How do I explain Boise?!? It's worth a READ!

Trip Start Dec 30, 2010
Trip End Jul 06, 2011

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Couchsurfed with Harpkitty

Flag of United States  , Idaho
Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 139 May 22 continued - I have no idea how to explain what went on in Boise. I knew it was going to be a crazy couchsurfing experience when my host replied to my request with the following quote 'Just so you know, I live in a queer friendly and 420 friendly household. Just putting that out there, hope to hear from you soon.' I wrote back 'As long as you are ginger friendly, I'll be there!'

I'm going to pretend there was a fly on the wall (shoulder) and let him describe what happened in Boise.

Gingerman departs the bus and looks around for his host. He collects his bag and walks into the Greyhound waiting room. He spots a young girl smoking outside, she recognises gingerman and greets him. Gingermans host is Kitty, they jump into her car and set off to explore Boise. She shows him around the small, very quaint city centre, pointing out places where she has worked and places of interest. Gingerman is very talkative as Kitty seems a little quiet and shy, man that gingerman talks too much! Kitty drives gingerman to a nearby park that is elevated for a good view of the city. They then drive out of town slightly, through some gravel roads to a countryside destination that has an excellent view point of the small city in Boise in the state of Idaho.

Kitty explains the well lawned hill in the distance. A famous guy from Boise, left the mansion in his will to the city, but no-one wants to live in it, even the major or governor of the state, they are not interested. The city spends thousands just keeping the grass cut, gingerman isn't impressed by the pure waste of city funds.

They then drive a long way back to Kittys house and meet two ginger cats and her dog Henri. Gingerman seems very disgusted by the dogs breathe, Gingerman explains to Kitty, that if he was a super hero, bad breathe would be his Kryptonite! They hang out in Kittys room and get to know each other. Kitty puts on some tunes and explains the household. It turns out that she is 420 friendly as she has arthritis in her hands and wrists and smoke pot to ease the pain. Sadly at the age of 23, she can no longer play the harp without feeling a lot of pain. Gingerman seems sad by this news, he tells her how much he enjoys listening to the harp and wish he could have heard her play. Kitty also explains that the household is queer friendly as the other 3 housemates are gay, she explains to Gingerman that she is bi. They continue talking and Kitty suddenly jumps up with excitement when Gingerman explains that he has never been to any hot springs in the USA. She calls her friend Ocho and begins to plan for an evening at the hot springs. Gingerman man seems excited, is this the kind of thing he normally does??

Kitty has some errands to run, so drops Gingerman off at a nearby coffee shop called Java. She recommends that Gingerman orders a Bowl of Soul, which is a Mocha with some cinnamon and delicious hand whipped clotted cream! The Gingerman clearly flirts with the pretty coffee tender, she asks where the Gingerman is from and what he is doing in Boise of all places. Gingerman sits for an hour or two, frantically looking for a couch to surf in Vancouver.

Kitty finds Gingerman and they head back to her place to pack for the hot springs. Gingerman asks Kitty if he needs to pack his swimming trunks, she replies 'No! You won't be needing them!' Gingerman looks a little concerned!

They drive over to Kittys friend Ocho, he apparently has a van and they will use that to drive out to the Hot Springs. Ocho lives in the so called 'Hood' of Boise. Gingerman and Kitty unpack the car and Gingerman meets Ocho and little Sammy, Ochos sausage dog. They help Ocho pack up the van, it looks like the size of an A-TEAM van. Some sort of smoking thing is lit in the front seat and Kitty and Ocho share a spliff while the three of them and dog head to the Hot Springs.

On the way the van stops frequently!! Once for a burger! Then for some ice cream! Then for beer and jerky! Then they stop off at a Tavern for a strong drink! The Tavern is run by a very friendly guy with a bushy beard! Gingerman takes a Jameson on the rocks, the other two have vodka and red bull! They leave the Tavern and finally make it to the Hot Springs! They park on a verge near a river and opposite a rocky climb to the Hot Springs.

The three of them load up themselves with tents, blankets, food, beer and all sorts and take 30 minutes to climb the rocky hill. The Gingerman looks very impressed at the setting and the first Hot Spring he comes across. He notices a flat area of land over away from the Hot Springs where they could pitch the three man tent. Ocho and Gingerman pitch the tent, move the stuff over and then walk over back to the bottom of three Hot Springs, strip off and walk in with beers.
They both make a sigh as if the water is so wonderfully hot and that the journey and climb up the hill was now worth it. Kitty joins the other two by stripping off and they all sit in the Hot Spring with two other guys and another girl. Sammy the dog also jumps in the Hot Spring and is an interesting distraction as he swims around, bumping into people. It looks like the Gingerman quickly sinks two beers. He must be wanting some Dutch courage to enjoy the experience!

They sit there for a while, drinking, talking and relaxing. It's around 9pm and the light is fading. Ocho encourages the group to move up to the next Hot Spring. This one has two water valves. One pumps in cold river water, the other, natural hot spring water. The three of them sit up there for a while. Later, a young 19 year old girl joins in, wearing a bikini. She is wondering why her male cousin is staying in the bottom spring, but then also tells the three of them in the spring that five other 19 year old girls have shown up and taken off their bikinis. Gingerman explains that this cousin will never leave that spring while those young ladies are there.

Then, at midnight, a big smile appears on the Gingermans face. The five young ladies from the bottom spring decide to venture up to the middle spring, all five removed the top part of their two piece, three of them removed the bottom part of their two piece. Gingerman tries to play it cool, introducing himself and putting on a very deliberate accent. Hmmm, I haven't heard him talk that British all day. Gingerman then continues for the next hour talking and talking and talking and the five naked girls listen and listen and listen on his every word, mainly about British comedy shows. Later, the gingerman would talk forever about how he has reached the peak of karma and never in his life time would he be sat in a hot tub with five naked 19 year old girls and one naked 23 year l woman. Anyway, the girls soon leave when Ocho decides to bore them with politics! Gingerman looks sad and disappointed, but he doesn't follow them.

Later on a cute couple join the three couchsurfing group and the female, in her bikini, cuddles little Sammy for around an hour and it looks as though she was sleeping. During this time, Gingerman is sinking more and more bottles of beer. He's been in that Hot Spring since 8pm and now it's pushing 3am!

It's not long before Gingerman walks down the hill with Ocho and Kitty and they call it a night and jump into sleeping bags, well, after they get dressed! The Hot Springs continued to be noisy and busy, young couples turning up at all hours!

Miles Walked 1.12
Temperature 23C

Day 140 May 23 - Gingerman and the other two wake around 11am. They decide to go back into the Hot Springs before returning to Boise.

They head for the middle Spring where there are 4 very old and very naked people. Mr Gingerman seems very unimpressed! Well, compared to the previous night. They sit there for a while, chatting politics before a random couple, out walking, ask whether anyone in the spring was camped there over night, as he just saw a tent blow down the mountain!! Gingerman looks at Kitty and sighs!

They get out the Spring, dress and go investigate. Yes, it turns out that someone had forgotten to zip the front of the tent and the wind had caught inside the tent and blown it down the mountain. The stuff left in the tent is everywhere and the tents journey to the bottom of the mountain was halted by a tree. It looks as though it can still be rescued! Gingerman and Kitty gingerly edge down the side of the mountain, Sammy the dog follows too! Gingerman says to Kitty 'If I fall, just tell my mum I was happy!'. Gingerman packs Ochos stuff, including the keys for the van, and even his underpants! He doesn't seem to impressed by that! So, on the side of this mountain, with foot holds, Kitty and Gingerman strike the tent. They pack it all away, seeing as the bags the tent came in flew down the mountain! This takes about an hour. When climbing back up the mountain, Gingerman slips a few times, the last time, he slid back down the mountain to where the tent ended up. Eventually, they both got the stuff up to where the tent was pitched and lay out exhausted!! Ocho wanders over and ask what the fuss is all about. They pack up and go back to the van and drive back to Boise.

Ocho feeds them some pasta back at his place and a tired Kitty and Gingerman return back to Kittys place. Kitty has errands to take care of again so Gingerman goes back to the Java Coffee shop, orders a Bowl of Soul and flirts even more with the pretty coffee tender. He sits there for a couple of hours before Kitty drives Gingerman to her sisters house. Kittys sister is a little younger and called Stephanie. Her boyfriend wasn't there but her boyfriends brother who lives there was there for dinner. Dinner seemed to go down very well with Gingerman and they drank a tasty bottle of white wine. Kitty had to disappear for a while so left Gingerman with her sister. They played cards on the balcony of her apartment and her sister seemed to open up more, but then the Gingerman was talking constantly.

Eventually Kitty returned to collect the Gingerman and they returned back to Kittys apartment. The Gingerman seemed to have a great time at her sisters house and they both went to sleep exhausted after a crazy day at the Hot Springs. Ironically, after spending 8 hours sat in their birthday suits next to each other, Kitty leaves the room when Gingerman gets ready for bed?

Miles walked 1.73
Temp 25C

Day 141 May 24th - Right, thanks to the fly on the wall I'll take over now. Kitty was so good to wake up early on the day I travelled to Portland. I had an early bus, she woke early, drove me there and dropped me off. As I waited for my bus, funnily enough it was delayed (Greyhound), I was looking at a map on the wall of North America and the Greyhound routes. I love looking at maps anyway, but interested to see where the buses go, when I get a tap on my shoulder and Kitty had brought me breakfast! I mean how wonderful is that? It was a white chocolate Mocha from Java, that she kept telling me about, and some pastries! I was shocked, surprised and so very grateful! So, I said goodbye again, gave her a bigger hug and sat down to drink my coffee! Five minutes later, I look up from my coffee and she is there again, this time I had left some leaflet from the Salk Lake City food festival. She didn't know if it was important or not so got back in the car and stupid o'clock and drove back to the bus station to give it back to me.

Later on, on my Greyhound bus to Portland, some random guy came up to me and said 'Man, you're girlfriend is going to miss you!'. Funny enough, I tend to keep very quiet on Greyhound buses, so just smiled at him. Those who have rode on a Greyhound bus will know.

In all honesty, I don't think many people give Kitty the time of day and I know she was so surprised at how easy she found talking to me was and how much she enjoyed our conversations. I thoroughly enjoyed her company, birthday suits or not, I wish her happiness for the future and thank her for the most amazing couch surfing experience to date. It was the sort of experience I would have found an excuse to not attend a few months or years ago, but life is short, enjoy the time we have with family, friends and new friends. Saying YES is easier than saying no!! But yes, the nakedness was the peak of karma, may karma look upon me fondly again!!

Come on!! Was I really going to take my newish camera to the Hot Springs?!??

So, off to Portland!
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El on

I'm sure Bill Bryson is from near Boise, but I don't remember him mentioning any of this going on (more's the pity!) x

Christina Guarino on

Oh Boise!!

Abi on

I can't believe the girls in bikinis got overlooked .... your bikini appreciation is so fickle.

Petery B on

Was the fly also in his birthday suit or did you may him put his swimmers on?

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