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Snow Snow and more snow, Samgar, Tajikistan travel blog

Snow Snow and more snow

A travel blog entry from Samgar by zullyzazaza

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Ten years of civil war has left Tajikistan with aspirations of rapid growth and infrastructure devbelopment to catch up to and pass its central asian rivals.  The people havnt lost their sense of hospitality throughout the years of war though.  ...

Less Snowy and Cold, Khujand, Tajikistan travel blog

Less Snowy and Cold

A travel blog entry from Khujand by zullyzazaza

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... with no working heater or hot water and toilet of questionable flush-ability, I packed my bags and prepared for the last day in Tajikistan and on the trip. After a tajik honey pancake breakfast and a shot of vodka, we headed off to the Khojand museum. ...

Ishkashim, Tajikistan: Afghan Market, Ishkoshim, Tajikistan travel blog

Ishkashim, Tajikistan: Afghan Market

A travel blog entry from Ishkoshim by samber

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... carrying a few packs of golden brown. Quoting from the Lonely Planet: "Thanks to the very porous 1300km border with Afghanistan, Tajikistan is one of the world's major drug conduits. Up to 50% of Tajikistan's economic activity is thought to be somehow ...

Khorog, Tajikistan: Afghanistan, Khorog, Tajikistan travel blog

Khorog, Tajikistan: Afghanistan

A travel blog entry from Khorog by samber

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... and turns I thought of two things: (1) If I were to raft down the Pyanj river who would I have to ask for permission? Tajikistan or Afghanistan? (2) When was it that the people living on opposite sides of a river stopped talking to each other? I could ...