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Turkish Delight, Kilis, Turkey travel blog

Turkish Delight

A travel blog entry from Kilis by 2totango

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... us, our home, our jobs, Canada, family, etc.  These have been invaluable!  Also, one of the best things I bought in Turkey was an Atlas.  I ripped out the Europe and Middle East as well as the World pages so we can talk to people about ...

Gallipoli, Istanbul, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry from Istanbul by daveaway

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... rather hysterical when I was on the bus back to Istanbul however. We had just taken the ferry across to the European side of Turkey when the congestion of cars trying to exit reached breaking point, quite literally. It was only a small dint in the side ...


You're a Turkey

A travel blog entry from Antalya by daveaway

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... guys you could ever meet, although with a unique accent that was at times difficult to understand. Unfortunately my early days in Turkey were tarnished by sickness again, and I decided enough was enough and took a few days off while taking medication. ...

Back on the road, Jack, Istanbul, Turkey travel blog

Back on the road, Jack

A travel blog entry from Istanbul by the-rambler

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  From Istanbul to Istanbul, in a year. Seems like only yesterday I was arriving in Turkey, from Russia, before doing a quick turnaround and heading off to Indonesia for a guest stint on a broadsheet startup. It was, only that was 2008 and this is ...