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Turkish Delight, Kilis, Turkey travel blog

Turkish Delight

A travel blog entry from Kilis by 2totango

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... it’s better that we’ve been in touristy areas, I’m not sure we could take this day after day - nice as it is.  But if all I’ve heard is true, this is a mild introduction to what we could experience in Syria.   ...

Queen Zenobia, Palmyra, Syria travel blog

Queen Zenobia

A travel blog entry from Palmyra by 2totango

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... in the assassination and sent an army to deal with her.  But she fought and won several battles and eventually ruled Syria, Palestine, and part of Egypt.  As a descendant of Cleopatra, she was willful, strong and beautiful.  She even ...

How do you say

How do you say 'Merry Christmas' in Arabic?

A travel blog entry from Aleppo by 2totango

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... the right thing to do on Christmas.  Plus, what a perfect place to me.  Reading through Luke, I hear mention of Syria in the Christmas story.  This is the biblical landscape.  Even the everyday dress of some people is the stereotypical ...

Crusader Castles, Hama, Syria travel blog

Crusader Castles

A travel blog entry from Hama by kimandmartin

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... day it is and it usually doesn't matter! From Hama, we travelled south and west to Crac des Chevalier, one of Syria's premier sights. Our guidebook describes Crac as "the epitome of the dream castle or childhood fantasies" (a quote from Paul ...