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Only in Paradise., Moalboal, Philippines travel blog

Only in Paradise.

A travel blog entry from Moalboal by wanderinwonder

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We arrived in Moalboal on February 25th. We took a bus via the South terminal in Cebu City and arrived three hours later in the heart of town. We then took a trike to Nido's Garden Resort where we stay for 3 nights. We decided to extend our stay in ...

Basic as it gets., Sabang, Philippines travel blog

Basic as it gets.

A travel blog entry from Sabang by reece_and_elle

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Arriving in Puerto Princesa we didn't really know what we were doing or where we were going. We stopped off in a cafe to get away from the hustle and bustle that is the taxi area at the airport. After a drink we found out we needed to get to the bus ...

A weekend of Island hopping., El Nido, Philippines travel blog

A weekend of Island hopping.

A travel blog entry from El Nido by reece_and_elle

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When we arrived in El Nido we arranged to meet Hardy later for a drink and went to look for somewhere to stay. Whilst looking we walked into the pensioners parade, a celebration of old people! Very cool to see them all happy and to see people come out ...

Ahhh, Island life, City of Manila, Philippines travel blog

Ahhh, Island life

A travel blog entry from City of Manila by wanderinwonder

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Manila City, big, busy and loud. We landed late on the 21st, getting to and from the airport can be very cheap, only if you take a White Metered Taxi. So definitely take the time to get to a departures part of a Terminal and wait in line for a taxi. You ...