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Samoan Insect Dance, Manase Village, Savaii Island, Samoa travel blog

Samoan Insect Dance

A travel blog entry from Manase Village, Savaii Island by jmo

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... Savaii island. And finally, a great big shout out to Mo (of Herkmo inc.) for encouraging us, no strongarming us, into including Samoa on our world tour. Great call. This place is a true gem (and cheap too!). Plus no hard feelings about the ...


Fa'a Samoa

A travel blog entry from Apia by mmartinskerm

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... also, with great snorkeling right off the beach and some top quality travelers out to find somewhere off the beaten track. In summation Samoa was wicked, and I have not done it justice here, but am keen to get a travelpod out there. If you are ...

Elenka the Trickster, Apia, Samoa travel blog

Elenka the Trickster

A travel blog entry from Apia by jackdrury

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... 8211; we're all part of a trivia team called the Albertarians – took a cab across the island of 'Upolu, in Samoa to a nice little snorkel beach. The island is quite picturesque with many hilltop spots where you can stop and experience wonderful ...

now im dead not, Earth, Samoa travel blog

now im dead not

A travel blog entry from Earth by thy.madi

me and lala flew off the eiffel tower and we went to samoa. in samoa i ate aa grasshopper. the i was about to eat a cricket but then he jumped and clawed out my eyes. now im blind. then lala fixed them but he accidently made me have excellent smell and no ...