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environmentalism at its finest...., Rosia Montana, Romania travel blog

environmentalism at its finest....

A travel blog entry from Rosia Montana by rawhideone

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  I have been making some great environmental contacts here in Romania.  This Peace Corps couchsurfing guy connected me to the Peace Institute and to the Rosia Montana Initiative and the connections from there continue to surface.   I ...

The Dirty Dozen: The Sequel, Bucharest, Romania travel blog

The Dirty Dozen: The Sequel

A travel blog entry from Bucharest by foolsgold

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"Some people are on the pitch.... they think it's all over.... It is now!" Kenneth Walstenholme, 1966 We were staying in this pretty nice hostel called Villa Helga, and as is often the case it was made better by the abundance of people that we met. It ...

Bucharest!!!, Bucharest, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry from Bucharest by globedecker

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... "Big Ugly Eastern Bloc City" that I had on first impression. Of course the obligatory history plug: The former dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu was a bit of a megalomaniac. During his reign from 1965 until he was deposed in the 1989 revolution, ...

Palaces and the House of the People, Wallachia, Romania travel blog

Palaces and the House of the People

A travel blog entry from Wallachia by lucinate

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... boulevard with big, beautiful run down mansions on one side and ugly more modern looking structures on the other. I really enjoyed Romania. The countryside was stunning and the houses lovely - even in the rural areas. Some places were a let down, ...