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Wild Encounters, Etosha National Park, Namibia travel blog

Wild Encounters

A travel blog entry from Etosha National Park by nomadic-brands

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DOMINIQUE HERE: Day : 450 Temperature : 30 degrees Weather : Sunny Having secured ourselves some "overflow"camping at Etosha's Okaukuejo Campsite we spent 4 fabulous nights in the Etosha National Park. We didn’t want to get our hopes up about ...

sand and stones, Spitzkoppe, Namibia travel blog

sand and stones

A travel blog entry from Spitzkoppe by katherine-anne

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When I asked my South African friend would I like Namibia he answered: 'If you like sand and stones.' Travelling through the Namib desert now, I see what he means. An abundance of sand and stones, rocks and dust. Little or no vegetation, population, or ...

Another Missed Sunset, Fish River Canyon, Namibia travel blog

Another Missed Sunset

A travel blog entry from Fish River Canyon by jonclark2000

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Another cold night in the desert, we were up and waiting at the entrance gate to Soussusvlei for when they opened at 5:30am. We did the 45km to Dune 45 and climbed most of the way to the top for sunrise. I was ...

Etosha the wildlife haven, Windhoek, Namibia travel blog

Etosha the wildlife haven

A travel blog entry from Windhoek by keithandkim

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We arrived at Etosha around midday. The weather was starting to get hot, but still cool enough for the animal to be out and about. After getting our permits, and had a quick lunch we started the Game drive. We would be driving the park in our large truck ...