Memories on the Ship

Trip Start May 17, 2009
Trip End Jul 02, 2009

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Flag of Ireland  , County Dublin,
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 12:30pm

Sunday morning breakfast was at 8am so we were able to get a tiny bit more sleep.  The Sunday morning church service was at 10:00 in the Logos Lounge.  They started off with a time of praise and worship. They have different worship teams that take turns leading and they've got drums, guitars, keyboards...the whole thing.  There is something way cool about having a time of praise and worship in a place like that.  Nearly all of the people on the ship aren't Irish except for the locals that joined us for the service and possibly a crew member or two.  Yet there we were in the middle of Dublin with people from over 40 countries with entirely different backgrounds and cultures...all brought together with one purpose to serve one God.  It was all pretty amazing as I stood there and thought about it.  The ship also has a different person speak each week during the service.  Someone from a Bible institute in Dublin came to speak.  The whole service lasted about an hour.

Dinner is usually the big meal on the ship but on Sundays they make lunch big.  There were also a bunch of guests for the meal.  After that we did a shift in the galley from 1:30 to about 7:30ish.  I chopped up a bunch of peppers, helped put sliced meat on trays, and of course...did dishes.  The bookstore and cafe on deck 4 that is open to the public was still open at the end of our shift so we thought we'd check out what it's like still running.  There were a lot of people there!  OM considered Dublin a place where it was not really as busy as other ports, so with as many people as appeared to be in Dublin, there must be tons of people in other ports.  

That evening a group of us watched an old Russian movie in the TV room.  Thankfully there were subtitles for it.  About half of the group watching it was Russian.  I guess it's a really famous funny movie in Russia that is quoted a lot.  The movie was pretty cheesy and ridiculous but funny all the same!

A large group of us went out on the town that night.  I don't know how many there were, but
there were quite a lot.  It seemed as if all the Russians had come cuz there was a lot of Russian that I heard.  We stopped at McDonalds for ice cream and then walked in and out of a few pubs to see what they were like.  We did a lot of walking around and finally got back to the ship at 12:45am.

Bekah and I assumed that on Monday, the next day, there would be the normal breakfast and devotion schedule so we headed to breakfast at 7:30 after a short night of sleep.  However,
Monday is the day off for most people on the ship so there were no devotions and breakfast went from about 7:00 to 10:00.  We were disappointed to see that we could have slept another couple of hours!  The day was mostly relaxing...just caught up on some things, took some pictures around the ship, and prepared to leave the next day.  In the afternoon, we figured we'd scout out the hostel that we'd be spending Tuesday night in so we walked over the river and across town to find it.  It was about a 35 minute walk. 

The ship had pancakes for dinner that evening and we ate with a few of the people from Team Awesome, as Bethia our shift leader, has called our galley team that works together.  People on this team include Bethia (Australia), Catherine (UK), Hoi Yan (Hong Kong), Alex (Russia), Mel (Canada), Dasha (Russia), Graham (USA), Michelle (Malaysia), and maybe a couple others.  About 5 of us ran outside after dinner to walk about 30 seconds down a small nearby street.  There is an old recording studio there where the group U2 used to do recording.  Along one of the back walls is a huge U2 tribute in graffiti.  All along the wall and the wall across the street are messages from people to U2 or about U2.

At 7:00 was a meeting in the Logos Lounge where a lady gave a talk on reading Scripture.  From 8:00-10:00pm was a time of worship.  They had an intimate setting in the Logos Lounge and didn't plug in any instruments so anyone that played guitar or percussion played.  There
were quite a few guitars.  A lot of people from the ship were there so again, it was really cool having such a diverse group of people standing in the middle of Dublin worshiping the one true God in the same way.

Down on deck 4 in the cafe was a galley party that had already started so at 10pm we went down to that.  They were saying goodbye to a few people in the Step program so they had a
party.  There was lots of good food there too.  After hanging out there for a while and in the dining hall making Mr. Casparov from a balloon, we eventually went back to our cabin to pack for our departure in the morning.  We didn't get to bed until 1:30 in the morning.

Tuesday morning we finished packing up all our things in the cabin and then went to breakfast and devotions.  The ship was planning to leave at 11am and the crew had to do some prep work so we though we'd leave at 9:00, drop our luggage off at the hostel, and return to watch the ship leave at 11:00 since most of our day would be spent on the south side of the river anyways.  We found the Wests to say goodbye to and thank them for everything they did for us and some of our galley friends came to say goodbye to us like Alex, Michelle, Hoi Yan, and Graham.  It was sad to leave the ship and all the fun times we already had.  We didn't mind getting up at 5:30am to work in the galley, or washing 400 plates and cups 3 times a day, or the small cabins.  We enjoyed learning how things worked in the galley, anything from meat slicers to dish washers the size of a room, from washing fruit in a machine to chopping up boxes and boxes of veggies, from power washing the floor to keeping up with a steaming hot machine shooting clean dishes at you at 100mph as you slide around on the wet tile.  We already had fun memories like Alex's goofy sayings or misunderstandings like "I had 9 beers" (pears), "Get a grip," and "Let's party...politic party," or his love for pictures like the Irish doors and leprechauns for 1€.  Fun stories we heard like Catherine's parrot-dog-fetus story of an animal that had washed up on shore somewhere...apparently it was actually a raccoon.  Bethia's excitement for Team Awesome and her enthusiastic retelling of times with Andy the chef.  Bekah's not remembering how to get around the ship even after 5 days.  Saying "beauteous" after watching our Russian movie.  Graham saying "OMG!  BFFs!" whenever Bekah and I do something really similar.  Many good times in only a few days!

We left the ship soon after 9:00 with all our luggage on our backs and made the trek across Dublin to our hostel.  We stored our luggage there, grabbed some food from the breakfast thing, and made our way back to the ship to see it leave.  We were back by 10:45 when the last few people not sailing with the crew got off the ship.  A lot of the crew was gathering on top of the ship to wave goodbye to people seeing it off.  Other members of the crew were walking around prepping the ship.  The deckies were all in orange suits.  We were able to see Jos from the Netherlands one more time as he was out there waiting to close up the doors to the ship.  It took a while, but eventually they were ready to set off.  We could see part of Team Awesome on top and waved to them.  There were a lot of people up there.  There was a small crowd, some with signs, on the street with us waving goodbye.  Sometimes at ports there will be hundreds of people welcoming or seeing the ship off but Ireland had fewer cuz it has the smallest percentage of Christians in Europe or something like that.  Ireland, a country of only 3 million people, has very few Christian organizations so there were still many people thankful for OM uniting some churches and helping launch a new community of Christians.  It was cool to see the huge impact that OM had on people and being a small part of it for a few days was awesome.  Bekah and I can't help but wonder and hope that someday we'll be able to be a part of life on the ship again.  Eventually the ship sailed off in the distance towards Cardiff and the crowd dispersed...Bekah and I were officially on our own in Dublin.

Already on the south side of the River Liffey, we headed over to Trinity College.  We took a half hour tour of it.  There used to be a monastery there but Queen Elizabeth had Trinity College built and started there.  It used to be in the original wooden buildings but they got replaced with the current ones in the 1700s.  It's not a huge campus but there are still about 16000 undergrad students.  A lot of the main pretty buildings to look at are residential ones.  There is actually a section of some of the best dorms that are for students who speak Irish at all times.  Students that grow up in Ireland are taught Irish through the time they are 18.  If they choose to continue practicing it and excel in it, they can choose these dorms.  Most people don't keep up on it though and speak English almost exclusively.  In the center of the campus is a bell tower that only is rung at exams and funerals.  There are figures on it and little faces of people like Homer and Plato cuz they used to have to study classics too.  There are 4 major squares on the campus.  One of them has really nice grass that no one is allowed to walk on except faculty part of a certain fellowship.  However, we saw some guy earlier talking on his cell phone walking around on the grass oblivious to the signs and I seriously doubt he was faculty.  The ticket for the tour also let us in the library and the exhibit for the Book of Kells.  The Book of Kells was probably produced early in the 9th century by the monks of Iona.  It contains a beautifully decorated copy of the four gospels in Latin.  They are extremely colorful and neatly written.  Some of the drawings were very detailed.  The book was sent to Dublin in the 1600s for security and soon went to Trinity College.  It is the most visited site in Ireland today.  The library above the exhibit was also really cool.  It is the world's largest single vault chamber library.  Books reach from floor to ceiling arranged by size...biggest on bottom and smallest on top.  There is a big ladder to reach the ones on the bottom and there are some kind of balcony things to get to the ones really high up.  It was like a library straight from Beauty and the Beast!  All the books are over 200 years old and aren't used anymore.  There is a new library that students use today.  Marble busts go up and down the room as well.  The oldest harp to survive in Ireland is on display and it comes from the 15th century.  It is constructed of oak and willow with brass strings.  The harp is often used as a symbol of the Irish.

We sat on the steps of the dining hall building as we ate a granola bar for lunch at Trinity College.  The hall looked a bit Harry Potterish inside.  We were almost done eating when some kind of guard at the college told us we weren't supposed to be eating on the steps.  Kind of a weird rule I thought, but we were about done so he let us.  There was no sign though.  As  we sat there, we were amazed at how fast the clouds moved across the sky.  It would go from ginormous gloomy drizzly gray clouds to bright clear skies in only a minute or two. 

Bekah and I headed to Dublin Castle after Trinity College and took a little tour of it.  It's not a huge castle and you would hardly notice it though it's in the center of Dublin because it's a bit hidden.  Some old remains of an old Norman castle are on display underground but the main castle you see was built to be the seat of British rule in Ireland several hundred years ago.  A lot of important political ceremonies and meetings still take place there.  The crests of all the Irish presidents were also on display.  After the tour there was a small round garden in the back that we went to see.

We walked more around Dublin so that we could go by Christ Church and St. Patrick's Cathedral.  They were closed by that time but they are beautiful from the outside so it was nice that we were able to see them.

We made our way back to the north side of Dublin and picked up a bit of food on the way.  We checked into the hostel and found our room and beds.  It was the first time for both of us staying in a hostel.  You had to have a key to get into the room but inside the room was a 12 bed female dorm.  There were 6 bunk beds and a sink and lockers in the room and that was it.  We set up our beds with the sheets they handed us and I had another dinner of my  staple...peanutbutter and bread.  It was a clean room and the showers and toilets were down the hall.  Different girls started coming in soon and we ended up getting into quite lengthy conversations with a few of them so that took up most of the rest of the evening.  They were college students, some from Canada and some from Illinois.  We didn't meet most of them though.  We got ready for bed and I locked up my stuff in a locker for the night.  It was so nice to finally go to bed at 10:30 and get a full 8 hours of sleep!  I slept quite well for my first time in a hostel!
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