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Moving on, Honiara, Solomon Islands travel blog

Moving on

A travel blog entry from Honiara by gypsymichelle

Not much to see here really. Had hoped to dive on an old wrecked B-17 but due to my flight being moved 2 hours earlier without my knowledge until it was say too late, I missed out on that. Got to hook up with my friend Ian and his friends for a ...

Greasy brown bags!, Honiara, Solomon Islands travel blog

Greasy brown bags!

A travel blog entry from Honiara by jamesh1066


... the world's classic local markets. However, it afforded us a welcome distraction and our first opportunity to sample the classic Solomon dish of fish and sweet potato chips - easily identifiable with the green onion protruding from the top of the greasy ...

Climbing Kolombangara, Kolombangara, Solomon Islands travel blog

Climbing Kolombangara

A travel blog entry from Kolombangara by gypsymichelle


... morning to get to the summit before it got cloudy. There were some beautiful views along the way of Gizo and the surrounding islands. I was a bit disappointed at the top, no panoramic view as we were still below the tree line. The climb was made more ...

Cyclone Atu, Munda, Solomon Islands travel blog

Cyclone Atu

A travel blog entry from Munda by jamesh1066

Cyclone Atu appears to have moved away from Vanuatu at the last possible moment. However, the weekly Air Pacific flight we caught to Honiara last week has been cancelled. It would appear we left Vila at just the right time! Here on Lola island our own ...