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Costa Rica, check, David, Panama travel blog

Costa Rica, check

A travel blog entry from David by hanscottclaire

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... about Fast Love and all sorts from huge speakers...   i have to go now because the computer is being fixed at the hostel, but anyway we'll tell you about Puerto Viejo and a bit of Panama next time. See you all soon and keep well ...

Cool cool mountain air, Boquete, Panama travel blog

Cool cool mountain air

A travel blog entry from Boquete by andrewandjacque

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We stayed in Boquete for a total of 3 nights. It was very beautiful there, and sort of reminded us of home because of the mountains and evergreen trees (some type of longleaf pine, cedars, and junipers too). But of course without the snow. The town is ...

Coping with Copa, Panama City, Panama travel blog

Coping with Copa

A travel blog entry from Panama City by everywhere

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... travel 'firsts’ anymore. Usually that is a good thing, but my first flight on Copa Air, from Guadalajara to Panama City started with a ‘first’. I reluctantly left the cosiness and friendliness of the Birds of Paradise condos and made my ...

"Bambaclart!", Bocas del Toro, Panama travel blog


A travel blog entry from Bocas del Toro by beardandblonde

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... boat ride away from the happy hours and ladies nights, knocked our socks off. Barely a tourist, some of the best beaches in Panama and it's people are taking it so easy with their Marley and The Wailers. Afro-caribbeans settled on the archipelago over a ...