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Para Para Paraguay, Asuncion, Paraguay travel blog

Para Para Paraguay

A travel blog entry from Asuncion by beardandblonde

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... . Mine is a condensed milk spread which is similar to Nutella in texture but has more of a caramel flavour. Natasha's saviour in Paraguay was powder cordial drinks sachets. Add these little beauties to water and you get a sweet juice drink. Great for the ...

This is pretty nice., Iguazu Falls, Brazil travel blog

This is pretty nice.

A travel blog entry from Iguazu Falls by stevefn

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... visiting Itaipu Dam, the largest hydro-electric power plant in the world, located on the Parana River between Brazil and Paraguay. It's a joint Brazilian-Paraguayan venture that generates about 80% of Paraguay's entire demand and 25% of Brazil's. Pretty ...

Illegal Immigrants, Ciudad del Este, Paraguay travel blog

Illegal Immigrants

A travel blog entry from Ciudad del Este by shawnsmith

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... This corner of South America is known as pretty much one of the dodgiest on the continent due to Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay all essentially sharing a border where two rivers meet. This proximity and also being near to the jungle means LOTS of ...

Rio via Asuncion, Asuncion, Paraguay travel blog

Rio via Asuncion

A travel blog entry from Asuncion by alexndean

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... Rio de Janeiro and then heading down into Argentina and Chile.  Our original plan included a few days in Paraguay but we are going to head straight to Rio and maybe head back into Paraguay later on, so this visit only included the airport at ...