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Walk Till You Drop, Kiev, Ukraine travel blog

Walk Till You Drop

A travel blog entry from Kiev by zullyzazaza

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So I started out the day on a mission to change currency.  The previous two weeks saw Ukraine completely change it's foreign currency situation in an effort to curb the black market currency exchange. The new legislation required money ...

West from Kiev, Lviv, Ukraine travel blog

West from Kiev

A travel blog entry from Lviv by budz888

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I'm always a little apprehensive about these overnight train trips but as usual this one was great. I shared a compartment with three others... two blokes and a girl.  All Ukrainian speakers.  Even that seemed strange after so long in Kiev. ...

Finally Kolomeya, Kolomeya, Ukraine travel blog

Finally Kolomeya

A travel blog entry from Kolomeya by budz888

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It was a pretty uncomfortable bus trip to Kolomeya but interesting enough.  It went through heaps of cities and towns whose names I recognised.  Some looked good enough to return to. And they even had a room for me in the easter egg ...

Kiev - Wave Skate Park, Kiev, Ukraine travel blog

Kiev - Wave Skate Park

A travel blog entry from Kiev by budz888

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... in the square. Real Ockers but they no doubt speak Ukrainian better than me.  They'd been visiting relatives over in western Ukraine. Finally bought my ticket out of Kiev - to Lviv.  The usual terrible system at the railway booking office.  ...