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Jamaica gold medal 4x100m reaction, Ocho rios, Jamaica travel blog

Jamaica gold medal 4x100m reaction

A travel blog entry from Ocho rios by kris

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crowd reaction to watching the mens 4x100 metres in a burger king.. (olympics comes on early in the morning over here so not many bars open to add to the atmosphere) lots of "bah, bah, bah" lick shots and dancing including the burger king staff.. also ...

Negril - Resort Town., Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Negril - Resort Town.

A travel blog entry from Negril by heatheravan

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So, on our return from our day trip we decided that if we were to salvage any enjoyment from our Jamaican stay, we would move to the resort strip at Negril (against our principals, but necessary for sanity). We took one of the hassling taxis to the bus ...

crocodile hunting, Black River, Jamaica travel blog

crocodile hunting

A travel blog entry from Black River by kris

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... to find the old horseracing track which they had back in the day when black river was the second most important town in jamaica after kingston... another strange fact i heard from listening to irie fm which is the dancehall and reggae station on the ...

freezing me nuts off, Blue mountains, Jamaica travel blog

freezing me nuts off

A travel blog entry from Blue mountains by kris

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The ride up to the mountains was a little adventure itself.. the "getting there" always is.. i was ready to go the budget cheap way.. a route taxi to papine 50 jmd, a 100 jmd bus to mavis bank and then try to find a lift to hagley gap.. it was pretty ...