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Land of the Berbers, Casablanca, Morocco travel blog

Land of the Berbers

A travel blog entry from Casablanca by kimandmartin

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... sky, a centrally heated floor. It is definitely one of the most beautiful religious buildings I have ever seen. Throughout Morocco, I will be struggling with a French keyboard. The letters "a", "q", "z", "w" and "m" are in different positions than ...

Morocco Norte, Chefchaouen, Morocco travel blog

Morocco Norte

A travel blog entry from Chefchaouen by dinojay2

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... we didn't recognize it immediately, in hindsight it was clearly a watershed moment in the transition from Southern Morocco and its predominantly Berber culture, to Northern Morocco and its predominantly leering at your wallet culture. Leering through a ...

Surf Camp Confidential, Taghazout, Morocco travel blog

Surf Camp Confidential

A travel blog entry from Taghazout by dinojay2

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... with the modern wonders of VISA and Mastercard). The ATM thing being the most surprising, since in most other places in Morocco ATMs are as ubiquitous as supremely average chicken skewers or taxi drivers with toques and moustaches. The fact that they ...

Morocco 2.0, Marrakech, Morocco travel blog

Morocco 2.0

A travel blog entry from Marrakech by dinojay2

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The City Our long awaited return to Morocco finally arrived last weekend when we took a roundabout set of dirt cheap flights from Madeira to Lisbon, Lisbon to Madrid, then Madrid to Marrakesh. Marrakesh is home to a famous medina full of mad souqs and ...