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As Days Pass By, Palo, Philippines travel blog

As Days Pass By

A travel blog entry from Palo by elsat

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... nearly 70 people in Colorado this weekend for a Bowling Event that raised over $2,000 dollars for the GoAbroad Foundation Philippines Rebuilding Efforts. A Catholic Church in the U.S. raised funds to build two homes in Cangumbang thanks to the efforts of ...

Tropical Storm Basyang, Tacloban, Philippines travel blog

Tropical Storm Basyang

A travel blog entry from Tacloban by elsat

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Hello Everyone, It is too soon for more. The wind and rain are picking up as yet another tropical storm heads our way. Though still a low category typhoon, a level 2 in the southern part of Leyte and a level 1 here in Tacloban, anxiety levels are high ...

Basic as it gets., Sabang, Philippines travel blog

Basic as it gets.

A travel blog entry from Sabang by reece_and_elle

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Arriving in Puerto Princesa we didn't really know what we were doing or where we were going. We stopped off in a cafe to get away from the hustle and bustle that is the taxi area at the airport. After a drink we found out we needed to get to the bus ...

The Future is Still Bright, Palo, Philippines travel blog

The Future is Still Bright

A travel blog entry from Palo by elsat

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Hello Everyone, In the last week I attended four graduation ceremonies for the children in Cangumbang. With each ceremony I was reminded of how blessed we all are to be here. Nearly 5 months after the storm, and all of the children were able to graduate ...