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Trip Start May 12, 2009
Trip End Aug 12, 2009

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

July 1, 2009
This week has been pretty crazy work wise. We have only gotten 2 and half days of work done because of picnics and the holiday. On Tuesday Megan and I went to a $5 movie at Union Station after work. We went and saw The Proposal, it was a cute romantic comedy, but only made me miss Calvin. I haven't been able to talk to him in over a week because of his damn mic, but only a little over 2 weeks until I see him. I planned our weekend trip to Busch Gardens for me and Calvin. Were staying 2 nights and 3 days. Should be fun, Im super excited. Tomorrow is the picnic at the greenhouse, and it sounds like it could be fun. Amara and I are going to The Cheescake Factory after for happy hour.

July 6, 2009
This weekend was a blast and really long feeling. We pretty much had Thursday off of work because of the picnic. It was fun, we ate Daves BBQ and played games. We got to go home around 1:30 and Friday we had off. On Friday, Will (Amara's friend) and a few of his buddies came and stayed at our house. We went to the Air and Space Museum friday morning. I had already been but I looked at a few more things in better detail. Around 3:30, Amara, Megan, and I headed back to Crystal City to get ready for our BBQ we were having. I cooked bratwurst and baked potatoes for everyone, they were a big hit as usual. Will made fresh Majitos, with fresh mint, lime, and sugar water. They were amazing! But I might have drank and ate a little to much, and didn't feel to good soon after. 
    On Saturday we slept in pretty late. I worked on cover letters and my resume in the morning and also got to talk to Calvin for 2 hrs, it made my day. Around 2:30 I met up with Megan and we went on a search for mexican food for lunch. We found a place in Chinatown, but were greatly disappointed. It was too pricey and really not that good. They did make fresh guacamole though, but still too expensive for what you got. For dessert we stopped at a cupcakery and got amazing cupcakes. Around 4 we met up with the rest of the crew and headed for Capital Gallery to claim our spot for fireworks. Being the stupid people we are, we forgot to bring something to do for the 5 hour wait. Luke luckily brought some cards later on. The fireworks ended up being amazing, just like I thought they would be. Fireworks were going off all around the city, and knowing that I was in DC only made it that much more patriotic. After the fireworks was just as entertaining. Hords of people rushed to the metro stop just below the building, it was like pissing off an ant hill and watching them go crazy. We chilled on top for an hour and then went to Luke's which was just down the street. Around 11 we headed to the metro and missed the crowds perfectly. 
    Sunday was a pretty chill day. I finished most of my coverletters and sent them to people to correct and look over. I went to bed around 9 because I knew Monday was going to be hard after a long weekend. I also had to wake up 30 min earlier because I had to get to the greenhouses, which are pretty far out.
    Today, Monday, I pretty much already wrote about in my internship entry. It was a great day and has me thinking I might get hooked on orchids. They are amazing..Thats all I have to say about them.

July 10
TGIF! This week went by really slow. It wasn't boring and I loved this week at work, but looking back it feels like Monday was ages ago. Its getting down to the wire for when Calvin comes and I am psyched!! Work as a whole went by really fast this week, and like I have said a million times in my internship entry, I love orchids. This week has been pretty low key. We went on a field trip yesterday to the National Cathedral, Hillwood Mansion, and Dunbark Oaks. I had already been to the Cathedral, but the others were new. Hillwood was basically a women bragging about how much money she had and all the stuff she bought with it. The gardens were pretty though and thats really what we went for. Dunbark Oaks was weird. Its a random house/museum. We mostly looked at the surrounding gardens, but also went into the museum. It was mostly old artifacts from 300AD. 
    I haven't really done much after work this week. I've been trying to read my book "Public Enemies" I need to get it done before Calvin comes so we can go see it. I've been really good at going running. Today I found that Mt. Vernon trail was right down the street from me. I took it and just kept on going, I ended up going about 4 miles before turning around to head back home. I ran into Teddy Roosevelt's Island, which Megan and I have been wanting to go to. Im taking her there tomorrow. 
    Tomorrow is the city of Alexandria's birthday and there is a celebration and fireworks. Were headed there around 6 so that should be fun, I will write about it sometime Sunday or next week. Im starting to get home sick, I miss my ONE roommate and my own room. Im also missing my cute house and also Logan itself. I don't feel at home here, its almost like Im still on vacation. Its harder to get around and it sucks not having a car once in awhile to just make a quick trip somewhere. Im loving my time here and wouldn't trade it for anything, but I do miss Logan. At least when I get back there will still be time before bad weather to go camping, and drive to the hot springs. YA! The first thing Im going to do though is eat a yummy chicken salad at Cafe Rio!!! Ill do that in St. George though. Ok well Ill write more another time, probably after the weekend.

July 12
Megan and I went on a run to Roosevelt's Island. It took us about an hour to do the 4 mile run. Once there we walked around for about an hour, getting a little lost. We stopped at the memorial in the middle and sat by the fountains and read some of roosevelts quotes. We ran most the way back although I did walk some. Later that evening we all went to Alexandria to go to the birthday celebration. We walked slowly down king street, stopping at a few shops to look around. We found a nice place on the grass to watch the fireworks out on the Potomac. The fireworks were better than the 4th celebration. Probably because they were closer and there was music. Also the fireworks were more unique and they had different types. 
    Today is Sunday and I am going to go to church with Amara. Its a Catholic church, Ive never been so it should be fun. After Im going to go play with phones at verizon and get an idea of what I might want. The rest of the day will probably be pretty chill. I think I'll make salmon, green beans, and rice tonight for dinner. I bought rice pudding as well YUMM!!


July 16
This week has been another week at the greenhouses. Monday and Tuesday started the week off great. I worked with Melanie doing interiorscapes with orchids. Monday we spent the morning watering the indoor plants at American History and Hirshhorn. After we cleaned the court yard inside the Portrait Gallery. On Tuesday I helped Melanie switched out orchids in the Castle offices. The orchids were gorgeous that we switched out. Offices can pay a yearly fee to get about 17 orchid switch outs a year. They don't get to keep them, when we switch them they come back to the greenhouses to recover and so Tom and Sarah can make it flower again.

The rest of the week has been with Sarah. The whole week has been on the computer, and hasn't been my favorite. We sit and put in numbers and data in the computer. Pretty tidious. Today (Thursday) Ive been putting images that the photographer has taken. It takes along time to get anywhere and I found myself falling asleep and one point.

I went to American History yesterday to look around a little more, but it was super crowded and I realized I got a good look the first time. Im thinking of going to the National Gallery of Art this week, and maybe the Zoo on Saturday. Calvin came home last night. YEAH!! I really wish I could have been there to pick him up at the airport. Good thing hes coming on Tuesday or Id be going crazy.

July 20
This weekend was pretty uneventful, I didn't really have money to go do anything. Amara and I went to the zoo Saturday afternoon. It was a nice day and not to hot, but it was crowded, which got really annoying after a few hours. Its always nice going to the zoo though, except it didn't have giraffes so it looses a few points. Sunday was spent laying by the pool from 11:30 to 3:00, I got a decent tan and it was really relaxing. I also got to talk to Calvin for 2 hours or so while he drove to Logan. I am jealous, and I wish I was in Logan with him right now. Hes coming tomorrow though so its not so bad. This week at work Im with Graham doing IPM, should be fun. I like learning about pests.

July 28
Today was the end of the best week I've had for six months. Calvin finally came in last Tuesday, which is why I haven't updated this in a while. On Tuesday I tried to keep myself busy so the day would go by faster. I was going to go on a run but felt to lazy and I wanted to shower and start getting all cute for Calvin. Amara and I watched a movie until it was time for me to head to the airport. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time. I was so nervous to see him, but so excited at the same time. When I got there i found the plane to be delayed so I took a seat and waited for about 30 minutes. It ended up not being as bad as I thought. I ran up and kissed and hugged him, it was great. We talked for a minute and then headed back to my apartment. We stayed up pretty late, but since I had work the next day I had to get to bed. I didn't want to be at work on Wednesday, but I had no choice. It ended up going by pretty fast and after I met up with Calvin at the Air and Space Museum for a few minutes. We had a Capital Tour from Amara at 3:00, and we met back up with Megan, Luke, and Josh to head over to her office. It was a good tour. Especially since it was only the 5 of us, so it was pretty personal and we got a different tour than we would have normally. I took Calvin to Potbelly's after and got him hooked on the amazing sandwiches. On Thursday I went to a intern training program that teaches you how to get an SI job, I basically went in the hopes to slip away early to hang out with Calvin. I decided to leave around 2, but it was raining so hard I got stuck inside the Hirshhorn for 20 min or so before hauling but over to Natural History to meet up with him. Later that night we met up with Krissa and Andrew to go to dinner. We went to Ben's Chilly Bowl. Everyone says its amazing, but I thought it was average. Didn't seem very special in anyway, but it was good. We hung out at my house the rest of the night, we had to wake up early the next morning.

Friday morning we needed to pick up the car around 7. I thought the rental place was on crystal drive, but that ended up being just their corporate offices. I decided we might as well go to the airport and ride the shuttle from there. Once on the shuttle it ended up taking us almost directly across from Crystal City Plaza, haha oh well. Calvin was pretty mad about it :) We needed the exercise right. After picking up the car we headed to Williamsburg. There wasn't much traffic except for in the city. Once out we cruised pretty good the rest of the way. It was nice to have some alone time to catch up and talk. Once there we found our hotel pretty easily and got the key. Around 11 we headed to Busch Gardens. There weren't very many people like I thought there might be. The longest line we stayed in was for a log flume ride and it was about 40 min. In the end it wasn't worth it, but we rode it at least once. The Griffoth ride was so scary!!! At the top of the hill they stop you so you are hanging over for a good 30 seconds before dropping. There was also another roller coaster called Apallos Chariet, the scary part was the way your strapped in. Nothing is over your shoulders and thats very unnerving to me. We went to Olive Garden for dinner to use my $10 off I got from Shopko a few months ago. It was delicious, and a perfect ending to a good day.
Saturday we went to Water Country USA. It was a hot day so it was perfect for a water park. It was a little more crowded than Busch Gardens the day before, but still it wasn't too bad. Some lines we did wait a good 45 min, which isn't really worth a water slide. Overall it was really fun though. We went to Five Guys burgers for dinner. It was very comparable to In and Out, except every burger is a double and their fries aren't quite as good. We also walked around downtown Williamsburg, which was really cute and nice. We got some warheads and chocolate covered strawberries at a candy shop. I love candy shops, they always have the crazy yummy stuff you can't find else where.
Sunday morning we decided to sleep in a little bit because we knew we didn't need the whole day at Busch Gardens. We finally left the hotel around 11 and headed to get some lunch. We went simple and stopped at Wendy's on the way to the park. It sucked to have to pay for parking a third time, but oh well. We hit our favorite roller coasters again and also hit a few that we missed. We saw a show about pets, which was pretty cool. Its amazing what you can train animals to do. We left around 5 to go and get something to eat. We decided to hit Olive Garden again because it was so good the night before. It was a good thing we left because it started to pour once we sat down the eat. Perfect timing!! I was really sad to head back to DC, it had been a good weekend and I loved the alone time. I didn't want to head back to a crowded house. Spending time with Calvin made me ready to come home more, even though I have been starting to feel that way for a while now.
Monday was our last day together and it ended up being another fun day. We got a pretty late start again, which was fine. Its nice to catch up and relax on the weekends. We headed to the Air and Space again because Calvin really likes that museum. After we went and ate at Potbelly's again. I got a sugar cookie and Calvin loved it of course. We walked around Pentagon City for and hour and so and then hit Harris Teater because I had no food for lunch Tuesday. After we were pretty beat so we headed back to my apartment to chill for a few hours before meeting up with Megan and Rob for dinner. Around 7 we met Megan and Rob on King street and went to a pub for dinner. We all got the fish and chips except Rob, they were so yummy. The chips they serve it with were really potatoes :) :) We walked down the rest of King Street so the guys could see the Potomac at night. Around 9 we jumped on the trolly back to the metro. At this point I started to get sad, because I had work tomorrow so I needed to get to bed and Calvin left in the morning. I decided to sleep on the living room floor with him so we could get some cuddling in. Tuesday came though sadly, we got up early enough that I was able to ride to the metro station with him before going to work. It wasn't as bad as a goodbye as last time, only two weeks until I see him again. I can make it.
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