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Where the whales sing, Vava

Where the whales sing

A travel blog entry from Vava'u by fyrelizard

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... normally use as it highlights any particles in the water. Everyone assured me that this vis (best I've ever dived in) is awful for Tonga, and I should come back in January when the seas are as still as a mill pond and you can see for 50 metres or more... ...

Clouds and silver linings, Vava

Clouds and silver linings

A travel blog entry from Vava'u by fyrelizard

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The travelling bad luck continued. Don, owner of Otuhaka, dropped us off bright and early at the small tin shed which serves as the domestic terminal. Rick stopped off to keep me company before heading to get his later flight from the ...

Island exploration, Tongatapu, Tonga travel blog

Island exploration

A travel blog entry from Tongatapu by fyrelizard

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... time for tea. Two hours seemed like planty of time to get ready and make the drive into Nuku'alofa (a half hour journey). Then Tonga time struck. By 9am, our coffees still hadn't appeared, and I was starting to worry. By 9.15, we were sat waiting for ...

Wales but no Whales, Vava

Wales but no Whales

A travel blog entry from Vava'u by rolandandlizzie

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... , and the other half of the year in Vava'u Tonga where he bought the business a few years ago knowing nothing about whales, boats or Tonga. Pretty ballsy stuff! The business has developed on so much that he now has four boats on the go and was the largest ...