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Oasis again!, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Oasis again!

A travel blog entry from Singapore by rich

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... I even had to write it down on one occasion! Thankfully, the driver who took me to the gig understood the words "Singapore Indoor Stadium," so I arrived at 7.30pm despite the horrendous traffic. I treated myself to a t-shirt from the merchandise stall ...

Last stop before home., Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Last stop before home.

A travel blog entry from Singapore by stevegrace

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... breakfast from 4.30am. So we were up early, showered and packed, had breakfast and on the shuttle by 7.00am. Check in at the Singapore Airlines desk was a piece of cake. We actually had to get off the plane in Munich, then re-board into the same seats ...

Singapore on a budget, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Singapore on a budget

A travel blog entry from Singapore by wanderinwonder

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... by the Bay. We did the OCBC Skywalk (For 5 SGD each who could say no?!) We did the skywalk, marvelled in the Singapore Bayfront skyline and snapped some photo's along the way before heading back to the MRT station.  So funny how after awhile, home ...

Holiday time  - Singapore, Singapore, Singapore travel blog

Holiday time - Singapore

A travel blog entry from Singapore by cyndyh

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... greeted by the staff who were exceptionally friendly and welcoming and were then shown to our room.  Hotels are really expensive in Singapore so I booked us into a modest 3 star place that seemed to have decent reviews.  It was by no means a ...