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Golden Leaves and Mongolian Cheese, E Ji Na, Inner Mongolia, China travel blog

Golden Leaves and Mongolian Cheese

A travel blog entry from E Ji Na, Inner Mongolia by bethverde

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... ;Once they sent us the name of the nearest city our coworker Michael helped us find out how to get there. Well, Inner Mongolia is shaped something like a crescent moon lying on its belly, and Ningxia is a thumb poking into that belly.  We figured ...

Trans Mongolian Express: Day 6, Dzamynude, Mongolia travel blog

Trans Mongolian Express: Day 6

A travel blog entry from Dzamynude by foolsgold

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"Dirty" There isn't a shower on the Trans-Mongolian Express. I thought I'd wait until now to throw that out there. Unless you have a first class cabin like some kind of loser, there is no shower. No bath, no anything. Well, not quite anything. ...

Hotel Facilities, Hohhot, China travel blog

Hotel Facilities

A travel blog entry from Hohhot by foolsgold

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... the local tour guide who was insisting we went on a tour of the nearby grasslands that were 'almost as good as passing through Mongolia itself', and so far had been successful. The phone rang at one stage and Vinny had a rather strange conversation with a ...

Train 362, a long wait, Sühbaatar, Mongolia travel blog

Train 362, a long wait

A travel blog entry from Sühbaatar by jeroenandlinda

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... , a Belgium backpacker, and prepared for bed. Tomorrow is gong to be a full day on the train, as we leave Russia and enter Mongolia. We had a relatively good night of sleep on the train. The beds were better than the ones on number 2, a bit wider and a ...