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Rainy season is go, go, GO, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua travel blog

Rainy season is go, go, GO

A travel blog entry from Ometepe Island by hanscottclaire

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... were very happy with the result. When the volcano erupted, it threw huge rocks out of its core and these landed in Lago de Nicaragua a few kilometres away. They now make up Las Isletas, a group of 350ish little islands on the lake. Next day we went to ...

Living with the locals, Matagalpa, Nicaragua travel blog

Living with the locals

A travel blog entry from Matagalpa by aborder

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... of Matagalpa is situated in a valley surrounded by tall mountains and miles of countryside. This is the coffee producing part of Nicaragua, although they only produce less than 1% of the world stock, I'm sure it's a large amount nonetheless.  I ...

Spot the Gringo., León, Nicaragua travel blog

Spot the Gringo.

A travel blog entry from León by stevefn

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... in a dust bowl of a town, and continue the next morning for yet another snail pace marathon. At the border between Honduras and Nicaragua the locals are playing "spot the gringo." They see us as soon as the bus roll into the station at the border. Dozing ...

Leon, Leon, Nicaragua travel blog


A travel blog entry from Leon by dospollos

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We arrived in Nicaragua two days ago. It´s in the high 90s both in temperature and humidity! The people seem very warm and open, tourism is on the small scale here, just the way we like it. At the border crossing between Honduras and Nica we were ...