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A Night of

A Night of 'Luxury'

A travel blog entry from Macau by mikeandrachel

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... been a local shortcut), eventually we made it to the area of Cotai where all the casinos are based. This definitely looked like the Macau we were expecting! As we didn't have that long, we went on a whistle stop tour of the Casinos, luckily there is a ...

Look out Vegas!, Macau, Macau travel blog

Look out Vegas!

A travel blog entry from Macau by globedecker

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... Mainland China to Hong Kong, then on to Macau. It certainly gets stamps in the passport fast!   The colonial legacy left Macau with a really strange fusion of East and West. The old part of town with its cobblestone lanes (bearing Portuguese names) ...

A very big dinner party, Macau Peninsula, China travel blog

A very big dinner party

A travel blog entry from Macau Peninsula by jeroenandlinda

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The photographer of A2 studios is at the hotel around 10:00. At first he could not find the room, but after a few phone calls he managed to knock on the door of suite 9052. He introduced himself as 'sorry I don't speak English' so I assured him of my ...

Macau in a day..., Macau, China travel blog

Macau in a day...

A travel blog entry from Macau by madman96

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... HK's high-end office malls but is extremely nice to us and the prices are much more reasonable than I had ever imagined. I'm off to Macau while Will works on a paper for another one of his classes.  I walk to the ferry from the tailors and run ...