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Surprised by Lima, Lima, Peru travel blog

Surprised by Lima

A travel blog entry from Lima by everywhere

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Arrived in Lima around 6 am - little later than expected but definitely had been able to get a few hours of sleep on the bus.  Felt ok.  What was so great is that I had a driver meeting the bus - wasn't sure if he would still be there as we ...

The Inca Trail or Trial?  (Day One), Inca Trail, Peru travel blog

The Inca Trail or Trial? (Day One)

A travel blog entry from Inca Trail by chowie

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... 32 km hiked.  4 gruelling days.  All ending with 1 memorable moment... Machu Picchu! Before coming down to Peru, I knew I needed to hike the infamous Inca Trail. Itīs perhaps one of the most reknowned hikes in all the world. After ...

The White City, Arequipa, Peru travel blog

The White City

A travel blog entry from Arequipa by ameng

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09/01/2011 - Sunday The Point is a hostel chain based soley in Peru, similar to Loki as it has a pretty laid back party atmosphere.  I woke up just in time for breakfast, and found the hostel fairly empty.  Downstairs there was a common room or ...

Sexy Llamas & The Inca Trail, Aguas Calientes, Peru travel blog

Sexy Llamas & The Inca Trail

A travel blog entry from Aguas Calientes by beardandblonde

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... became easier and our lips and tongue became numb which was a novelty. It was no wonder I can never understand anyone from Peru and Bolivia's highlands. It felt like hours and hours until we reached the nipple and were met with another coca tea and ...