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Suzdal, the land of Cathedrals, Suzdal, Russian Federation travel blog

Suzdal, the land of Cathedrals

A travel blog entry from Suzdal by andrewy

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... here. The Alexandrovsky church, intercession, and Assumption cathedral are also here.       I had a dinner in a Russian restaurant, salad, borsch and head on back to my home stay. It is very interesting to see a lot of Russian ...

Musee Fever, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation travel blog

Musee Fever

A travel blog entry from Saint Petersburg by andrewy

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... The Russian Royal family had been collecting treasure from around the world since the 1800's. But after the fall of the Russian monarchy, the Bosheviks subsequently the current Russian government took over and museum. It now houses over 3 million items ...

Mother Russia, Moscow, Russia travel blog

Mother Russia

A travel blog entry from Moscow by danly

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... we flew from Heathrow to Moscow in what seemed like a very short 4 hours on an old and dirty British Airways plane. Russian immigration was exactly like I had imagined: huge crowds, no queues and people just pushing everywhere.  When we finally got ...

Exploring Moscow, Moscow, Russia travel blog

Exploring Moscow

A travel blog entry from Moscow by danly

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... the tomb of the Unknown Soldier which was lucky timing on our behalf as we got to see the classic ridiculously high kicking Russian march.  Check out the video I have uploaded! Next we entered the Kremlin which is a huge walled compoud which houses ...