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Packing the fish..., Nelson, New Zealand travel blog

Packing the fish...

A travel blog entry from Nelson by rich

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... it was a nice surprise to find a Japanese girl up on Wednesday night. Rie speaks quite good English considering she's only been in New Zealand for 2 months, and I helped her with the CV that she was writing. She said I was a good teacher! She was ...

14 Hours later - Hello New Zealand!, Auckland, New Zealand travel blog

14 Hours later - Hello New Zealand!

A travel blog entry from Auckland by anna_and_steve

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So after 3 amazing months in South America it was time to cross the South Pacific and check out New Zealand. After spending a couple of days in Auckland recovering from jet lag we did what everyone seems to do and rented a campervan. ...

Penguin spotting...and rain!, Okuru Beach, New Zealand travel blog

Penguin spotting...and rain!

A travel blog entry from Okuru Beach by rich

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To say that it rained on Sunday would be a massive understatement. I'd not seen rain like it since the floodings in Mount Maunganui. I blame Mum, as once again she declared that "it was brightening up a bit" after a cloudy start to our journey. Soon ...

Home made Yorkshire puddings!, Wanaka, New Zealand travel blog

Home made Yorkshire puddings!

A travel blog entry from Wanaka by rich

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... some nice places for the proceeding nights (Hilltop in Papatowai and Freestone Backpackers in Manapouri) so that they'd continue to enjoy the New Zealand experience without me. As for me, I had to pack my things together ahead of my latest jaunt to Oz, ...