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Exotically French AND Caribbean., Fort-de-France, Martinique travel blog

Exotically French AND Caribbean.

A travel blog entry from Fort-de-France by heatheravan

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... unfortunately rules the day for many "cruisers" aka the complaining man. Not us! We loved Fort-de-France, but our experience of Martinique was not quite over. The captain set sail, hugging the coast until we were level with the historic Mt. Pelee. We ...

Carnaval on Madinina, Fort de France, Martinique travel blog

Carnaval on Madinina

A travel blog entry from Fort de France by kris

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The ferry over to martinique came in late to St. lucia, it also left a little late as when we were about to depart a fight broke out on board and the ports security and police was called on board which ment lower the walkway back on the side and seeing ...

should i stay or go?, Case pilote, Martinique travel blog

should i stay or go?

A travel blog entry from Case pilote by kris

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... in paris was a semi succesful athelete for france and travelled the world competing in games, and left the trophies above the tv in martinique for me to browse, and made an appearence on the sports part of the news to her fathers surprise.. he made so ...

Rapport från Martinique, Martinique, Martinique travel blog

Rapport från Martinique

A travel blog entry from Martinique by mariekeiii


Vi har nu efter en natts segling kommit till Martinique och huvudstaden Fort de France. Seglingen gick bra och snabbt  (14 tim) även om vi inte kunde hålla upp direkt. Inte dåligt då sträckan är lite över 100 nm. Vi har provat 3 olika ...