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Hakuna Matata, Samut Sakhon, Thailand travel blog

Hakuna Matata

A travel blog entry from Samut Sakhon by wanderinwonder

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Here is an update of our lives.  I'm going to keep things short and sweet... We are leaving Thailand!  It just hasn't been working out for us, when it comes to obtaining a job here. Amongst many reasons here are the main ones: bad agent and visa ...

Phuket Island Tour, Patong Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Phuket Island Tour

A travel blog entry from Patong Phuket by mktravels

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... by a trip to the north. On the island there is a steady stream of the usual things that you always see in Thailand, temples, monkeys and elephants which are always pleasing to the eye, and full of photo opportunities. Having ridden elephants in India, ...

Happy New Year 2015, Chiang Mai, Thailand travel blog

Happy New Year 2015

A travel blog entry from Chiang Mai by mktravels

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We have not written individual New Year messages to all, so to all our friends and family who are following our blog, we would like to wish you all a very happy New Year.     We had a superb dinner at an Italian restaurant with a ...

James Bond Island

James Bond Island's Tour

A travel blog entry from Koah Phing kan by mktravels

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Today we continued our very pleasant stay in Phuket and opted for the 7 Island's Tour.  We don't consider ourselves pretentious but do occasionally treat ourselves to slightly more upmarket trips if the activity is on our bucket list. The ever ...