken monkey on it. What a load of rubbish I still feel ripped off at 2 quid for a t-shirt I can get that in Matalan and this guy makes his own on a sowing machine in the shop. (It raises doubts weather the Gucci, and Hugo Boss things he sells for 5 quid are real after all).

After an afternoon of sun and Kingfishers Erica is complaining about sand and heat and salt water and alleged jellyfish / octopus??? (She is defo losing the plot now) "Well something wrapped itself around my legs although it may have been a mesh bag". In the same swimming session my Casio (give me the cheapest watch you sell please mr ebay) appears to have not liked the surf and although almost working, kind of isnt working. So we no longer have the time any more.

Now, after the cow charging of the previous day we were due an incident free day. So I decided to take the security pouch containing passports, money, cards and keys for the padlocks on the bags etc and put it in my rucksack before we went out and lock the padlock to make sure it was safe. In other words the only key to unlock the padlock was locked inside my bag. After an hour trying to strategise a way to break the padlock using the many still unfathorable bits on my Austrian Army Knife (i.e. not quite swiss army knife more a budget alternative), I tried sawing off the padlock, snapped the scissors trying to pick the lock, tried corkscrewing the centre of the lock out etc. Which all failed. I therefore opted to slit my bag open with a knife only then cutting through several side pouches before managing to eventually get the keys and realised my new t shirt was now dripping with sweat. We had also had a few longish power cuts today.

Also of note was the fact I finally got Lady E to do her 1st spanish lesson, I think we both really enjoyed it so hopefully half an hour or one hour a day and we may be able to speak the lingo when we get to South America.

As we walked down the dark back streets and found some steps to the beach, Erica in her wisdom decided to throw herself at the steps bounced off two or three concrete steps before landing in the sand. I really thought she had badly injured herself but thankfully she was fine. In amazement and in her laughter all she had to say is why aren't you laughing you look worried.

We then headed out to dance the night away to find the beach far quiter than last night, so we settled for a tandoori chicken and Lady E found herself a veg pad thai. I'm simply loving the tandoori out here. Two more Kingfishers.

Lady E edit - the 'budget' obsession is now reaching new lows, Andrew initially wanted me to move out of the guest house which is 9 pound a night as he had found a dreadful hut for 5 a night, today he asked a barman if he could look after our bags and we could try to drink through till 5 or 6am (two bars are 24 hour) and would grab an hour or two sleeping on the wooden base of the sun loungers until the sun came up and the covers came out. Any donations (Mum) to the 5 star accommodation fund will be greatly appreciated. 

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StevieZ on

Got the link to your blog. More than welcome to stay in HK when you get here. Just let me know your plans( a little) in advance. Looks like you've had a great time so fa, kleep up the hard work!!1!

M&D on

shame you won't make Kerala but it might save us some money.
Enjoy what you have.

Dil on

This all sounds awesome and is really making me want a holiday soon. We've had a mad few days and are now the very, very proud parents to Little Miss Smith (no name decided yet). She was born on Sunday evening and was 6lb 10oz. Everyone is doing really well and i'm already a dab hand at changing plop (i tried typing t.u.r.d. but it wouldn't allow me as it is a profane word ha ha) filled nappies and making up milky bottles.

Hope your ass is ok after the bull rush incident - nowt a couple of Kingfishers wouldn't fix - and good luck with getting to Kerela, i've heard from friends that it's a top place to visit.

Keep up the blogging, i'm still loving it and pleased to see you're in one piece - somehow!

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