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No Guns Allowed!, Belgrade, Serbia travel blog

No Guns Allowed!

A travel blog entry from Belgrade by daveaway

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It sucks being sick on the road. Have I said that before? It seems to be never ending lately. I can't seem to shake this awful cough, probably because I refuse to rest up and just keep going hard every night. I am travelling after all. So when I arrived ...


Rock'n the boat!

A travel blog entry from Tuzi by emtyadventures

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... bikes didn’t attract attention like a matador. We stopped for lunch at a lone restaurant on the roadside, where a repeat of a Montenegro phenomenon occurred: No matter what you point to or ask for on the menu, you will ALWAYS get the mixed grill ...

Montenegro for dinner... really???, Kotor, Croatia travel blog

Montenegro for dinner... really???

A travel blog entry from Kotor by madman96

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... somewhat shockingly, and then Irina joins Phin and I down at the beach for a swim before we agree to all head to Montenegro for dinner. The drive down was amazingly beautiful and we all enjoy getting to know each other while giving each other a ...

Montenegro and Serbia, Subotica, Serbia and Montenegro travel blog

Montenegro and Serbia

A travel blog entry from Subotica by baileyandkerry

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... Montenegro win the European water polo championship 9-8 in the final with the delighted owner of the apartment.  Montenegro, Budva aside, is a beautiful country, huge mountain peaks hug the coastline of crystal blue sea which makes you ...