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Trip Start Nov 05, 2010
Trip End Nov 13, 2010

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Flag of United States  , North Carolina
Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday morning, this past Wednesday I made a spur of the moment decision and booked a trip to Peru to go surfing. Though my shoulder is still not ready for a full week of paddling, but i am making progress. But it is not about the surfing as much as it is about the adventure. I have always wanted to go to Peru and go on a real surf trip like the Drive Thru series. 
Earlier this week Elizabeth posted on facebook that she was going on the Peru trip, i posted that I was jealous and to have fun. She then used her jedi mind trick powers and stated I should come and that were spaces available...the seed is planted into my weak mind. I state, my shoulder is still not ready but wish I could go. The seed starts to germinate and Tuesday I can't stop thinking about going to Peru, i am obsessed, so Wednesday morning I ask my boss if I could have the time off and he says yes. Decision time.....I call and talk to Shawna and book the trip! I buy my plane ticket, schedule shots, order wetsuit and BAM, im going to Peru in 2 1/2 weeks.

I have always said that I would never surf where I have to wear a wetsuit, because I don't like cold water or great white sharks. Plus in a wetsuit I will look like a giant tasty seal, walrus or elephant so fat..ugh. But I do some research on line, and order a wetsuit via, not the smartest thing to do but I am under time constraints, plus i have been making rash decisions all morning already. Then Elizabeth and I email back and forth, here providing me some things I need and some places where we may go. She then puts enough fear in me about sea urchins, so I order some booties as well. I really don't want to deal with urchins in my feet. Plus we joke about how no one looks good in wetsuits, but I will probably look really fat...and will cry a lot cuz i will be tired and not be able to take my wetsuit off without any help. I have committed to myself that I will not be a whiner about wetsuit. Due to my shoulder strength I don't see myself surfing very much, I need to be smart, my shoulder is actually getting stronger but I don't think Im ready for a full on surfing yet, as in July, I couldn't paddle very well. But who knows...its still going to be a great trip.
I did have some anxiety Wednesday night as it all hit me on what I plane tickets, trip, time period, but Thursday morning  I was tired but had no regrets, so that is a good sign!

Friday I went and got my Yellow Fever shot, which is sort of required/recommended for entering Peru, I had to go to the Health Department to get it done, they did a great job. You go in, they sit with you and they put together a folder with all sorts of great travel info, discuss what is recommended and review my shot records, so I also needed the second shot for Hep A. But of course County Government beauracracy comes into play, so after my consultation, i have to go down the hall and wait in line to the cashier, who called in sick, so they had a guy in there that never done the job before, so he had to look everything up, nice guy though. So then I walk back down the hall following all the signs, then apparently I didn't pay enough, so then I had to go back and the guy forgot to add the "consultation fee" and he didn't know the price, I told him I think she said it was $38, well he kept calling people and no one knew for sure, then finally the nurse who did the consultation, got on the line and confirmed the $38. Paid, then headed back to get my shots. Got the shots and headed into work. It took a little longer than what she said but other than the financial mix up, easy process. They even gave me Rx's for Cipro. Good information packet. When I got home from work, my wetsuit came in the mail...scary time as I didn't want to have to send it back, but I tried it went on easier than I thought and it fit just right! I was soooo happy! Now I need to practice so I don't look like a total kook, taking it off was more difficult and time consuming, plus it is not attractive at all, I will be flashing everyone, so I emailed Elizabeth that she needs to have her back to me at all times when im changing, i gave her fair warning, look at your own risk.
Saturday, I went to the gym for 2 hours, got the booties in the mail, and they fit fine, taking them off is not easy either. I hope I wont have to use them. Now I am totally ready to surf, well look like I can surf. I am a total surfer wannabe. But I am learning each time.
Training continues for the next 2 weeks.
More to come...
11/4 - I leave tomorrow, it is very surreal Im excited yet a bit numb, thinking about the unknown, I am all packed and ready to go, got my flu shot last Friday, so I am all ready for the trip. I had to buy a larger bag as I never had to pack a  wetsuit before and I know we are going to be moving a lot, i wanted to have more room, so bag is a little bigger. Weather is in the 60-70s during the day and 50s at night...that is Lima, so Im taking some warmer clothes, though Im really not taking that much as I have a habit of over packing. So we shall see what happens. Elizabeth, Flash, Joe and I think Andres are going from WRSC and they will be in Lima late afternoon, so I have the whole day to explore and when i mean the whole day, i meant it, i get into Lima at like 5am! I really do hope they let me check into my room early lol. Oh well, all part of the adventure. Time has really flown bye, i have been hitting the gym pretty hard this past 2 weeks, except for yesterday i was pretty slack. But its too late and extra day at the gym isn't going to change much. I just need to stretch as much as possible each day. And I ice my shoulder when i can.
It is going to be great to see everyone and meet new people! 
I hope to blog when I can and post pics...not sure how much internet access I will have, I don't think the hotel in Lima has it so you may not hear from until later in the trip, but i plan on putting something together for each day if possible. At least highlights.
Until tomorrow....
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