Sensation and Missile reunite :)

Trip Start May 19, 2010
Trip End Jul 27, 2010

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Christine's Home

Flag of Chile  ,
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9th June - It was around 7.40 am when I finally got off the third plane after 22 hours of just flying from one end of the world to the other. The descent was beautiful already because I was able to the sunrise behind the Andes from the plane! Then at customs I made an encounter with my first (after Chris' family) chilean. He was working at customs and commented on my marital status. "Single? Oh sad - Here this is my number." It was only the date and a stamp but I felt super welcome especially after I asked him when the best time to call him would be the other guy turned around also and started laughing Haha!

I got my bag and even though it is much lighter than usually I struggled picking it up so someone helped me again. What a great first impression I thought. On the way to the baggage check I looked up and there was a large glass wall with Christine, her dad and her brother standing and waving!! I made it! But hold on - not yet. At the baggage check they thought that my gummibears looked like meat on the screen so I almost got a heart attack because he asked me to open my luggage and show me the meat. I was like Noooo! It is not meat I promise! (that's what I thought but I actually told him it would be a bad idea to open the bag because he'd probably have to help me close it again..) In the end gummi bears were not meat so I was able to leave the area and get three hugs from my favourite Chilean family!

Sensation and Missile reunited!! :)

We drove home to her place and my first impression was: Cute - and small! Chileans are a little smaller than other nations and that is why everything else seems to be smaller here too. The door, the ceiling, the shower and even the toilet! Even though I had no idea how to picture what it would be like it now is absolutely how I would have imagined it thinking about how Chris is. Colourful, lots of stuff from different countries, homey and a little crazy :) 
We had breakfast with bread, which her and her brother made freshly. They also made delicious guacamole to put on the bread which I have had every time since. Then we went to get my picture taken so I could get a pass to play field hockey at her club! I am now a visiting member of the Manquehue Club! We got that at a shopping mall close to her house and went to the club right after. Now this is one amazing place to play field hockey! It is a Chilean-German club and has everything you can imagine! It has a "Bierstube" (even called that), a swimming pool, turfs, a gym, a bowling alley, bridge (fuer dich Bruderherz ;)) and much more! Incredible seriously!

After that we went to visit Christine's and her brother Andreas' high school. It is fenced off intensely and there is no way that you could skip classes and get away with it because they could not escape. They would find you! High school kids are so little! I can't believe high school is four years ago already! 
Afterwards we went home because all of us were tired. Me because of the flight and them because they took their mum to the hospital in the middle of the night (she is fine now). So we had lunch and a siesta :) until we picked up Connie (future AU eagle) and another friend to go to their conditioning practice. While they ran I watched a rugby game and all of them are also so small! It was freezing, as it is winter here but exciting because I tried to understand what they were saying but it is far too fast! They speak spanish like NZ people speak English. Fast, with an accent and without pronouncing the "s". My High school Spanish is no help at all. None. 
Great first day.

10th June - There are mountains!! I must have been in a half coma yesterday because I did not see any of them anywhere! It is beautiful. You can see the top of the mountains covered in white when you look down the streets. I took photos but they will probably not be able to justify what it looks like in reality. Though so far it has been quite foggy which makes it difficult to see everything clearly.

As Chris needed to go to physiotherapy, her brother took me to the university about half an hour away from their place. Where was it? Oh yea in the mountains! And with horses and cows on the hills :) We drove through a poorer area because he explained that the university required larger grounds and therefore chose an area where the land was cheaper. What is great on the other hand is that because it is in such an area they are committed to helping and supporting those people. Half the university is outside, the corridors are literally on the outside of the buildings. Being used to the cold it was alright but Chileans must be freezing! Just before we left I saw a girl back up into a parked car, which then got pushed into another one parked on the other side. Wow. A rule here is applicable to those drivers. I am sorry for the stereotype but by observing it it is so true! 

- Women drive so poorly here that they get large cars to be safer - 
Therefore, if you see a woman drive a small car you are fine because they know how to drive, but if you see a woman in a big car watch out!

Back home - lunch. pumpkin soup! My favourite :)

Then we went to see Robin Hood at the movies, with spanish subtitles. I caught myself sometimes looking at them because the English was hard to understand also.

hsbghsdghsdg We speak German because I can't speak Spanish well enough, then we watch English movies and everyone else speaks Spanish around us. Weird!

After a coffee at a chilean coffee shop we went to field hockey practice! Trying to understand was impossible so I had my personal translator with me who helped a lot :) Eventually I also got used to the stick I was using and did not only hit it past the goal on the near post (which never happens because I always hit it wide past the far post meeehhh). 

Empanadas and Heineken in the Bierstube made up the end of the day :)
Hasta manana!

11th June - Lesson of today: Learn Spanish or Chilean. Not that this is not the lesson of every day but when a group of spanish people is hanging out and I am in the middle of it it would be very nice to understand more of a story than "McDonalds," "Hamburgers," and "malo". Not that this is not enough because I am pretty sure you just understood the basics of this person's story - going to McDonalds, eating too many hamburgers and then being very very sick. Still. Christine's field hockey team came over after corner practice and stayed until around 2am. They were very nice and spoke lots of english plus tried to speak slow spanish so I was able to get the gist of a couple of things. The smaller the number of people was the easier it was to follow a conversation so at the end of the night we were only around eight and discussed whether it would be best to continue speaking in English, Spanish or German because they were pretty much fluent in all of them haha

Earlier that day we went to a market called Pueblito de los Dominicos where there were a lot of small stores with jewelry, pottery, clothes, impossible mind games which you need to be patient for (horrible!) aaand food of course :). I had mote con huesillo, which is a apricot drink with wheat at the bottom and is a traditional Chilean drink. It is very sweet if you just drink the juice but with the wheat it tastes very good (interesting). At that place they also made empanadas in a clay stove, which smelled incredible! But instead of trying one I tried to figure out one of those patience games and failed miserably. Oh well. Hopping on I followed a couple whose nationality we could not figure out. So I walked very unsuspiciously behind them but after they would not say a single word to one another for a long time I got bored and gave up. I am not going to make assumptions but geez!! talk people! 

Overall today was so nice and warm that it felt like spring on the other side of the world, with a couple of white covered mountains giving away that the season was leaning more towards winter than summer..

12th June - I am so sleepy all the time!! I think it I have not gotten a rest in four years so now my body thinks YES time to lay down and pass out at 6pm!! Not that this is unusual for me but not when I wake up at 10am! 10am!! This seems to be a new record for me. 

We watched a little soccer again and I decided to go on a walk through the neighborhoods. I used my confidence from last night to say Hola to a man cleaning the street and to say muy bien y tu? when he asked how I was. He replied bien and I felt I had accomplished something huge that day already. 

The mountains seem to get prettier every day. I walked up to an area where all the houses were hidden behind big walls and fences and until the street did not allow pedestrians to go further. On my way back I was accompanied by a few honking cars, which was telling me that once I am all by myself I should make use of my hat to look non-foreign. 

For lunch Christine's family came by and we had a BBQ. No burgers, or buns, just salad and a huge piece of meat put on the grill without having been cut up. If you  have not been able to tell so far I am obsessed with food and this was an experience by itself. I was easily convinced that Oh come on have another piece - it is the only time you will get such good chilean meat again. mmmmm :) Before that BBQ, meals in general and during it (at 2pm) you drink Pisco. I had one with mango but there are also ones with coke and pisco sour. You have them in a shot glass and sip on them as they taste very good. Therefore after two of those before lunch I had a great time already. But this is a national drink and people drink it all the time so they are much more used to it than I am. The family is lovely and everyone always tried to make me understand and include me in jokes as my smiling face cant fake anyone out anymore showing that I do understand even though I don't ;)

At night we watched the men's fh final and there must have been the most yellow cards I have ever seen in a field hockey game. Rough. very rough. Eight yellow cards in a field hockey game is quite a bunch especially when you have no more room for the other one to sit on that bench for the carded people. Woops!

As chileans only go to sleep really late at night 8pm was early so we went bowling with the family! :) A chilean bowling alley does not look much different than any other one but what was different was that my name is Ana as it is easier to understand :) Afterwards we went into the city to experience a little bit of the night life here. We had a drink in a cute square where they played music and lots of people were. As I mentioned before I could pass out at 6pm so I was a silly bum that could have been much more entertaining but instead I enjoyed it a lot but fell asleep on the way there and the way back ;)

13th June - Today was the first day I woke up at my "usual" time and had a feeling that I needed to get up that moment. That feeling was actually not that bad because Chris had already gotten up and I needed to get ready because we were going to go to the city! After breakfast Christine's dad, her and I drove through Sanhattan (The financial district - see Manhattan ;) to park close to Santa Lucia. It is a hill on which a little castle (Festung in German - as I can't remember the true English word) with canons and a beautiful view is. In addition to being able to see the mountains and lots of the city we made a new friend too. One of the many dogs that run around the city a white one followed us around, up and down the hill. I wish I could have taken him with us but then he left to go to other tourists and at that point I was like pssshhh traitor!! and felt better leaving him behind. 

Pacing through the rest of the city, because of the super fast stride of Chris' dad (not unusual as I'm such a slow walker that that speed was my jogging pace) we saw the National Library, the Cathedral, the governmental building, the main square, other small churches, and incredible markets! It is fascinating that in the churches in Europe and in the US the figures and pictures are all so pretty and a little unrealistic but here people really get to the point. Mind you Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross - so there should actually be lots of blood. Therefore it was surprising for me to realize that I had actually never seen him be portrayed that realistically! Feeling a little mellow after that church visit we went in one of the side streets and as it was around 10am the sun hit the buildings in a great light (refer to the photo). A chilean guy opened the window at that moment too and greeted us nicely ;)

The markets were the best part of that trip I find. Guided by the delicious smell of Nuts on Nuts (for those of you that have been to New York and seen it everywhere - did you know it is from Chile?) we walked through a busy pedestrian street towards the river. We entered the fish market building where the smell from roasted nuts changed to fishy everything. British? French? German? AHHH Guten Morgen.. Very nice people there, which lead to Chris explaining multiple times Soy chilena, ella es alleman. I am sorry for any misspelling.. We are definitely going to return to that place which I am excited for because it was so full of Chileans without many tourists! The exact same with the "everything" market right across the street where apparently someone fell in love when he saw Chris and I. Gotta love being blond in a country where there are hardly any of us :)

Afterwards it meant let's get back quickly! Because Germany was going to play!! Yes Yes, this time not in a beer garden like four years ago but instead in the German Chilean club. It was insane how many Germans and German speaking people there were! Three large screens were set up in a room and there was a delicious buffet and lots of balloons, flags and Lederhosen people! And what was bound to happen happened - Germany won 4-0!! People went crazy! At every goal! And that in Chile once around the world! I was also about to be interviewed by someone that fired his spanish words at me that I was like ummmm.. Chris just smiled and said I only spoke English and German. Shoot! I need to be able to speak spanish!

After Chris' field hockey game we are now back home and about to leave to go on an eight hour bus trip to the South until thursday. Apparently it will be super rainy and cold but beautiful with hot springs :) yay yay!
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Rocket on

Frieeeeese :) Just read through all your entries, wow it sounds AMAZING! Haha, you crack me up, I can literally hear you say the comments in your entries. So now you're going to the South, so exciting! And its good you're finally sleeping so much. Maybe the Chilean country sides are finally giving you some rest!! As for the game - it was crazy in Germany as well. They played really well!! We watched it a the clubhouse of the other fh club in Braunschweig - and drank a lot of beer and other things. Ah we were all so mad and sad. We really should've won. Cause everything else about the weekend was so awesome. And I did see Irene! I had no idea and it was for about 5 seconds then she had to play but it was great! And she ended up winning the German championship, crazy huh?! Back in the homeland now - great to be home with the fam, but i honestly miss Germany and the team already. Playing this weekend was so fun, I wanna play more! Finally felt like I acutally played like normally again, and that burning feeling of wantign to win so badly, oh I missed that!! Pss sorry to go so off topic! Keep the entries coming, looove reading them. And have so much fun, say hi to Chris and her fam!! XXX

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