Sleeping by the sea

Trip Start Dec 30, 2010
Trip End Jul 06, 2011

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Flag of Costa Rica  , Province of Puntarenas,
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 89 April 3 continued - The bus takes around 3 hours to get to the port of Puntarenas. For some reason, seeing as the bus was direct, I thought it would drive around avoiding the sea, but that might have taken all day. We are kicked off the bus and walk onto the ferry. This ferry has a lid that opens where cars can drive down underneath the ground deck for the bigger vehicles. Well, the Island folk might find that interesting.

The boat takes an hour to get to Paquera. We leave the boat, wait for our bus to drive off and sit back down. For some reason, everyone changed seats, but the new one I chose was where the next heart attack victim in Costa Rica was sitting. He walked up to me, looked at me and with his thumb pointing down to the end of the bus, shouted Vamanos! Quite a few times......seeing as I kept saying no. He wasn't backing down and nor was I, the issue was so small but why can't he find somewhere else to sit like I did. Seeing as he was so incredibly fat and likely to snap my neck with his super fat fingers, I eventually moved for the fat f***er! Not before I looked at him and threw a torrid of abuse at him and this continued until I sat down. Seeing as he spoke no English I could say whatever I wanted, not sure why I got so aggressive but a couple of German girls infront of me agreed with my harsh description of him.

We drove for another hour before changing buses and 15 minutes later we land in Montezuma. It is hot and I'm being bombarded with questions seeing as I had my guide book out. I helped a woman and what I presume to be her son or a very lucky young man to their hotel, helped an North American couple and this is when I met Chris, a 26 year old guy from the UK. Like me he had not booked a hostel. I might as well describe him now. He's from Enfield near London, has been travelling for 18 months and will continue till the cash runs out. He worked 7 months in Australia. He's a really good lad, we hung out for the whole of the two days and shared many stories. A funny one was of his first week in Thailand and Bangkok. Him and his mate went out drinking, think Chris pulled some girl so sent his mate back to their hostel but without the key, Chris lucked out and rang his mate and said he'd be there in 20 minutes. The Tuk Tuk he thumbed didn't know where he was going so dropped Chris at a Police station. Chris walked in but the two cops on duty were asleep, so being drunk, he decided to walk around the station for a bit, checked out the cells then when he went back to the reception, saw one of the officers hats on the table. Yes, he tried it on, pretended to hold some guns in the mirror but then knocked a table and woke one of them up. Apparently, he just starred at Chris for a very long time. Seeing as Chris is fluent in Swedish, he spoke a little bit, the officer showed him a leaflet about drunk and disorderly behaviour, but luckily it wasn't translated in Swedish! Eventually the officer told him to get out. He walked out walked past the tuk tuk and eventually found his way back to his hostel then snapped the key in the lock so called a locksmith at 4am. He thought his travelling was doomed from then but he's been to some amazing places and was even in Christchurch for the earthquake. The first quake was absorbed by the shock absorbers on his bus, the second quake rocked the bus like crazy. He did a sports science degree and set up his own business but closed it when he moved to Sweden for a girl but unfortunately that didn't work out for him. I had a great time with Chris and he is also a Spurs supporter, so sorry mate, but you never know at White Hart Lane!!

Chris and I walked to a hostel I read about and the place was empty. We dropped off our bags and walked back into town to grab some lunch. It was so hot that even while waiting for my lunch, sweat was running off my face, arms, legs, so so hot! Lunch for me was rice with shrimps and I covered it in some amazing green/brown salsa sauce. Need to find some before I leave Costa Rica! After lunch, we got changed at the hostel and walked to find some beaches. We walked and walked and chatted loads and annoyingly saw two naked guys hanging out by themselves........d'oh! We got to one beach we had to run across to avoid being wiped out by wood that was being washed in. We walked so far that Chris said, where are we going? So we turned back and had to pass those two dudes again!
Beaches were stunning, the place is very laid back and we had arrived as they were starting some hippie week. If you like the hippie scene, well this is the place for you, some arrived months ago and haven't left. Luckily for them there is one ATM in town, and plenty of places to eat and drink.

We bought some beers from the local supermarket and sat on a wall on the beach enjoying some cold ones while admiring the views! Some beers later, we headed back to the hostel to get ready for dinner and this is when we met some more people. Firstly there was Rosa from Finland, 20 years old and spending 3 months in Costa Rica learning Spanish and enjoying the warm weather. She lives in Finland near the Arctic so pretty cold and they have no darkness in the summer. Then in walked Julie, a 19 year old from Germany, think her parents are pretty loaded as they are paying for her travels, she told Chris within a minute she had a boyfriend! Then in walks Nelson, a cool guy from Vancouver Canada but for him, when asking Julie how her day was, she replied great, I spoke to my boyfriend! Poor lad, he looks like a guy you might meet say in Cancun on a spring break kind of thing.

Nelson didn't join us for dinner but the other two did. We found some restaurant that let us bring our own cans of beer, I had some spicy Asian noodle thing, very tasty. We then found a fire on the beach and sat around while some hippies that I couldn't make out played guitars etc. It had been a long night, I had been chatting to Rosa for 4/5 hours and offered to walk her back to the hostel as she was falling asleep. Now, you would think after talking to someone for that long, they might have dropped a hint about having a boyfriend? The other girl did, anyway, after a polite no I walk back to the beach where I find out that she does have a boyfriend. Well, it made for interesting tension the next day, lol!
Back on the beach, Julie had brought a harmonica with her, so played the theme to Lord of the Rings when they are in 'The Shire', sounded like Last of the Summer wine to me, but was very soothing and it was me who then dropped off to sleep on the beach. Think we were there a couple of hours before we headed back to the hostel to sleep next to the ocean. If you've never done it, I would recommend it. I've done it a few times now, a great place in Mexico with Chocolate hostels, here in Montezuma, Mancora in Peru. Hearing the constant crashing of waves is a wonderful way to drift off into dream world.

Miles walked 4.9
Temperature 32C 90F

Day 90 April 4 - The girls wake at 7am but Chris and I sleep in till 10am. We say Adios to Julie and Nelson, Chris and I head into town to find some breakfast. The young girl who took our order didn't like Nelson either, he asked for his eggs sunnyside up after originally choosing scrambled and she gave him such a horrible look. This banter continued with her and eventually she was laughing, Nelson kept asking her, you really hate me don't you? Chris and I headed to the local waterfalls for the day while Nelson went surfing.

The walk to the waterfalls is short but the waterfalls themselves are a very interesting climb, pretty dangerous too, but when you're having fun, you forgot about the big drops below your feet!
We hung out at the middle section first, slowly walking into the small lake to have a swim while some fish were enjoying biting the dead skin on my feet. We got chatting to some middles aged women from Oxford before we climbed some crazy steep hill with the aid of the roots of trees. I've never really been a climber and trying to hold my shorts and a bottle of water at the same time didn't help. One slip and you'll be calling your travel insurance company, well someone else will be.

After climbing for a while, and a few slips and scrapes we hit the higher Fall. There is a small ledge where you can jump a small distance into a pool and then there is a 10 metre waterfall where you can break your back and split yourself open. Chris and I jumped off the small one first but when it came to the big one, we had already heard about one Argentinian girl being carried away and I just didn't want to risk any injury for the rest of my trip. I have three special weeks in Canada coming up and don't want to miss that.

Chris thought for a while about jumping and I dropped down a few ledges to get a picture but he changed his mind. Fair enough.

Some north American guy jumped 15 times, though eventually admitted to a painful back and a massive stag party turned up, one by one they jumped then sat at the bottom egging on their other mates to jump. Eventually, the whole stag party were sat at the bottom pool.

We sat around the waterfalls for a few hours. It was great to watch others, chat with a few people and basically spend a relaxing Monday afternoon around a waterfall. I can't think of many better Mondays? We slowly walk another way back, a much safe way with stairs and ropes to hang on. We get ready at the hostel and head into town to grab some food. All the climbing and swimming took quite a bit of energy and we enjoyed some food near the ocean at Chicos bar.

We picked up some more beers, took them back to the hostel and drank our way through quite a few, sharing more funny stories. Some little puppy was playing around as well, and the aggressive little s**t bit my hand. If some ladies weren't watching the little git would have been dropped kicked into the ocean. Clearly no training or no discipline and he was biting Chris as well. We finished the beers and headed into town and bought more beers and as tramps we sat on a ledge in the street drinking our beers. after a while we got talking to a couple of girls who were tramping on the street as well. A very weird USA girl from Northampton, MA and a Swedish girl. So Chris got out his Swedish and I got stuck with the crazy one. Opposite us was a shop selling beer by the large bottle, so we kept popping in buying lots of those. When I'm not enjoying conversation, I drink. I must have drunk a fair bit as my eyes were rolling, I was having difficulty staying awake and well, for the first time on the trip, I hugged a toilet! Apologies! In typical fashion, I left the 3 of them and walked back to my bed. No idea what time I got back but I was very glad to see my bed.

Miles walked 3.42
Temp 30C 86F

Day 91 April 5th - I don't know how I woke up, but I did. I set my alarm at 455am, slept through that but woke from a pretty dramatic dream at 505am and wanted to catch the 530am bus to Paquera to catch the ferry. I jumped out of bed and the Finn was up to, so awkward hello by the bathrooms. Back in the dorm, I woke Chris up and I think he crapped himself. Nelson was already up and we hurried to pack our bags, remove clothes from the washing line, grab back the deposit for the key and set off for the bus.

In brief, I'm not too sure what happened from here to the ferry terminal as I slept most of the way, but I know Nelson and Chris had to catch another bus as they were heading to San Jose and not going north like I was. Turns out the ferry was at 9am and I got there at 7am!! Some chicken and rice for breakfast, two bottles of juice and found a place to charge my ipod. This is too early and I feel very very rough!!
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TB on

Ahhhh Bless....paying tribute to the toilet god. Hope you start to feel better mate. Also your Birthday is coming you know what you want or where you are going to be?

Pb on

This won't be the only time you hug the bog...see how you feel after 8 rumskis!

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