London Day Two

Trip Start Sep 26, 2007
Trip End Oct 09, 2007

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Hello, everyone!  Anthony and I havent' been able to get back on the internet since our 1st entry!  We were quite disappointed we didn't have any comments from anyone!!!!  This is supposed to be similar to a "conversation," people!!!  Just kidding!  I know everyone is busy!

Ok, so here is what we have been up to:
Friday, we went to the British Museum...I mean, Anthony drug me through the museum...a museum that should be done in 3 days (according to the professionals). Anthony's British Museum notes - This place is crazy full of cool stuff. We saw Cleopatra's mummy, the Rosetta stone, and they even have a bunch of stonework and statues from the Parthenon in Greece that are housed in the museum. It is pretty crazy how much stuff the English have "collected" in this museum, but sad that it is here and not where it came from. The good thing is a lot of the stuff is well preserved when it would have been destroyed in its former location.   Anthony was determined to see "everything." After 5.5 hours, I finally convinced him, we needed to leave to catch the subway back to our hotel because we were going to the Lion King later that evening.  Well...Anthony left his watch at the hotel...I hadn't changed the time on my watch and adding 7 hours to the current time apparently is more difficult than I thought.....we missed the entire first half of the show.  When we arrived at the theater in a panic, wondering if we could exchange our tickets to the later show, the outlook was grim, according the theater people.  SO, we caught the second half after the intermission.  It was so cool...we both were even more upset about missing the first half.  But...there is always drama in our lives and we needed something to tell you guys about, right!!

So...just when you think the drama is over....we slept through the alarm on Saturday morning, waking up at 9:30.   Bummer!  We ate something, then jumped on the subway (a 30 min ride) to the Tower of London (later than expected, of course).  Since we were late to the Tower, we called the rental car company to let them know we needed to pick up the car later.  WELL...they stated they were closing in 1/2 hour (what's up with that...closing at 1:00 on a Saturday!?!?).  SO, we had to catch a cab to the rental car company across town ($50!), but oh so close to our hotel!  Long story took us 2 hours to get back to the hotel (maybe 1-2 miles apart) because of London traffic.  We both were tempted to ditch the car a million times during the was terrible.  You think Albuquerque traffic can be bad.....think again!!  OK, so after parking at the hotel & jumping back on the subway, we arrived at the Tower for the 2nd time! And, breezed through it in an hour, so we could get back on the subway with enough time to drive to Windsor.  Drove to Windsor...still getting used to driving on the wrong side of the street and the wrong side of the car!  The roundabouts that they use out here are a pain in the but - whoever invented them should be tarred and feathered! We arrived with a little help from the ladies at the B&B.  Walked along the city centre at Windsor & had dinner at a Japaneese noodle restaruant with really great food.  Windsor is so cute & comfortable!

Sunday we had breakfast with an Canadian couple who are originally from England at our B&B, then headed to Windsor castle...awesome!!!!!  This was the most lavish place yet, definately the best castle we have seen as far as how nice it is inside. Such a nice way to start a Sunday morning (except for the airplanes that fly overhead every 5 seconds, Heathrow is near to Windsor)!  On the road again to Blenheim Palace, where Winston Churchill was born....beautiful grounds & gardens but the castle and inside couldn't compare to Windsor.  Then, on the road again to Nottingham for the night.  After getting very confused in the city of Nottingham because of "Mappy" (Mapquest in UK), we finally arrived at the hotel (all the while on the phone with the owner guiding us to the hotel)-what a nightmare. 

So, we decided to kind of blow off Nottingham (after numerous English people said "Oh, you are going to Nottingham?!?!?) and head out first thing in the AM (Monday) to York because we had heard so many cool things about it.   And they were all true!  We checked into our B&B early and met the owner.  Bruce is so awesome!!  He gave us numerous tips & recommendations for sight-seeing and dining. York is a beautiful place by the river with lots of old buildings and tons of fancy shops and nice restaurants.

We visited the York Castle which is not really a castle anymore. The tour was pretty lame and the only highlight was a recreation of what a street in York would look like in the past. Bruce recommended that we have afternoon tea at Betty's and we decided to take his advice. The restaurant was awesome and we ordered afternoon tea service which included 4 finger sandwiches, a scone with jelly and butter, and three small dessert cakes. All of it was delicious for the value price of 35 pounds ($70!). Even if it was pricey, it was really good and the place was very nice.

Next, we went to Jorvik which is a museum about the Viking influence on York. The museum was okay, Kaylyn didn't like it because in one part the recreate the smell of the old Viking settlement! The highlight for me was the skeletal remains that they found with wounds from swords, arrows, and other weapons. They even have a preserved Viking Turd from which they can tell what they ate.

For the rest of the afternoon we walked around the city, what a place.  After getting back to the hotel, Bruce recommended a pub around the way for dinner. Again, this guy is amazing and we ate great food for the best prices we have seen on the trip. Bruce is orginally from Alaska and he is married to an english woman. They have been running the B&B since July and loves to talk and visit.

Tomorrow we are going to see the Minster here in York and head for Edinburgh, Scotland.

Note about driving - The highways out here have been great, although the English drive very fast. The speedlimit is 70, but it seems that if you are in the fast lane you have to go 90-100mph (the still use mph, but distances can be found both in miles and kilometers, confusing). The hard part is at all the junctions for different highways, you have to use roundabouts and decide which of 5 directions to go in about 2 seconds. Again, whoever invented roundabouts should be shot. Also, we got gas today and it cost $62 and we only needed half a tank!!!

Hope everyone is doing well.


Kaylyn & Anthony 
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eeed on

we posted a reply under guest book. check there. glad your having fun. kids say hi. we're glad to know that you are late in other time zones that you purposely visit. consistency is a good thing. see you soon.
ethan, elliette, eric, denette

maesatsp on

So Cute!!!
Hey guys,
Glad to hear your trip is going so well! Sounds like a blast, gettin lost in the round-a-bouts, missing an off broadway show, paying enormous amounts of money for food that couldn't fill an infant's stomach, being stuck in traffic you can crawl faster than, looking at centuries old shit from a Viking, spending 5and a half hours in a museum (snore), and you, poor Kaylyn, being stuck with Anthony in a foreign country, but best of all you get to enjoy all of this together. Honestly, it sounds like a great trip! Anthony, I have yet to hear how many pints you have consumed while watching a football match at the local pub. WHats up with that? The pics look great! I hope you all continue to have a trip of a life time, what an experience! Paul

gacree on

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony, you made me laugh out loud about the Viking turd!! Did you remember that my crooked little finger is a throughback from the Vikings?? So you are probably related to that turd somewhere along the way !!!


gacree on

1 st message
I posted my first message under guest book, too. You guys have seen a lot already and still in the UK. It looks like more sunshine than I expected to see. Is that really the mummy of Cleopatra ?????

natemarylily on

A Picture is worth a 1000 words.....
A picture is worth a 1000 words so less words and more pictures.:-) Just kidding, Mary just smacked me! Anyway, we are happy to hear of your adventures so far. Sounds like a lot of fun. Does the Big I count as a roundabout? Mary is getting ready for her parents 45th Anniversary Party this weekend. She has almost completed a memory book which involved her coming to bed last night at 4:15am. I am busy at work juggling sevral projects and a UNM student as well as resting my back after helping with the big concrete work. Lily is doing great! Grandma gave her lemonaid tonight and Granddad made her giggle. She will get another round of shots tomorrow.:-( PS Lily would love a Paddington Bear if it is not too late!
See you all soon, safe travels
Nate, Mary and Lily

gaileygoo19 on

Mary Poppins
OK-so you know how Mary Poppins would jump into chalk paintings and join in the fun? Oh, how I wish I could jump into your photos...especially the pretty pretty castles. Nothing new here; still waiting for our kitchen cabinets. My gosh, I need a vacation!!! I'll just live vicariously through you guys for now.
Love you!

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