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Mount Fuji, Mount Fuji, Japan travel blog

Mount Fuji

A travel blog entry from Mount Fuji by mktravels

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... Fuchi and is sacred to the Shinto goddess Sengen-Sama, whose shrine is found at the summit. It is the holiest of Japan's 'Three Holy Mountains' and with 3776 meters, it is Japan's highest mountain. It is not surprising that the nearly perfectly ...

Powder, powder, powder, Kutchan-chō, Japan travel blog

Powder, powder, powder

A travel blog entry from Kutchan-chō by rolandandlizzie

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... also a great place to pass our 3 months on the road mark....and you know what means ......it's that time again!!!! Ratings for Japan: Lizzie - 9/10 Ro - 8.5/10 Mileage walked at 3 month date : 608 miles or 4.3 Ironman's according to our app Beard : going ...

City lights and Alpine hot pools, Nara - Tokyo - Nagano, Japan travel blog

City lights and Alpine hot pools

A travel blog entry from Nara - Tokyo - Nagano by nadinehanlon

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... 0 hostels available on Saturday night, I took the train down to Nara for the weekend.  Nara was the first capital of Japan before Kyoto and before Tokyo, and home to a national park which houses temples and shrines and parks and forests, and also ...

Chapter 15: More Birthday Joy, Hirosaki, Japan travel blog

Chapter 15: More Birthday Joy

A travel blog entry from Hirosaki by becky_boo

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... the packages, phonecalls, presents, thoughts blah blah blah...it was really cool. I am so happy to be having such an awesome time in Japan. By the way, Last Wednesday I had a speaking test. I got the top grade in my class, which is weird because I didnt ...