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Lights Out Ljubljana, Vopovlje, Slovenia travel blog

Lights Out Ljubljana

A travel blog entry from Vopovlje by eundel

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... Loka. I had to get farther off othe highway to reach Škofja Loka than I had to going to Šempeter. The roads in Slovenia aren't well labeled. From looking at Google Maps, I'm not even sure all of them have names. I discovered that the best way to ...

Another Cloudy Mountain Day, Bohinjsko Jezero, Slovenia travel blog

Another Cloudy Mountain Day

A travel blog entry from Bohinjsko Jezero by eundel

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I remember the "Sound of Music" opening with Maria running through the Alps, basking in sunshine. I'm pretty sure that was shot on a sound stage. During this trip I've been in the Swiss, Austrian, and Slovenian Alps, and haven't seen the sun even peaking ...

Lazy Sunday, Bled, Slovenia travel blog

Lazy Sunday

A travel blog entry from Bled by eundel

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... back my hiking plans. Instead of hiking all day, I flipped through my guidebook and the numerous "things to do in Slovenia" brochures I'd acquired looking for a museum to visit in the morning. I found the Museum of Apiculture (Čebelarski Muzej) in ...

Raves for the Caves, Škocjan, Slovenia travel blog

Raves for the Caves

A travel blog entry from Škocjan by eundel

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... I had two stops planned in the Karst Plateau. The Karst is an area of limestone that has tendrils through out much of Slovenia. The limestone is particularly conducive to the formation of caves, which means the cave theme for the day shouldn't have been ...