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Saving the Best for Last, Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia travel blog

Saving the Best for Last

A travel blog entry from Oravský Podzámok by eundel

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... when I would be done with what I intended to see. When I figured out my itinerary for Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovakia, I still had a few days left at the end to fill. In Budapest, I decided I'd stop in Vienna since everything in ...

Frolicking, Trenčín, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry from Trenčín by eundel

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I got up first thing in the morning to go back to Trenčín Castle. I was at the gate when it opened at 9am, but I didn't get to see the castle until 10am, because that was the time of the first English-language tour. I was so excited to get an ...

Modra, Modra, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry from Modra by budz888

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... Vietnamese Esperantists wanders past on the way to the station! She was on the same train going to the same Esperanto event in Slovakia. What a coincidence! Anyhow, I sent Péter an sms and before long he was there too. I'd got the time of the train ...

Untitled Slovakia Blog Entry, Bardejov, Slovakia travel blog

Untitled Slovakia Blog Entry

A travel blog entry from Bardejov by eundel

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... . I was also interested in seeing the wooden churches in the area. There were three types of wooden church in Slovakia: Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and something called "articular" Protestant Churches. At one point there were also apparently a few wooden ...