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Another hot, dry, dusty town!, Liberia, Costa Rica travel blog

Another hot, dry, dusty town!

A travel blog entry from Liberia by aborder

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... time, well, the delay was for the tourist tax I had to pay! I made the 230pm ferry so not bad 3.5 hours from leaving Liberia to boarding the Ferry to Ometepe. If one is thinking about visiting Costa Rica I would strongly urge you to avoid the capital. ...

Lovely leafy ride, Liberia Costa Rica, Costa Rica travel blog

Lovely leafy ride

A travel blog entry from Liberia Costa Rica by jennykelly

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... they get run over. Because of the heat, we decided to find accommodation at lunch time and settled in the El Bramadero Hotel in Liberia, Costa Rica. The first thing we did after Des brought both bikes into the Hotel complex, was to go for a swim in the ...

Eventful Weekend in Foya, Foya, Liberia travel blog

Eventful Weekend in Foya

A travel blog entry from Foya by j1smoke


Saturday, Buddy, Keeley and myself decided to go see more of the Liberian countryside again. This time we wanted to hike up this mountain near a town called Foya-tengia, about 45 minutes from the SP Sub-office. Hopefully this trip wasn't going to give us ...


We've arrived in Costa Rica

A travel blog entry from Liberia by travellerdalton


... and waited at the airport and then got on the plane about 6:00am.  The plane flew first to Calgary and then on to Liberia.  The flight was long.  We arrived in Liberia about 5:00 in the afternoon. there is a good site for travellers out of ...